The Rev.'s Mock 2.0

Hello fellow members of BTB.

Since my last mock we have witnessed the combine, undergone the restructures of a few contracts, franchised Spencer, and cut Sensi.

It is my opinion that we would be smart to shop Spencer around. There is a consensus that he will be worth a 3rd to 4th round pick.

-I believe Dallas will want a 1st but will settle for a 2nd. In this Scenario we trade Spencer, our 5th and a conditional future pick to get the Jets 2nd rounder(39 overall). ( Im under the impression they will have picks to spend once Revis is traded away)

With Romo likely to sign an extension, and the extra cap space from the Spencer trade I believe we will begin to try to plug some holes in free agency.

I think we will sign these players before and after the draft:

LB Nick Roach- New starting SAM backer

LB Ernie Sims-( after the draft) Outside LB depth

LB Geno Hayes-(after the draft) More LB depth with scheme knowledge

OG Donald Thomas- Possible starter at RG.

TE Ben Hartstock-(after the draft) cheap expendable blocking TE

CB DJ Moore- knows the defense and could be valuable depth

In this mock I used Drafttek's updated(3/2) big board.

1.18 Johnathan Cooper( R.18) OG, N.Carolina- Capable and athletic starter at LG

2.39 Alex Okafor(R.39) DE, Texas- Future starter at LE that will get significant time as a rookie

2.47 Gio Bernard( R.47) HB, N. Carolina- starting caliber HB that can split time with Murray( NEEDED INSURANCE)

3.80 Brennan Williams,( R. 86) OT, N.Carolina- 1st round talent that will allow us to cut Free as a June 1st cut.( if he isn't ready immediately Parnell can start)

4.111 Tony Jefferson,( R.111) FS Oklahoma- Arguably better than a healthy Matt Johnson. Possible rookie starter.

5th: Traded away

6.175 Le'veon Bell. ( R.181) HB Michigan State.- ( suprised he fell so far) - A big back that has too much talent to pass up in the 6th. Gives us ultimate depth at the RB position.

As you can see none of the picks were much of a reach( at least according to Drafttek)

After the draft our starting lineup would look something like this:

QB: Romo, Orton

HB: Murray, Bernard, Bell

FB: Vickers

WR; Bryant, Austin, Harris, Beasley, Coale

TE: Witten, Hanna, Hartstock

LT: Smith, Weems

LG: Cooper, Livings, (Leary)

C: Costa, ( Bernadeau), Kowalski

RG: Thomas, Bernadeau, Leary

RT: Parnell, Williams

LE: Hatcher/Crawford, Okafor, Bass

1 Tech: Lissemore/ Ratliff, Calloway, Price

3 Tech: Ratliff, Hatcher, Price, ( Crawford/ Bass)

RE: Ware, Albright, Wilber

Lolb: Roach,Sims

Mlb: Lee, Connor, (lemon)

Rolb: Carter,Hayes

CB: Carr, Claiborne, Scandrick, Moore, Moore

FS: Johnson, Jefferson, (Moore)

SS: Church, Mccray

K; Bailey

P: Jones

LS: Ladouceur

This scenario isn't perfect but it allows for a few things.

1. we will now have a running game with depth and upside.

2. our O-line will have much more depth and a real chance at longterm stability.

3. Our LB core will have capable starters at all 3 positions

4. DE depth with real upside in the direction of the youth movement

5. A draft that Tarheel Paul would rub in our faces forever....

This scenario leaves a few questions:

Q:What about WR?

A: I feel Harris will step up to the #3 while Beasley and Coale deserve more time.

Q;What about Getting a 3tech?

A:I really think the D line is something Kiffen and Marinelli will want to toy around with in the offseason. They actually have a lot of pieces to work with and I think they can make contributers and starters out of what we already have.

- I think Ratliff and Lissemore will be fit to start and don't see it as large of a need as O-line.

Q: How can you be comfortable with Jones and Church starting?

A: I'm not, but I see their upside( with the addition of Jefferson) as a movement towards what we want at a realistic price.

-No real FA safeties are in our price range this year and I dont feel that there are many valuble fits in the first 2 rounds of the draft this year. It's an instance where bigger problems need fixing. ( its not like our secondary hasnt gotten attention recently)

I hope you all enjoyed my mock. Please feel free to comment away, I truly value your insights. - REV

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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