My Facebook post/rant defending Tony Romo

I wanted to share this. After all of the Tony Romo drama going on with the news of his new contract I wanted to rant about it. I posted this on my Facebook account and thought it might have been good enough to be on here lol. I know its not perfect and sorry if I ramble to much. I feel strongly about this team and I know you guys do as well. Everyone has an opinion and I respect everyone's opinion on BTB. This is just my opinion mixed with some facts. I wrote this for people that have no clue about Tony Romo other than what they see on ESPN. So you will probably already know most of this. This team flows in my blood its hard not to get carried away. Here is the post:

I have to do this...lets go over some facts cause all people want to do is quote so called news reporters on ESPN and make funny jokes about Tony Romo. I am in no way saying that Romo is the greatest of all time to play in the NFL. However...he is a Top 10 quarterback as of right now. This guy is not a scrub...

I like what Tony Romo brings to the Dallas Cowboys on the field. I think I like him more for what he does off the field. I can't understand why and how people can hate on this guy.

In 2008 Romo pulled over on the side of the road to help a stranded motorist with a flat tire. Also in 2008 he treated a homeless man to a day at the movies:

"Romo, who confirmed the story but didn't want to elaborate, waved [the homeless man] Doc over to sit by him and his buddy. Doc sheepishly mentioned that he hadn't showered in a few days. "Don't worry about that," Romo said. "I'm used to locker rooms." And so the $67 million quarterback and a man who doesn't have $6.70 to his name sat next to each other and shared laughs for 90 minutes or so.

I am sure I will write this and still forget some of the great things he has done for people. The things he does for sick children are amazing.

Romo off the field:

He goes to childrens hospitals and serves Thanksgiving dinners for the Salvation Army Romo returns to his hometown of Burlington, Wisconsin in summers to host a youth football camp. In the Dallas area, Romo has participated in community activities in collaboration with United Way, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. In 2008, Tony Romo and his father who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer were guests at a Baylor Health Care System fundraising dinner benefiting prostate cancer research.

There are not enough people in the world as good as Tony Romo. I am not talking about anything he has or hasn't done on a football field. I guess there are just a lot of hateful and harsh people in the world. I know most teams in the league don't have 5 superbowls but I dont get the Romo hate. If you want to hate on Jerry Jones or anyone else I can understand the logic on that. How Tony gets this much hate I have no clue. The hate is flowing ever since the news was announced that Tony has signed his new contract extension. All of these haters want Romo off the Cowboys...If he was so bad...why wouldnt the Cowboys haters want to keep him on the team.

Football Career:

Antonio Ramiro Romo was an undrafted QB out of Eastern Illinois. He signed for 10,000 dollars. The Broncos offered him twice that. He worked his was up the depth chart. He studied hard and worked to be the best he could be. This guy is an American success story.

Quarterbacks drafted in the same draft Romo came into the league with (2003) Carson Palmer(1st Rd) Byron Leftwich(1st Rd) Kyle Boler (1st Rd) Rex Grossman (1st Rd) Dave Ragone (3rd Rd) Chris Simms(3rd Rd) Seneca Wallace (4th Rd) Brian St.Pierre (5th Rd) Drew Henson(6th Rd) Brooks Bollinger(6th Rd) Kliff Klingsbury(6th Rd) Gibran Hamdan(7th Rd) Ken Dorsey(7th Rd)

18 fourth quarter Comebacks (he can win in the clutch) 19 game winning drives 3 time Pro Bowler Career Passer Rating 95.6 (5th highest of all time) 177 Touchdowns to 91 Interceptions (He throws more Touchdowns than Ints) Number6 All-Time Yards Per Attempt: 7.9(ALL time...ever..)

COWBOYS TEAM RECORDS: Games with 3+ touchdown passes: 27; previously held by Danny White (20) Games with 300+ yards passing: 9 (2012); previously held by Romo (8 - 2009) Passing TDs: 36 (2007); previously held by Danny White (29) Games with 300+ yards passing: 40; previously held by Troy Aikman (13) Lowest career interception percentage: 2.75% (minimum 16 starts; previously held by Aikman with 3.0) Touchdown passes: 177 (previously held by Aikman with 165)

Passing yards: 4,903 (2012); first and only Cowboys' quarterback to throw for more than 4,000 yards in a season (07,09,11,12) Completions: 405 (2012); previously held by Romo with (347 - 2009) Consecutive games with a TD pass: 20 (2010–11); previously held by Danny White Attempts: 611 (2012); previously held by Romo (550 - 2009) First quarterback in franchise history to average over 300 passing yards a game in a season: 306.4

On Nov 23, 2006, Romo threw 5 TD passes in a game, a record he shares with Troy Aikman. On Nov 13, 2011, Romo completed a team record 88.5% of his passes in a home game against the Buffalo Bills.

Cowboys 2012 Ranks Passing-3rd in the league Rushing-31st in the league Total defense-19th in the league

Do you think Tony plays defense or running back? Looks like the passing game is doing ok.

Romo has to get the Cowboys to the playoffs. He has to win and now he has to win a Superbowl. His one playoff win is the same total as other quarterbacks like Matt Ryan. His one win was over the Eagles and their less than stellar QB Donavan Mcnabb. Mcnabbs comments on Romo today are interesting considering Mcnabb is 0-1 against Romo in the playoffs. He beat the 49ers with broken ribs and constantly plays injured for his team. He also doesn't get some of the flags called for him as a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning would get.

I will root for and watch this guy for the next few years on the field. I will wish him the best forever. He is the Quarterback of my team the Dallas Cowboys. I am sure people would hate on Batman, Big bird and Scooby Doo if they were the Quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. It takes a TEAM.

If the only problem that Tony Romo has in the world is that he is dogged for not winning playoff games then he has it pretty good.

"If something in sports is the worst thing that ever happens to you, you've lived a pretty good life." Tony Romo-2006

All stats from

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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