Dream Offseason Plan

Well before the free agency starts, I want to give my Mock 3.0. You can view my other mocks here and my second mock here. I will include trades and FA signings. This is my dream offseason plan.


We are going to trade number 93 Anthony Spencer to the Jets 39th Pick. That leaves us with the 18th,39th,47th,80th,111th, 114th, 176th pick. If no value in the draft is there for us at the 18th pick, I would trade down only a few spots but I believe there will be value at the pick 18.

Free Agents

From my understanding if we trade Spencer we do not have to pay for the tag so that 10 million will not count towards our cap. (I hope I am right). So that leaves us with 13 million in cap space and a Romo extension would save us about 8 million. I am new to the cap but that leaves us with with 21 million if I am correct. I am also basing the top Free agents on Brandon Carrs cap hit in 2012 so we would push the money in the next years.

With 21 million in cap space we have more than enough to get a high rated FA or two.

1. Sebastian Vollmer- The OT from New England Patriots could give us a boost at the RT spot on our line. He could be a solid starter for years to come.

2. Michael Bennett DE: With the trade to Spencer, we can get a proven value at a 4-3 end and is familiar with the system. He has the body type and production that can help our D-line.

3. Jason Jones DL: nice rotational player that can be dominant down stretches.

4. . Chris Clemons S: Having a solid season in Miami, he can have depth at the safety position.

These are the major signings that will add good depth. We immediately fill Spencers replacement and Doug Frees replacement. Our remaining needs: Guard, RB, DT, LB,TE, Safety(depth)


18th pick

Selection: Jonathon Cooper G

This will solidify our oline. We now have Smith,Living,Costs/Killer K, Cooper,Vollmer. Cooper has the athletic ability to go to the second level and will tremendously help the run and passing blocking.

39th pick

Selection: Phillip Thomas S

Clemons could add solid depth and Thomas can fight for the starting spot. He can be a starter from day 1.

47th pick

Selection:Alex Okafor DE

Could add depth behind Ware and be a solid player in the new Kiffens scheme.

80th pick

Selection: Stepfan Taylor RB

Big guy that can be our 2nd string RB behind Murray. Could easily fill in for Murray if he gets injured.

111th pick

Selection: Michael Williams TE

Excellent Run-blocker and even a receiving threat. Could be a nice backup and let him and James Hanna compete.

114th pick

Selection: A.J Francis DT

Adds solid depth in the DT position.

176th pick

Selection: Matt Scott QB

He has nice combination of running and passing ability. He could be our developmental QB for the future.

Depth Chart

QB- Romo, Orton, Scott*

RB- Murray, Taylor, Dunbar

FB- Vickers

WR: Bryant, Austin, Harris, Beasly, Coale,

TE: Witten, Hanna, Williams

LT: Smith, Parnell

LG: Livings, Mack

C: Costa, Killer-K, Cook

RG: Cooper, Mack, Cook

RT: Vollmer, Parnell

CB: Carr, Claiborne, Scandrick, Moore, Coe

SS: Church, Johnson, McCray

FS: Thomas, Clemons, Johnson

RDE: Ware, Okafor

LDE: Bennett, Crawford

DT: Ratliff, Hatcher, Jones, Francis, Lissemore

Mike: Lee, Connor

Will: Carter, Sims

SAM: Albright, Wilber

That looks like a good depth roster. The only thing is the linebackers. I didn't see any good LB to get in the draft but maybe in FA we can get solid role players. We did get a lot of more talent to the roster. What you guys think?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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