Is Perception, Reality?

Salary Cap, Drafting Prowess, and Front Office perceived competency all correspond to field success.

But it never tells the full story. I happen to be a fan that thinks our organization is one of the better run outfits in the league. In recent years, I have wondered why we didn't have more success on the field. We seem to flash our greatness, but are never able to be consistent about it. I can't prove it, but I've always felt we have had more than our share of bad "Luck"

I'll put it out there...I think we have a better overall roster than both San Francisco and Seattle. Both those teams are current sport's media darlings. It seems everything they do is great and should be emulated, but is their success due to their vastly superior personnel or just players playing beyond their norm? I have my doubts.

Before 2 years ago, many thought the Niners were a joke and when the Cowboys had to go to overtime to beat them, the story wasn't that the Niners were a good team, but that the Cowboys needed overtime to beat a bad team. Fast forward to last season when the Cowboys played the Seahawks, and it was deja vu. How could the Cowboy's lose to these guys was the popular question?

Let's look at the position groups for all 3 teams and select who has the best group in all categories...

QB - We have the best QB and the best QB depth.

RB - I think when healthy and behind a competent O Line, we have the best RB with Murray, but as it currently stands, SEA and SF have much better running games.

WR - We have the best WR corp and it's not close in both Quality and Depth.

OL - Our Line sucks and is the worst by far. We need help.

TE - We have the best TE hands down.

DL - Since we have some scheme differences, I will include edge rushers into this group. This is a hard group to prove, but we have DWare and Spencer, which are better edge rushers than both SEA and SF. SEA doesn't rush the passer well and SF was exposed for their lack of depth when Justin Smith went down, Aldon Smith's production all but dried up. People will argue this, but our Defensive front seven doesn't pale when compared to SEA and SF. It's a near wash.

CB/S - I like what the Seahawks have, although I think the Cowboys have a young and up and coming secondary. SF is trying to sign Asomugha to replace Goldson, nuff said.

K/P - We have the best tandem of all 3 teams. SF doesn't even have a kicker right now.

I suppose I'm trying show that perception is not always reality. I'm not denigrating either SF or Seattle. I think they have shown recently they are well run organizations. I especially like what Seattle has done in recent drafts. All I'm saying is let's tap the brakes a little and look between the lines. Maybe Cowboy fans should feel better about their team.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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