Is Tony Romo Just Not Clutch? No. What I Think Will Fix Romo And The Cowboys

What has been holding the Cowboys back? Let me rephrase that. What has been holding Tony Romo back? Turnovers? Well let us examine that.

Why is it that Tony Romo dazzles with statistics every year, but cannot seem to shake critics. Costly turnovers? Instead of trying to see what is wrong with Tony Romo, how about we start to wonder what is wrong with the team.

Obviously you can assign blame to the Offensive Line, for putting Romo in tough situations, but there is more to it. The lack of a run game put Romo in a hard spot as well, but that can be assigned to the line also. I believe that there are different ways to make Romo win the big game.

The number one problem with the Dallas Cowboys is the level of reliance they have on the arm of Tony Romo. Do you ever notice that they win games on Romo’s arm, and lose them on it? Obviously that is true about most Quarterbacks, but there are other ways to win games.

You cannot win football games strictly off of one person. Romo can sneak a few wins in throwing the ball, but when you rely on someone so heavily, you are setting them up to fail. The problem with this team is that they do not have any other way of scoring points besides Tony Romo.

Fixing the Offensive Line will help cut down on turnovers due to pressure, and will help them run better, but defense is where I see the major problem. The defense could hold teams all game, but that is not enough. This team needs to force turnovers in order to win.

Turnovers that lead to scores are the ideal situation. If we can get points from our defense, that cuts down on how much we rely on Tony Romo. Even if we don’t score on defense, turnovers will set up better field position making Romo’s job easier.

It is the defense that has been holding the team back. Romo cannot do it all. Monte Kiffin defenses are designed to force turnovers. This move will lessen the load on Romo, and they hope it will get them over the hump.

With increased Offensive Line play, Romo will not have to take chances due to pressure and turn the ball over, they should be able to run effectively, and with a defense that forces turnovers, Romo will not have to carry the team. This is not only what the Dallas Cowboys need, but what Tony Romo needs. It is time he has less pressure than he already had.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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