Ok, lets start over. I'm ready to move on from Romo and while we're at it lets trade Spencer.

Let me start off by saying I'm a huge Tony Romo fan, huge. I've got a couple jerseys(1 signed), a signed full size helmet along with other memorabilia. He's very much under rated and even much more under appreciated. I've always been a Romo excusitis(might of just made that up) and have always felt it was the teams short comings that led to failures and heartbreaks in this era of Cowboys football, although he is most certainly doesn't have a clean slate.

Is Dallas ready to win a Super Bowl in 2013, 2014?? That might be his best years left. I mean he's 33 now, and if they restructure his contract, and sign him to 3-4 years he'll be 36/37 at the end of it. Is that smart?? Lets face it, this team is in rebuilding mode no matter how much we all think they are close to the prize. We've been waiting and waiting, every year was the year, especially 2010. And nothing but heartbreak, again not all on Romos shoulders.

Again I love Romo, but maybe it's time to move on from him. Not because of his failure to lead Dallas to the SB, I blame that on Jones, but because in the end I love the Cowboys more than one singular player. I want to see them do well now, and in the future. Trading Romo can get that done. The team is young, I think they need a new young QB(along with other young players) to gel as one cohesive unit. Let Byrant work with a young QB, same with Witten who can help him out(a QBs best friend).

So now my proposal:

Who needs a QB....Jets, Cards, Browns, Jags, Raiders, Bills? I would add the Vikings too.

Right away, for various reasons, I'll rule out the Jets, Browns, Raiders and Bills.

The Jags, Cards and Vikes would still be in play. The Jags and Cards will not give up their 1st for Romo, so the most Dallas would get would be a 2nd and 3rd this year, and perhaps a 1st or 2nd and 3rd next year. The Cardinals are a rather decent team, and they would be willing to part with maybe a bit more. Maybe a 2nd, 3rd, 6th this year and a 1st and a conditional pick next year. I also think the Vikings would be interested. They sit at the 23rd pick, and I think would be willing to part with that pick along with trading Ponder to Dallas and possibly a 3rd this year with a conditional pick next year.

They can also now explore getting picks for Spencer. Now that he's tagged, if he signs an offer sheet from another team and Dallas loses him, Dallas is entitled to 2 first rd picks. Or they can just sign and trade him. The worse they can get for him would be a 2nd this year along with maybe another and most likely a future pick or 2.

Dallas could then trade for Ryan Mallet or Matt Flynn or of course grab Ponder in a swap from the Vikings. Whats to tell me these guys will be better than Romo??...nothing. But Mallet was great in college, has sat behind Brady the last 2 years and was on the sidelines with one of the top coaches of this era. Something had to sink in. Flynn, yeah I got nothing on that. Ponder would be very interesting however. He's got 2 years starting and I think does show some promise, but certainly needs a cast around him.

They can then use another pick to draft a QB in the mid to late rounds...Tyler Bray, Zac Dysert, Landry Jones, Colby Cameron or Sean Renfree. If no one knows who Renfree is check him out. Having being coached by the guy who mentored both Mannings can't hurt, and his numbers, while not great, are admirable on a bad Duke teams. His accuracy improved each year and he has the tools to be an NFL QB. Let all these guys compete for QB1, even Ponder. It promotes competition. And keep Orton as 3rd QB, yes, costly but a vet backup who can hlep the young guys out.

Dallas will still have picks left over from each trade to get younger, and hopefully better.

I will follow Romo where ever he goes and hope he wins a SB(just not at the Cowboys expense). I just don't think that will happen in Dallas with the current team the way it is this year or in 2014.

P.S. But if he stays, I'd be happy. I'm just throwing it out there, can't rule anything out. Even at the expense of our favorite players.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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