Going Carrborne. The Cornerbacks Can Take The Cowboys To The Next Level

Think back to 2009. Remember those Cowboys? So many memories, but what made that season so spectacular?

One thing that I bet slips many Cowboy fans minds is who made the Pro Bowl that year. Off the top of your head whom would you say? Ware? Witten? Romo?

Those three are correct, but what stands out to me from that season is that Terrence Newman, and Mike Jenkins were both Pro Bowlers.

While watching that season I remember being thrilled every game, watching the little competition Newman and Jenkins had with each other. It seemed like they looked at each other pre snap, more than they looked at the receiver they were guarding. These two were in a heated battle with each other every single game.

Newman and Jenkins had a bounce to their step. Not only did they want to win the game, and lock their man down, they wanted to outperform each other. This competitive energy was what sparked that defense. A defense that saw only 11 sacks from Demarcus Ware looked good.

As we saw Newman deteriorate, and Jenkins battle injury, we probably spent the next three years cursing at these two Pro Bowlers more than praising them. Watching Newman get hurdled by New York Giant tight ends twice made me sick to my stomach, and it became clear that we had to go a different direction at corner back.

That change happened faster than any of us could imagine. In the blink of an eye not only did we sign top Free Agent corner Brandon Carr, but also we took the top defensive player in the draft in Morris Claiborne. We now have the foundation for something great.

What gets me excited about these two is that we all know that they are great, but their ceiling is so high. Seeing Brandon Carr intercept Ben Roethlisberger in overtime proved that he could make the big play from his position. Claiborne showed flashes as well.

I’m starting to get flashbacks of 2009. We can talk about our Defensive Line, and Offensive Line all we want. I believe that the future of this team relies on each sideline. Carr and Claiborne can become the best cornerback duo in the NFL. If these two players take their game to the next level, the rest of the team will follow.

It’s time to see these two battle it out to see who is better. I couldn’t even begin to say who is the better cornerback. Lets let them battle it out next year. I believe that forcing turnovers is the key to this team, and if these two can make it happen with the help of the turnover happy Monte Kiffin system, I think we will get over the hump.

The Dallas Cowboys will look a whole lot better if we see the term "Pro Bowler" assigned to both Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne’s names.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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