Predictions: Reality Probably Isn't What the Fans Want

So everyone is getting up to full steam guessing what the Cowboys will do. Most of us already know the 1st 3 picks will be a combination of DT, OL, and Safety. 95% are pushing hard for the guard position, with Warmack and Cooper as the pick. Another strong contingent is calling for the head of Doug Free and sending him packing. I can agree with this majority. However, something tells me that this will not happen. Here is the reality as I see it.

  • Doug Free: He is waayyy overpaid and will count dead money next year if he is cut. Although any cap savings can roll over to the following year, Dallas will not use that option.
  • Guard in 1st round: Nearly everyone has their fingers crossed waiting for one of the talented guards to fall. Even if they do, it will not matter.
  • Defense: Kiffin needs bodies for the 4-3 switch. There is also a need to get younger.
  • Safety: Since the days of DW, safety play has been, well, not Darren-like so more talent (and health) is needed.
  • Depth: RB, TE, LB, etc - no secret here. (I can hear everyone asking the glasses cleaner to whisper to Jerry, "Let's not give away early picks this year.")
So, what will happen. Let's cut through the maybes and get right to the meat and potatoes.

Dallas will try to move back. If a partner is found, Dallas will fall back in the 1st and select a DT - Sly Williams 1st choice, Kawann Short or Hankins in that order. If no partner is found, Dallas will select Sheldon Richardson at 18.

OL: Doug Free will be on the roster in 2013. Sorry. He will move back to the left where he had his 1 (count 'em 1) big year. No, not at LT, but inside at left guard, adding a different element for the blindside rush, while keeping emergency depth for RT. That means...come June 1st, Nate Livings will be a cap casualty. Arkin will also be an odd man out (barring injury in TC) and will be cut, along with Cook, who both will find homes somewhere else. Costa will start at Center with Kowalski at RG. Parnell will have his shot at RT 1st.

In the 2nd, Dallas will draft a tackle, probably Terron Armstead 1st or Kyle Long.

Depending on the pick in trading back, Dallas will take a safety. Eric Reid or Phillip Thomas will be on the roster in 2013. The other pick will be a durable RB (Lattimore will not be the pick, sorry). Bell from Michigan State will be the pick. (I would have preferred Logan DT, who will be there, but of course, I will be overruled). Although for the next pick, I would recommend moving up by packaging the lower couple picks in some fashion to pick up a sliding Devin Taylor, the FO will not listen but will take Sean Porter LB. A TE from Rice will be chosen next and a small school corner will be the choice soon after. The final pick will be all Jerry and an obscure name will be randomly drawn from a hat and the player will move on to manage a car wash a few months later with new Jerry Cash and some cool photos in the lobby.

Some questions need to be anwered for you to see where the prediction may be a little off. Also - how will the picks change with the move back? How will we find a trading partner? Who will it be? What pick will we be given? Let's hear it.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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