Draft successes and failures: The case for a trade back......

considering what I've been reading about the Cowboys recent draft history, as well as knowing it from first hand experience by watching it, it's been hard to imagine the impact of bad drafting that this team has gone through. Hard from the perspective that this proud franchise, once the symbol of stability, and how things are supposed to be done, has fallen to the level that it has. What's even more frustrating, as a fan, is to feel like the team. even though it realizes it has a problem with the Oline, doesn't react aggressively to address it (for years).

It seems like come draft time, another position other than Oline seems to come up as a more pressing need, which to me seems wrong, and in fact, has got me asking the question again, as to "What position this year is going to overtake Oline in this draft?"

A pacifist reaction to upgrading your Oline brings us to the current state of affairs

Some fans, like myself, wanted the run offense, and Oline, to be the focus of upgrade from even before Jason Garrett arrived as OC. My criticism of Garrett has led to alot of debates and heated arguments about this subject (the issue of run offense and Oline) with many people here at BTB.

If anything, I expected the Oline to be addressed by Garrett in a way that would allow the offense (Tony Romo) to win games. I haven't really seen it. Yes, there was a draft pick (Tyron Smith), but does that qualify as "focusing" to make the Oline better, which is a constant job? Yes and no, because of the fact that they did not follow up by getting better at G,C, and of course, Doug Free went into a Freefall.

This is why I believe it may be wiser, now, to trade back, and pick up an extra pick or two. The Dallas Cowboys need an infusion of youth and talent at a few positions now, not just Oline. That doesn't mean ignore Oline, but possibly may mean we need to pick up a C, a safety, RB, and DT/DE in the top part of the draft.

I have faith in the defensive coaches, and they're decisions on players. I believe they will do well with whatever resources the front office gives them to work with.

But it's the offense that is still the achilles heal of this team. Someone has to put they're foot down (like Gandolf the grey) and say the line stops here, you cannot pass. And that person has to be Garrett. He has to champion this.

The offense, now, has to take that step. It has to become the focus. The defense will come along, and become dominant, just wait and see. But the offense....

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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