The latest NFL rumor is the Atlanta Falcons are looking to trade up in the 1st round to add a piece to their puzzle. As a Cowboys fan the thought of snagging extra picks is quite enticing to me if Warmack and Cooper are off the board. What could the cowboys get from Atlanta to move up 12 spots? Possibly the Falcons 2nd? Based on the numbers it's not impossible (900 - 920), not to mention Atlanta's proven willingness to mortgage a draft for a player they feel can be a difference maker on their roster. So Dallas sends the 18th pick to Atlanta for the 30th and 60th selection in the 2013 NFL draft.

Now the FUN.

1st round - Eric Reid (S) LSU - Has a lot of the talent Dallas has been lacking at safety since Darren Woodson walked out of our lives. Will deliver a blow at safety but has the ability to play the single high and prevent the big play. Reid will absolutely be a welcome addition to Dallas

2nd round - Justin Pugh (OG) Syracuse - The love for Pugh is not as high as for Cooper or Warmack however, I feel he would be a solid addition to upgrade our offensive line. Pugh has the quickness and strength to excel at the RG position moving Bernie either to Center or off the roster

2nd round (ATL) - Jonathan Hankins (DT) Ohio St - We are in need of a DT? Fact! The DT we need is a 3 tech? Ehh. With Ratliff, Hatcher and Crawford (possibly) at the 3 I don't see a major need at this pick for Dallas. With that being said 1-tech is a possibility and Hankins fits the mold. He's a massive man with the quickness to penetrate gaps and cause havoc. With the loss of Brent adding Hankins with Lissmore would improve the position immediately.

3rd round - LeVeon Bell (RB) Michigan St - Not much needs to be said. He is very much a BELL cow who can carry the load if needed but with Murray entrenched in the starting role LeVeon will fill the role of power back. Given Murray's injury history one can only assume we will see a lot of Bell in the future and given his tenure at Michigan State that can only be a good thing.

4th round - Jordan Hill (DT) Penn St - In the 2nd round 3-tech was not a major "Need" in the 4th round I think it's entirely possible to see one picked. Dallas has to play the what if game when it comes to the 3 tech with the uncertainty of Crawford and the injury history of Hatch and Ratliff. Thinking only in the positive if nothing else Hill adds depth to our defensive line. If Hill can be a productive player early he could very well push Hatcher and Ratliff off the 2014 roster saving Dallas a few bucks.

5th round - David Bass (DE) Missouri Western - Dallas needs to upgrade the DE position in the near future. Ware is slowly beginning to age while the book is still out on the undersized Spencer adjusting well to putting his hand in the dirt. To make matters worse Spencer is still on a 1 year franchise tag and could very well walk after this season. Bass has shown flashes of extreme talent despite his small school stature and learning the ropes from Ware would not be a bad thing. If Bass can develop into a solid player Dallas would not be handcuffed by Spencers contract saving cap space for guys like Lee, Carter and Dez.

6th round - Luke Marquardt (OT) AZUSA Pacific - Marquardt is the pick here based solely off potential. The former basketball player has the quickness and agility to become a phenomenal tackle in the league. He might take a year or two to fully see the what he is capable of but I fully expect at least one pick to be Jerry's way of saying he is the GM and takes full credit if this works.

UDFA - Kenny Tate (OLB) Maryland - Has the size and speed to play in the NFL. Much like Lee and Carter has battled some injuries which is why he will go undrafted.

Ben Cotton (TE) Nebraska - Cotton is exactly what Dallas needs at TE. Blocks and Blocks Well. Throw him a ball or two and he will be happy with that as he only netted 22 passes his senior season.

Well what do you think of my 1st mock I welcome your feedback

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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