It seems like just yesterday that our offensive line would not only win the battle in the trenches but actually strike fear in their opponents. But that was 90s and this was a long time ago! Gone is Mark Tuinei who played 17 years at LT with a few pro bowls. LG Nate Newton went to 6 pro bowls in 13 years. Mark Stepnowski played 9 seasons with 2 pro bowls at C. Larry Allen played 12 exceptional years at G while going to 9 pro bowls. Erik Williams played RT for 10 years and went to 4 pro bowls and if it wasn't for the car accident it should have been 6 more pro bowls. This group goes down in NFL history was arguably the best offensive line of all-time!


Fast forward 10 years to the mid 00s to the team the Tuna built (no alliteration intended). This was the last time our OL had any type of consistency. Hotel Adams played 12 years at T with 5 pro bowls. Kyle Kosier played 6 rock-solid years at G. Andre Gurode played 9 seasons at G and made it to 5 pro bowls. Marc Colombo played 6 productive seasons at RT. And Leonard Davis came in to do his best Larry Allen impersonation while going to 3 pro bowls in 4 years.


The last time we drafted a pro bowl OL was in 2002! Fast forward 10 more years to the current Cowboys OL and it's obvious they are no where near the OL of the late 00s nor are they anywhere in the same universe as the OL of the 90s. But why not? There are a bunch of Cowboy fans out there that think it's because JJ is allergic to drafting OL. Is this true?










Tyron Smith - 1st

David Arkin - 4th

Bill Nagy - 7th



Sam Young - 6th

Phil Costa - udfa



Robert Brewster - 3rd





James Marten - 3rd

Doug Free - 4th



Pat McQuistan - 7th



Rob Pettiti - 6th



Jacob Rogers - 2nd

Scott Peterman - 3rd



Al Johnson - 2nd

According to JJ has drafted 7 OL in the past 10 years. 1 of the 7 were in the 2rd round or higher. The Patriot's OL has been considered to have one of the best OL in recent years. They have drafted 7 OL in the past 6 years; only 2 of the 7 were in the 2rd round or higher.... The 49ers are another team that has a great OL. They have drafted 9 OL in the past 6 years; 4 of the 9 were drafted in the 2rd round or higher.... The next example I will use is the Bengals who have drafted 7 OL in the past 6 years; 2 of the 7 were drafted in the 2rd round or higher... Meanwhile the Rams, who are considered to have one of the worst OL the league drafted 5 OL in the past 6 years; 2 of the 5 were drafted in the 2nd round or higher.... The last example I will use the Cardinals who are worst if not just as bad as the Rams. The Cardinals spent 6 draft picks on OL in the past 6 years; only 0 out of the 6 were in the 2rd round or higher....


There is a slight correlation, and of course more research is needed, between, the more OL drafted in the 1st 2 rounds of the draft the better your team will be. The better teams are drafting OL more often. Now the difference between 2 and 1 seems extremely insignificant but how significant would it have been if Dallas did not trade its second-round selection (51st overall) to Buffalo in 2009 and drafted RT Sebastian Vollmer, who went 58th overall. I know looking back is easy but this is an example of what 1 player can do for a team!

If JJ drafts OL with our 1st two picks does that mean we will be in the Super Bowl in 2014? Of course not... but it does guarantee we will in 2015!!!!

The Cowboys have always gotten great value on their OL they have drafted. Tuinei - UDFA, Newton couldn't even make the Skins roster as a UDFA, Stepnowski was a 3rd rounder, Allen was picked in the 2nd and Williams was also a 3rd rounder. Adams was a 2nd rounder, as was Gurode.

Keeping with tradition.. JJ must have been thinking that getting value from OL in the 2nd-3rd rounds was a no-brainer! A walk-in-the-park! A piece-of-cake! Then came the mid 00s.... 3rd round G/T Robert Brewster bust, T James Marten bust, G Stephen Peterman bust.. 2nd round T Jacob Rogers bust, C Al Johnson bust...

Left Tackle

Left Guard


Right Guard

Right Tackle

1. Tyron Smith

1. Robert


1. Al Johnson

1. Stephen


1. James Marten

2. Doug Free

2. Ronald


2. Phil Costa

2. David Arkin

2. Jacob Rogers

These 5 guys should have been on our current OL.


Instead we had to outsource to outcasts like Montre Holland, Derrick Dockery, Mackenzy Bernadeau, Nate Livings, Ryan Cook, and Alex Barron.....

In the past 6 years only 2 out of 21 Tackles drafted in the 1st round did not start. Jeff Otah (PUP) and Levi Brown (Torn Tricep). In the past 6 years only 1 Guard out of 10 that were drafted in the 1st two rounds did not start. Aaron Sears (career ending concussion). In the past 6 years 0 out of 8 Centers that were drafted in the 1st 3 rounds did not start.

Recent stats have shown that drafting OL in the top 2 rounds is the closest thing you can get to a guarantee these days in the NFL.

Dear JJ,

I know you have been burned recently by drafting OL in the 2nd-3rd rounds but I want say that it won't happen again. Especially if you use your 1st round pick on one. You can get your DT in the 3rd.. Please JJ draft at least two OL in the 1st 2 rounds because 2015 is just around the corner!!



Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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