Final Mock before Draft 04/13/13

I am running this straight up. No Trades. No matter that some of these guys are rated higher on Drafttek. So here we go.

Rd1 (18): Jonathan Cooper G/C, North Carolina

I do believe that either Cooper or Warmack will be there at 18. Cooper would be an immediate replacement for an aging Nate Livings. Bernadeau would remain at RG where he got better as the year progressed and he got over his injuries.

Rd2 (47): Eric Reid S, LSU

I considered going DE/DT here but just couldn't do it. I believe we have a capable front 4 to survive this year. Matt Johnson is the unknown at this point. Although the team is very high on Johnson being a starter. For comparison

Rd3 (80) Tyler Wilson QB, Arkansas

There is a very good chance he will be chosen long before this spot. But it is my mock and I say he is available. He compares to Romo quite well. Which is something I think the team needs to consider when looking for Romo's eventual replacement. Given 2 years on the bench as a backup, He could take over or be trade bait.

Rd4 (114) Gerald Hodges OLB, Penn State

Although It seems Justin Durant , Kyle Wilber and Alex Abright are set to compete for the SAM position, Hodges is too good in the 4th to miss on. With the Penn State linebacker pedigree, he is a must.

Rd5 (151) Chris Jones DT, Bowling Green

His college production and motor cannot be overlooked. He could be a solid 3 Tech to eventually replace Ratliff. Although he is short, I think that gives him better ability to get below the pad level of offensive linemen.

Rd6 (185) Michael Williams TE, Alabama

In Rd6 this is a steal! A 6-8 year starting number 2 TE. One that blocks like a tackle with the hands of a receiver. He would go a long way into fixing our running game. He will never be a great receiver, but should turn into a very real red zone threat.

UDFA targets.

1) Gerald Rivers DE, Mississippi

Loads of athletic talent, academic issues.

2) Taimi Tutogi FB, Arizona

Played multiple positions to include FB, HB, TE, DE. Looks to be a player in the mold of Alex Albright but more on the offensive side. With a year or two on the practice squad could become a viable fulltime NFL Fullback.

3) Ryan Spadola WR, Lehigh

There is a good chance Miami takes a 6th or 7th round flyer on him. One of the most productive small college receivers there are. Could be the next Miles Austin without the hamstring problems.

4) Mike Golic C, Notre Dame

On name alone I'd take a chance on him. But he was actually a very good center for the Irish. NFL pedigree's are worth a look.

5) Omoregie Uzzi G, Georgia Tech

Zone blocker with athleticism. Not very strong but has the frame to get stronger.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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