Digging for Oil

When it comes to America's team, being mediocre is insanely frustrating - I hate it, you hate it, and yes even Jerry hates it. Jerry loves to make a "splash"; whether it be in the draft or free agency, he wants to find the oil that made him his fortune.. the same type of "oil" that will win him the Super Bowl.

The Cowboys Drafted 16 or their 22 starters en-route to 3 Super Bowl wins in the early 90's.


He found his "oil" in 1995 in the form of Deion Sanders - Jerry has not found "oil" in free agency since Prime. Jerry failed to replenish his most prized assets... Aikman, Smith, and Irvin. In 1996 Aikman and Irvin turned 30 and both began to show their age... 1996 the Cowboys finished 10-5 and for the next 4 years they did not have a winning record. The year 2000 was the last year the trio was together as Irvin and Aikman retired.

From 1994 - 2000 the Cowboys failed to draft a QB or a WR in the first two rounds. Why? Simply because they were "loaded" and didn't need too.... the 1995 draft going down as one of the Cowboy's worst draft in team history.


In 2000 Jerry tried to strike "oil" again by trading 1st round picks in 2000 and 2001 for Joey Galloway! Seattle using one of those picks to draft Shaun Alexander... Emmitt Smith moving on the Arizona in 2003 while Alexander went on to score 27 rushing touchdowns in 2005. In 2001 the Cowboys selected Quincy Carter as their heir to Aikman.... Aikman is in the Hall while Carter is in jail... was in jail... going to jail? From 2001 - 2006 Cowboys put Leaf, Wright, Testaverde, Henson, and Bledsoe under center before Romo pulled a Brady.

The Cowboys started to climb back up the mountain they fell off by drafting the core we have now.... From 2005 - 2011 we drafted 12 of our 22 current starters. Only 4 starters away from 1992-1995 greatness!


In 2008 Jerry again tried to strike "oil" by trading 1st, 3rd, and 6th round picks in 2009 for Roy Williams. 2009 went on to be just as bad if not worse than the Cowboys 1995 draft. Why? Simply because they were "loaded" and didn't need anyone..... NONE of the 12 picks are starters... only 3 are still in the NFL.... If it wasn't for Roy Williams and the 2009 draft we would be an elite team! No doubt! But that's the past so nothing we can do about that.


Pick #

Traded to


Next 10 Available



Lions for Roy Williams


Harvin, Oher, Matthews, Nicks



Bills for 3rd and 4th


Loadholt, Kruger, Vollmer, Beatty



Dallas for Browns 3rd in 2008


Michael Johnson



Dallas for Bills 3rd and 4th


Louis Vazquez



Lions for Roy Williams

Derrick Williams

Mike Wallace, Ladarius Webb, Jared Cook


In 2010 Jerry searched for his "oil" and got his "splash" in the form of Dez Bryant! Did we NEED Dez? No.... Is he a Superstar? YES! Could we have been 6-10 without him? Yeah.... We gave up a 3rd rounder to get Dez. We could have used that 3rd round pick to get Navarro Bowman or Jimmy Graham.

In 2012 instead of continuing to build the OL... instead of taking DeCastro... Jerry decides to go for the "oil" again with Mo Claiborne... Did we NEED him? Probably not.. Was it a "splash"? Definitely! Could we have finished 8-8 without him? Maybe... We used our 2nd round pick to get Mo. We could have gotten idk... Russell Wilson because Romo ain't no spring chick.

Here we are in 2013... Is Jerry going to find some "oil" and make a "splash"? Or will we use the draft to refuel and put the pieces in place to avoid rebuilding?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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