What did Jerry mean?

Birddog26 has been a tremendous asset to this community, bringing us expertise and insight that most of us will never be able to achieve. His connections and knowledge give this community an ultimate insider's view. But here lately he had a fairly unheralded, very certain, and incredibly impactful set of comments that provide answers to a lot of confusion.

Everyone has been trying to figure out what Jerry meant in his comments on Romo. He said,

"Stay tuned. He is going to have high expectations... He is not going to be paid to be a bus driver.

"Tony sees remarkably. He sees the cars on the highway, so to speak. He reacts well on what he sees. ... Have we maximized everything that he is about to get it done?

"This thing has got to be oriented toward his skills, and we've got to be able to take advantage of all the things he does best."

These things have led people to all kinds of different hypotheses-- that the team will abandon the running game altogether, that the team expects Romo to put even more on his shoulders, even that the team is going to deliberately weaken the o-line (after all, running for his life *is* one of Romo's skills) or that we're moving to the read-option. And of course, they always add the now obligatory "Jerry is coddling his players and undermining his coaches, telling the world that it's everyone's fault but Romo's." None of that makes any sense at all, but that's what people are saying. I've heard all of those ideas thrown out on the radio, even from commentators which I like and respect, like Bob Sturm.

Garrett, in typical evasive fashion, adds to the conundrum by not saying anything new and continuing to be noncommittal about play-calling. Both mention Romo's vision, his ability to read the field and his improvisational skill. Neither says more about what they are working towards as "Romo-friendly" evolves into "Romo-Better" and in typical fashion, pundits and sunny day fans alike assume that the team will make the most idiotic decisions possible.

Then, in a comment on an unrelated topic, Birddog26 says this:

The discussions going on inside Valley Ranch do not center on Garrett calling plays but in the mechanics involving Garrett, Callahan, Dooley, another individual and Romo with the some of the play calling possible being done on the field.


And what I am saying is that Romo may be the one holding the play sheet and calling it in the huddle for a good portion of the game.

Now think back to last season. Particularly before the return of Demarco Murray, there was a time when the only bit of the offense that seemed to work was the two-minute, no-huddle bit. I've always maintained that Romo is extremely game smart and savvy, and that his reads and sight-adjustments are top-notch... I mean like all-time good. So now we have a studied opinion from one of our finest that the Cowboys appear to be contemplating just that. I, personally, am picturing a Peyton Manning Heyday style offense where they actually do have a huddle, call three plays (two run and one pass) and Manning chooses which play based on the defense he sees at the line. Birddog may be discussing something else, but either way it is right in line with everything Jerry has said about Romo, everything Jason has been saying about playcalling, and three other major things:

1) Garrett's entire offensive philosophy, as has been repeatedly stated, is to take what the defense gives you. This kind of adaptive, audible-oriented playcalling, is the ultimate form of that.

2) Romo's skills, as mentioned by everyone, are particularly focused on reads, vision, and improvisation. This system plays into the heart of those skills.

3) All the clamoring for less predictability should be fulfilled merely by the way the offense reacts to the defense-- whatever the defense looks like it's expecting determines where we don't go.

It appears that Birddog's post ties together a whole mess of different things in a fairly exciting fashion, if, like me, you are a fan of Tony Romo's handling of the two minute offense and his sight adjustments like this play below (scroll down and listen to Kubiak's comments on the play): 63 yd TD to Roy Williams

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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