Cowboys Mock (My first fan post)

I'm relatively new to the site and I've been enjoying reading all of the fan posts, particularly the mock drafts, so I decided I would post one of my own. I chose to stick with the draft positions we currently have (18, 47, 80, 111, 144, 175) rather than trying to project trading up or down to stockpile more picks. I also used several sources including CBS Sports, Pro Football Draft magazine, and others to determine what players might be available with those picks.

I'm particularly excited about this draft for the Cowboys as it seems that the positions of real talent lineup perfectly with the Cowboys most pressing needs. While there may not be the big flashy names at the top of the draft, there's plenty of talent and depth at the OL, DL and S positions, which I think almost everyone agrees are the prime targets in Dallas.

With that said, here's my ideal draft day situation. Of course, projections will change as pro days continue and it would be beyond lucky if all of the prospects fell to us as we needed, but here goes!

18. Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri

I could make a case for going with Warmack or Cooper here if they fall, and in reality, I'd be happy if the 'Boys took either, but given a choice, I'd much prefer we go to the Defensive side of the ball. I think there's plenty of depth in this draft and we can get 2 Offensive Lineman in the 2nd - 4th round who could come in and start right away. I'd rather not reach for an O Lineman at 18 as I think the D Line would offer much more value. No disrespect to Tyrone Smith, I think he's going to be a great starter for us for many, many years to come, and an invaluable piece of the puzzle, but looking back, wouldn't you rather have JJ Watt right now?

47. Larry Warford G Kentucky

Passing on Warmack & Cooper in the first, Warford becomes a must-have in the 2nd. I think he's an immediate starter and will prove to be just as solid a pick as Warmack & Cooper over the long run.

80. Khaseem Greene LB Rutgers

I'm torn with this pick as I really don't see him dropping this far, but hey... This is MY fantasy mock, so I'll put him here anyhow. Zavier Gooden or Chase Thomas could probably be had in the 4th if not.

111. Brian Schwenke C California

Another immediate starter and an upgrade on the O Line. If Greene isn't available at 80, I'd snap up Schwenke there to insure getting him and take Gooden or Thomas with 111.

144. Jawan Jamison RB Rutgers

Again, I'm not sure he'll last this long, but this is the spot I shoot for a backup to DeMarco Murray. If Jamison is gone, there should plenty to choose from here - Le'Veon Bell, Christine Michael, Knile Davis and Jonathan Franklin would all be solid options here.

175. Shamarko Thomas S Syracuse

I was a bit surprised to see Thomas listed this far down many top 200 boards and realistically, I think he'll be gone long before, but if he's still here, he's a steal. Regardless, I know Safety is a need, but I'm saving it for last. There should be a solid pick here and if not Thomas, maybe Baccari Rambo. I think we're all hopeful that Church and Matt Johnson can stay healthy and be a solid starting tandem, but I also expect the Cowboys to bring in another veteran once some more cap money is freed up through Romo's inevitable restructure. I wouldn't be surprised to see Ronde Barber wearing the star next season. Yes, he's old, but he's still playing at a high level and he knows the system. I wouldn't hate the idea of having him here for a season or two.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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