Off season Take pt2. Post Franchise Tag

With the tag deadline passing us, and a surprise tag going to Anthony Spencer for the 2nd straight year many draft and off season outlooks have made some changes. Here is my 2nd look at what I would like to see happen (realistically) in the off season.

Key free agent pickup: Israel Idonije

May not be much of a huge splash name wise but pay closer attention it could be a solid acquire. Idonije has played his entire career with Chicago primarily at DE but has moved around at DT as well. Playing the last 4 season under former Bears DL coach and now current Cowboys DL coach Rod Marinelli. Idonije is coming off a 7.5 sack season and a total of 23.5 sacks the last 3 season under Marinelli and in the Tampa 2. Adding Idonije to a rotation of Ratliff, Hatcher, Lissemore could make for a very active interior D line. At 32 he wont break the bank and that's something the boys will be looking at in Free Agency.

Free at last: Cut Doug Free

The writing is on the wall for Free to be let go, definitely with the team looking for cap and with his release saving 7 million dollars. Its no secret the struggles he has had the past 2 season which isn't worth the money he is currently getting. At this point i don't event think its worth restructuring instead letting go and moving on finding his replacement, in which I will get to later.

MOCK DRAFT (Rounds 1-5)

Rd1 Guard Chance Warmack / Johnathan Cooper... Self explanatory

Rd2 Safety Bacarri Rambo



Maybe a bit of a jump due to off field issues but 1st round play making talent to good to pass up here. He posses ball hawking skills we have not had on this roster in years and in my opinion can come right in and compete if not start at FS opposite of Church. Many have Kenny Vaccaro linked to the Cowboys but in my opinion Rambo is more of an all around impact player and in the 2nd round his value is too good here.

Rd3 OLB Sean Porter... Prototypical 4-3 OLB fluid to ball carriers, athletic, solid in pass coverage. There is a need at the 3rd LB spot after Lee and Carter. Porter fits the bill perfectly as that. With the combination of Lee, Carter and Porter that could end up being one of the most athletic LB cores in the conference. This also allows Albright to remain a solid backup contributor he is and Wilber more time to find his niche on the team.

Rd4 OT Oday Aboushi



Athletic, very solid pass protector, improved run blocker. Could improve strength to battle more against the run but more than willing to take a chance with him than Free. Here is where i would take a risk at replacing Free. Aboushi is already a polished pass protector and in todays game you cant have enough of those especially this line. While he may not be a dominate run blocker or strong as an ox those are things that i can take a chance on improving.

Rd5 DE Quanterus Smith...May not be a popular pick here because it is another player drafted coming off an injury. But Smith was well on his way to a first or 2nd day pick before his ACL tear. Before the injury Smith was leading the nation in sacks with 12 as a DE for Western Kentucky and dominated Alabama's all pro line with 3 sacks. He may not posses the mass to be an every down DE at 253 lbs, but he can add mass to his 6'4 frame without losing his vaunted pass rushing skills. In this system you can never have enough pass rushers. And there still is no guarantee Spencer will be back in 2014. Add Smith to a rotation at DL of Ware, Spencer, Crawford , Hatcher, Lissemore, Idonije, Bass.

This off season and draft needs to acquire players who can contribute right away. I believe with these moves that can happen. Your thoughts BTB.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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