My Mock 2.0

I submitted this mock draft on the mock draft challenge thingy, but I actually put some work into this with the explanations and everything and I'd like to get some feedback on it other than a few recs, so here it goes:

Trade pick 18 to Saint Louis for picks 22, 113, 149, and 184

Pick 22: Jonathan Cooper G UNC: Was there ever any question as to why I was trading down to this exact spot? Athletic guard who can move quite well and fit well with the athletic styles of play that Murray, Smith, and Romo possess. Could be paired with Smith on the left side for probably the most athletic Guard/Tackle combo in the league.

Pick 47: Kawann Short DT Purdue: Great value at DT in the second round at a position where we could stand to get younger, but have enough depth to where he wouldn’t be forced to start right away. He could be a solid guy in what could become a scary DT rotation with Ratliff, Hatcher, Lissy, and Short this year while being a long term starter in years to come.

Pick 80: Sean Porter OLB Texas A&M (Giggem’ Aggies!!!!!): Fast, athletic linebacker that could play on either side of the Kiffin 4-3 and fill in for Carter or Lee if either gets injured. Probably a day 1 starter at SAM because Kiffin will be enamored with his athleticism.

TRADE UP Trade picks 114 and 185 to Tennessee for pick 107

Pick 107: Chris Faulk OT LSU: Before he got injured, Faulk was projected to be a 1st round draft choice. We all know that Jerry loves injured picks with potentially elite talent (see Lee, Sean and Carter, Bruce) and those have turned out pretty well so far. If he can get healthy and live up to his potential, then Doug Free becomes expendable and we have two elite tackles to go with our elite guard (Cooper).

Pick 113: Marcus Lattimore RB South Carolina: Yup, two injured 1st round talents in the 4th round. Can you imagine how great of a 1-2 punch Murray and Lattimore would be if they were both healthy at the same time. Heck, even one of them alone could do some pretty good damage. Here’s a cool stat for you: In the past 2 seasons, even though Murray and Felix have been injured a lot, we have had at least one of them for every single game. If the same logic applies to Murray and Lattimore, I don’t see a problem here.

Pick 149: Dallas Thomas G/T Tennessee: Good prospect here that could develop into a solid RG or RT down the road. Probably more of a guard type though. It would be good if he could get good enough so that he could be a passable starter "hidden" by a future line of Smith, Cooper, Costa/Holmes, and Faulk around him.

Pick 151: Khaled Holmes C USC: The Cowboys hope that Costa can be an above average run blocker and that improved guard play will help him in the passing game, but a little competition wouldn’t hurt. Holmes is a good prospect with potential to be a future starter in this league, might as well pick him up in the 5th round.

Pick 184: Michael Williams TE Alabama: As much as I don’t miss Martellus “Butterfingers” Bennet, he was a good blocker that was missed last season in the running game. Williams can fill that void while not needing to contribute anything in the passing game behind Witten and Hanna. Great need fill at a cheap price here.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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