If Top 5 OL Gone by 18th Pick...Then What?

For the past two off-seasons, the majority of us here on BTB have demanded, dreamed, even frothed at the mouth for more top picks to be spend on the big uglies up front...on both sides of the ball. Much to our dismay, the 2012 draft did not address our worries and/or concerns about fortifying the trenches. These concerns were confirmed early and often, particularly on the offensive side of the line.

From Tony Romo running for his life to our abysmal running attack (sic) of 1,265 yards and all 8 TDs, we watched in horror as our rag-tag OL resembled more of a punch-drunk amateur boxer in his first professional bout. For the record, the Cowboys have 13 rushing TDs in the last two seasons. Emmitt Smith had double digit rushing TDs eight times in his 13 seasons with the team. Ten different NFL running backs scored more than the entire Dallas rushers combined last season. But I digress.

My question is, what if our worst fears are confirmed by reports of late? What if the top five OL are off the board when the Cowboys go on the clock at the 18 spot? I'm talking the top three tackles: Joeckel, Fisher and L. Johnson, as well as our much coveted guards: Warmack and Cooper. What then, my BTB compadres? (Takes shot of tequila.) WHAT THEN?!!!! What will be left if we wait until pick 47 to address the OL? I'm guessing Warford is long gone, maybe even Long, small school OT Armstead and a couple of others.

Not only that, what if the top three DTs are long gone, too? I'm talking Floyd, the Utah "Star," and Sheldon Richardson are snagged before we get our chances.

Please don't tell me we draft Vacquero. I just don't see it with this guy. How many INTs in his last two seasons? If he's such a playmaker, how come I don't see him actually making plays on the ball once it is in the air?

Do we go D.J. and get the Fluker, all but confirming Free's much-needed post-June 1st release? Do we get sly with Sylvester Williams as our newly heralded 3-technique and wave bye-bye to Ratliff? Do we get another pass rusher like UCLA's Jones and trade Spencer for whatever we can get (like a 3rd rounder from the Saints)?

I know, I know. Let's see what happens with what little money we have in FA to see what second or third tier FA(s) we sign. But I have a feeling something is going to get shaken up for this draft. I can hear Jerry guzzling Johnny Walker Black, Red and Blue, crafting something creative/evil in his own mind.

Will we trade Spencer...or Orton or future picks to rattle the drafting cages? I sense something awfully Jerry-like coming. It's time...and heck, this year I might be pining for it myself. Because the way I see it, we are still several players away from putting a serious playoff contender on the field. Only drafting two or at best three starters from this draft isn't going to cut it.

So, what say ye, BTBers? What is your prediction on this shake-up or if the above draft scenario presents itself this April? Put on your GM hats, ladies and gentleman...have some of Jerry's Johnny Walker.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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