2013 Complete Game by Game Predictions

The Cowboys entire 2013 Schedule has been released! As like last year, I’m going to make a short prediction about every game, and how this season will work out for Dallas. I’ll do another one after the draft, accounting for the rookies.

Starting Roster:

QB: Tony Romo

RB: DeMarco Murray

RB: Le’Veon Bell (R)

TE: Jason Witten

TE: James Hanna

LT: Tyron Smith

LG: Brian Winters (R)

C: Phil Costa

RG: Jonathan Cooper (R)

RT: Jermey Parnell

WR1: Dez Bryant

WR2: Miles Austin

WR3: Dwayne Harris

KR: Marquise Goodwin(R)

PR: Dwanye Harris

DE: DeMarcus Ware

DT: Jay Ratliff

DT: Bennie Logan (R)

DE: Anthony Spencer

ROLB: Bruce Carter

MLB: Sean Lee

LOLB: Justin Durant

CB: Brandon Carr

CB: Morris Claiborne

S: Barry Church

S: Eric Reid (R)

Week 1: vs Giants

Week 1 of 2013 will be a sort of Deja Vu from 2012 week 1, except the Cowboys will be the hosts. The Cowboys will be much more talented and ready for a good game. With Jonathan Cooper and Tyron Smith leading the way on the offensive line, Dallas will do a much better job in giving Murray and Bell space, while giving Romo time in the pocket. Romo puts on a show in front of the crowd, passing for 320 in his first game, while Bryant goes for 110. Witten and Hanna have slow games, but that is because the receivers will take a lot of the attention. The Giants secondary will have a tough time with a rookie back there (I believe they will have one new rookie starter back there) and Dallas has a good day on offense. But Eric Reid also get picked on in his first game, despite doing a pretty good job. With 7 minutes left in the game, Dallas will lead 23-17 and get a crucial field goal to take a 26-17 lead. The Giants are able to score a TD (Victor Cruz, who will remain with the team) and the Giants will be close, 26-24. But the Cowboys do a good job on offense (Thank You Cooper!!) running the ball, and burn the clock down to a minute before a punt puts the ball at the Giants 20. The Giants move to halfield, and on the last play, Manning throws as he is rushed, but the desperation Hail Mary falls incomplete, and the Cowboys start 1-0. Final Score: Cowboys 26, Giants 24

Top Performers:

Tony Romo: 320 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT

Wilson: 100 rush yards, TD

Bryant: 7 rec, 110 yards, TD

Ware: 3 tackles, 1.5 sacks

Week 2: @ Kansas City Chiefs

The Cowboys head start 2012 just like last year: a satisfying, important win against the Rival Giants, followed by traveling to face a sneaky good team (with Smith and the number 1 pick, the Chiefs will be better than 2-14. MUCH better.) The Cowboys start off disappointing by falling down 14-0 early in the second, following a Romo pick. But Murray leads the way as the Cowboys move the ball well with their retooled offensive line. But the Cowboys only get a field goal and halftime score is 14-3. The Cowboys play well on defense and offense in the 3rd quarter, as Carr picks off his first pass of the season against his former team, and the Cowboys make the score 17-13 going into the fourth. The Cowboys take a 20-17 lead, but the Chiefs are hot on their trail, tying the score with 1 minute left. But Romo makes a Jesse Holley-esque play to Harris, who sets up Dan Baileys first game winner of the season. But the Cowboys are disappointed, barely escaping a team they should have beat easy. Final Score: Cowboys 23, Chiefs 20

Top Performers:

Tony Romo: 280 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

Murray: 140 yards, TD

Austin: 6 rec, 120 yards, TD

Ratliff: 2 tackles, 1 sack

Carr: 4 tackles, 1 INT

Week 3: vs Rams

The Cowboys will be looking for a 3-0 start with their second game at home vs the Rams. The Rams will be competitors in 2013, led by a tenacious defense. The Rams will be no cupcake, but between Ware, Lee, Carr, and Claiborne, Dallas will field a good defense too. The defenses dominate the first quarter. Dallas gets rolling on offense halfway through the second quarter. Near the goal line, Romo hits Bryant on a back shoulder vs Jenkins, and Dallas takes a 7-0 lead. The Rams own Tavon Austin will lead the way on offense, getting past the defense for a 40 yard TD as the half winds down. Dallas takes command in the third quarter, as Romo and Murray each score TD’s and keep the Rams limited to nothing. The Rams get close in the fourth quarter though, as a field goal and a TD make it a 4 point game. Dallas gets a crucial TD from Dwayne Harris on a punt and the Rams are never back in it. Final Score: Cowboys 28, Rams 17

Top Performers:

Tony Romo; 250 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT

Murray: 150 yards, TD

Jenkins: 5 tackles, 1 INT

Week 4: @ Chargers

The Cowboys get a break with the Chargers in week 4. A 4-0 record could help a lot down the stretch, especially in December when they will face the Packers, Bears, and Redskins. The Cowboys go into San Diego fearless. The first half ends in a tie, but Dallas breaks away in the third and fourth, thanks to Eric Reid’s first INT of his career, Claiborne’s first pick of the season, and a Rivers fumble. The Cowboys win an easy one. Final Score: Cowboys 35, Chargers 21

Top Performers

Tony Romo: 350 yards, 3 TD

Murray: 80 yards, TD

Bell: 40 yards, TD

Bryant: 11 rec, 170 yards, 2 TD

Claiborne: 4 tackles, 1 INT

Reid: 3 tackles, 1 INT

Week 5: vs Broncos

The Cowboys will be in for a Super Bowl caliber test. The Cowboys offensive line is rebuilding, they have a rookie S, and not enough cover men to stop Decker, Thomas, and Welker. The Cowboys keep the score close and hang in, putting up a tough fight, but it is obvious that the Broncos owned this game from the beginning. No chance for the Boys, as they fall 4-1. Final Score: Broncos 27, Cowboys 20

Top Performers:

Manning: 320 yards, 2 TD

Murray: 75 yards

Welker: 8 rec,110 yards, TD

Week 6: vs Redskins

The Cowboys will be in for an NFC East heated rematch, following the Cowboys failure on SNF in week 17 of 2012. This time, the Cowboys are much better prepared for Griffin, and don’t allow him to run free. The entire defense and offense plays well, but a costly Romo pick-6 puts the Redskins ahead halfway through the third, and the Cowboys never recover. Final Score: Redskins 24, Cowboys 17

Top Performers:

Tony Romo: 270 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

Morris: 160 yards, 2 TD

Week 7: @ Eagles

The Eagles were pretty bad in 2012, but with Chip Kelly, a healthy offensive line, and a remade secondary, they could be a legitimate threat to be the surprise winners of the NFC East. Traveling to Philadelphia doesn’t help Dallas either. Dez Bryant may give the Eagles fits, but I think Monte Kiffin will have a tough time stopping Chip Kelly’s new offense in the first round. Dallas will be trailing 30-24 in the final minutes, but another Eagles field goal will clinch the game, as Dallas loses their third in a row. Final Score: Eagles 33, Cowboys 24

Top Performers:

Micheal Vick: 230 yards, 1 TD

McCoy: 140 yards, 1 TD

Ware: 3 tackles, 0.5 sacks

Week 8: @ Lions

The Cowboys will really catch a break playing Detroit in week 8...or so it seems. Remember, just a season ago the Lions were playoff contenders. The Lions may have had a bad season in 2012, but with Calvin Johnson on the roster, any game against Detroit can be dangerous. Factor in the fact that Dallas will be on the road, and playing their 8th game in a row with no rest periods, their second consecutive on the road. Dallas will play sloppy, with Detroit leading by a small margin for most of the game, but Dallas rebounds towards the end, with the help of Eric Reid’s second career interception and does just enough to scrape by Detroit in a game that should have been easier than it turned out to be. Final Score: Dallas 27, Detroit 24

Top Performers:

Tony Romo: 380 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT

Bryant: 13 rec, 220 yards, 2 TD

Carr: 4 tackles, 1 INT, 1 TD

Claiborne: 3 tackles, 1 INT

Reid: 8 tackles, 1 INT

Half Season Review

After a very promising 4-0 start, highlighted by a big home win versus the Giants, the Cowboys fell apart in the following weeks, in which Dallas went 1-3, losing much of that momentum when they started to feel resistance from their schedule. That hot start goes a long way though, because if Dallas had lost to the Giants, they would be 4-4. But Dallas is still in good position sitting at 5-3. However, Dallas will have to play much better the second half of the season, where the going gets much tougher, including games against Chicago, Green Bay, Minnesota, and New Orleans. Half Season Stats:

Romo: 2200 yards, 13 TD, 6 INT

Murray: 520 yards, 3 TD

Witten: 45 rec, 350 yards, 2 TD

Austin: 35 rec, 450 yards, 3 TD

Bryant: 45 rec, 650 yards, 4 TD

Harris: 20 rec, 230 yards, 1 TD

Carr: 30 tackles, 2 INT, 2.0 sacks

Claiborne: 25 tackles, 2 INT

Reid: 40 tackles, 2 INT

Church: 50 tackles, 2 INT, 1.0 sacks

Lee: 65 tackles, 1 INT

Carter: 50 tackles, 2.0 sacks

Durant: 35 tackles, 1.0 sacks

Ratliff: 20 tackles, 2.5 sacks

Logan: 25 tackles, 1.5 sacks

Lissemore: 10 tackles, 0.5 sacks

Crawford: 15 tackles, 0.5 sacks

Spencer: 45 tackles, 3.5 sacks

Ware: 35 tackles, 8.5 sacks

Hatcher: 25 tackles, 3.5 sacks

Week 9: vs Vikings

The Cowboys will be facing a critical matchup in week 9 versus the Vikings. The Vikings lost Antoine Winfield, but Harrison Smith will be in his second year, and Ware will have his hands full fighting Matt Khalil all day. They key to stop the Vikings will be shutting down Adrian Peterson. Luckily, Sean Lee will be in top condition, and with Carter by his side, Dallas will be a rock against the run. As Ponder has to pass, Reid and Claiborne pick on him. Claiborne keeps Greg Jennings contained, and with a 27-13 lead late, Dallas simply plays very well in this particular week and Minnesota goes home disappointed after losing an important game. Final Score: Cowboys 27, Vikings 13

Top Performers:

Tony Romo: 450 yards, 3 TD

Peterson: 80 yards, 1 TD

Claiborne: 4 tackles, 2 INT

Reid: 3 tackles, 1 INT

Spencer: 2.0 sacks

Week 10: @ Saints

The Cowboys will be in a tough game situation in week 10. They will be on primetime, against the Saints offense, in a very hostile SuperDome. The Dallas defense will be performing pretty well, but Drew Brees will exploit some weaknesses. Dallas stays in it until the end, as the defense is just too tired to stop Saints offensive onslaught. Romo and Brees put on some fireworks, but on the road, playing their tenth straight game with no rest against a great team, the Cowboys will just be too worn out to win this one. Final Score: Saints 28, Cowboys 21

Top Performers:

Drew Brees: 300 yards, 3 TD

Murray: 120 yards, 1 TD

Bryant: 6 rec, 90 yards, TD

Ware: 1.5 sacks

Week 11: BYE

The Cowboys will finally get a sorely needed bye. Being in week 11 can be both a good and bad thing. For one, Dallas has to play a whopping ten games in a row. Their waning strength was evident as Dallas went 2-4 in the 6 weeks leading up to their bye, after a 4-0 start. Not having proper rest goes a long way, and against New Orleans, Dallas was just to beat up, which can be a concern for the veterans, as well as Lee and Carter, who are susceptible to injuries. But this bye week can be a good thing. Chances are that a couple key pieces for the Cowboys could be injured, and a late season week to rest can prove to be a godsend and allow them time to heal up. It also allows Dallas to rest before the final phase of the season, where they will face the Giants, Packers, Eagles, Redskins, and Bears. Will this late of a Bye week hurt them? Or will it be a blessing, a time to rest before the true war in a tough playoff fight?

Week 12: @ Giants

The Giants, Cowboys, Redskins, and Eagles will all be in position to still capture the NFC East, making the Cowboys game against the Giants a key matchup. Romo plays very well in November (21-4), while the Giants perform terribly in the same time. The Cowboys will be lucky to get the Giants at this time, freshly rested, in a sweet spot of the schedule. The Cowboys will lead most of the game, helped by Eli Manning throwing a pick to both Sean Lee and Barry Church. With just a few minutes left, Dallas will lead 21-10. Eli Manning will bring out his Manning Magic and make it 21-18 with a two point conversion, but the Cowboys offensive line does what it is built to do, and DeMarco Murray picks up 3 first downs, en route to kneeling the ball for a win, as the Cowboys improve to 7-4, while sweeping the Giants. Final Score: Cowboys 21, Giants 18

Top Performers:

Tony Romo: 300 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT

Murray: 100 yards

Bryant: 4 rec, 60 yards, 1 TD

Austin: 8 rec, 110 yards, 1 TD

Ware: 2.0 sacks

Spencer: 2.0 sacks

Lee: 12 tackles, 1 INT

Church: 6 tackles, 1 INT

Week 13: vs Raiders

The Cowboys will have one more easy game, and a last chance to improve their record as much as possible as they prepare for their dreadful December run on Thanksgiving. Most fans may brush off the Raiders game, but the truth is, this game may be as big as any other. Dallas needs this win. If Dallas heads into December with a 7-5 record, they will have a very, very hard time making the playoffs. Dallas needs to take advantage of a shorthanded Raiders team, and this win could go a long way in just keeping Dallas alive during the final month. The Raiders will put up a good fight, leading the game 10-7 at halftime, with Mike Jenkins limiting Bryant to 60 first half yards. But Romo only has 1 Thanksgiving loss in his career, and it shows, as the Cowboys score 3 TD’s in the third quarter alone, (2 TD/120 yard receiving from Bryant alone in the quarter) and Dallas heads into the final period with a dominant 28-17 lead. The Raiders get a field goal on to make it an 8 point game, but a Marquise Goodwin kickoff for a TD seals the game and Dallas sails past the Raiders, 35-20. Final Score: Cowboys 35, Raiders 20

Top Performers:

Tony Romo: 370 yards, 3 TD

Bryant: 11 rec, 195 yards, 2 TD

Carr: 3 tackles, 1 INT

Week 14: @ Chicago Bears

The Cowboys will head into Chicago, looking to avenge the worst game of the season from 2012. The Bears will be in the divisional race against the Packers, and both the Cowboys and Bears will need this win. The Cowboys, 8-4, will be looking to start off their hard December stretch on a good note, and the Bears will be looking to comeback and win the division. The Bears will not do so hot in the first half, as Dallas heads into haltime with a 17-7 lead. But the third quarter changes it, as Devin Hester returns a big one for a TD, and Romo is picked off twice in a row and the bears take a 20-17 lead into the fourth quarter. Romo leads a drive to tie the game but the Bears drive for a late Brandon Marshall TD. The Cowboys never come back, and the Bears win a crucial game. Final Score: Chicago 27, Dallas 20

Top Performers:

Jay Cutler: 220 yards, 2 TD

Marshall: 5 rec, 80 yards, TD

Forte: 75 yards, 1 TD

Jennings: 3 tackles, 1 INT

Wright: 5 tackles, 1 INT

Week 15: vs Packers

The Cowboys will host the Packers in week 15, which will be a tough but winnable matchup. The Cowboys played pretty well down the stretch in 2012 (discounting the Redskins week 17) and the fans will be looking for a repeat of that performance. The Cowboys will surprise, playing well on defense and offense, as the game heads into the fourth quarter tied at 17. Now, what most people think is that Aaron Rodgers is very clutch. While he is arguably the league’s best quarterback, his super clutch factor is a bit overblown. For Tony Romo, it is the opposite. He is the ultimate choker, in perspective. But in truth, Romo tends to play pretty well in big games. That becomes a big factor as he leads a TD drive to start the fourth quarter. With 5 minutes left and Dallas winning 24-17, the Cowboys punt. The Packers go down and get the TD to tie it up with 2 minutes left. But with those two minutes, it can be too much. Witten converts some third downs, and the Cowboys get in range for a field goal from the Packers 30, and pull off the 27-24 upset win at home. Final Score: Cowboys 27, Packers 24

Top Performers:

Tony Romo: 320 yards, 2 TD

Murray: 95 yards, 1 TD

Claiborne: 2 tackles, 1 INT

Reid: 4 tackles, 1 INT

Week 16: @ Redskins

The Cowboys will be in for a roller coaster finish to the season. They will be boasting an unexpected 9-5 record, with two games left. The Cowboys will really only need one win to lock up a playoff berth, assuming the Giants and Redskins are both in 8-10 win range as well. The Cowboys head to Washingotn, having lost their last 3 games versus the Redskins. This time, Dallas hangs in there, trailing 17-31 in the fourth, before a monstrous comeback sends the game to OT. But the Dallas D has a tiny slip up, letting Griffin go on his first big run of the day. The Redskins offense continues to drive, before Griffin finds Aldrick Robinson behind everyone for the game winning TD. Dallas loses a big one in the division, as the Skins sweep the Cowboys for the second year in a row. Final Score: Redskins 37, Cowboys 31 (OT)

Top Performers:

Tony Romo: 200 yards, 3 TD

Morris: 90 yards, 2 TD

Week 17: vs Eagles

The Cowboys will head into week 17, with a good chance of making the playoffs. With a win, the Cowboys would clinch the division over the 9-7 Redskins and 10-6 Giants. However, they already lost to Philadelphia earlier this season. This will be a crucial game for the Cowboys, while the Eagles will try to finish with a winning record (8-7). Michael Vick will be playing, but Dallas will be hot from the start. After initially falling 7-0, Dallas will score 17 straight, heading to halftime with 17-7 lead. The Eagles will come back and make it 20-20 heading into the fourth quarter. But a hit on Vick from Logan knocks him out of the game. The Cowboys hurt Foles a lot as they send lots of blitzes at him, resulting in two fourth quarter interceptions (Matt Johnson, Eric Reid) with Reid taking it all the way back for a TD. Dallas scores 17 in the fourth quarter alone, while limiting the Eagles to just 3, and wrap up the season with a 37-23 win, going to playoffs for the first time in 4 years with a record of 10-6. Final Score: Cowboys 37, Eagles 23

Top Performers:

Tony Romo: 330 yards, 2 TD

Murray: 145 yards, 1 TD

Bryant: 4 rec, 60 yards, TD

Ware: 1.0 sacks

Spencer: 1.0 sacks

Matt Johnson: 1 tackle, 1 INT

Eric Reid: 4 tackles, 1 INT, 1 TD

Regular Season Review

The Cowboys started the season very strong with a 4-0 record, which proved to be the clincher, as they went just 6-6 after that. Heading to playoffs, Dallas will have to repeat their early season success. If they play the way they did the 12 weeks leading up to playoffs, they will find it hard to get very far into January. Still, Romo, Bryant, Ware, Lee, Witten, Murray, Cooper, Smith, Carr, Claiborne, Carter, Spencer, Reid, and Church all put on stellar seasons, which the entire Cowboys fan base will undoubtedly be proud of. Our Cowboys finally finish with a winning season, and are January contenders once again.

NFC Playoff Seeding:

1) Seattle Seahawks (12-4)

2) Atlanta Falcons (11-5)

3) Green Bay Packers (11-5)

4) Dallas Cowboys (10-6)

5) San Francisco 49ers (10-6)

6) New York Giants (10-6)

The Bears fall off at the end of the season. The Giants manage to sneak in because of the Bears drop. The Rams (8-8) come close, but need one more year before being true playoff contenders. The Redskins come close as well (9-7), but Griffin starts the year slow, putting them in a pit. The Eagles finish 8-8, but cut some slack to the rookie coach.

Wild Card: vs 49ers

The Cowboys will be in for a great game against San Francisco. I have them winning 10 games, only because of Kaepernick's lack of experience and a weakened secondary. Still, they will be a threatening team. Dallas will be lucky to be playing them at home. This game will be fun because of the talent on both defenses, and the talent on offense in different ways. Where Dallas has an accurate pocket passer paired with the games second best receiver, the Niners have a fast, running QB with adequate receiving options. Both defenses will start it bad, as both teams get a TD on their first drives. But after that, scoring becomes a chokehold. Claiborne returns a Kaepernick pick for a TD, but no other scoring happens for the rest of the half. The Niners pick it up on offense in the next quarter. On a crucial third down, Kaepernick tries to escape for a run, but Hatcher just catches him, bringing up a field goal and Dallas lead 14-10. The Cowboys can’t do anything on offense, and the game goes into the third quarter with Dallas leading by 4. In a tight game, the Niners break loose, as Frank Gore gets a 20 yard gain for a game changing TD. But the Cowboys aren’t done. Romo leads a perfect looking drive for a TD of his own, and the Cowboys lead once again, 21-17. The Niners are unable to do anything until they force a punt with 1:30 left in the game. On 4th and 5 from the Cowboys 25 with 15 seconds remaining, Bennie Logan and Jay Ratliff collapse the pocket, Kaepernick is caught in the mess, and with a sack, the Cowboys clinch their second playoff win with Tony Romo. Final Score: Cowboys 21, 49ers 17

Top Performers:

Tony Romo: 250 yards, 1 TD

Bryant: 6 rec, 85 yards, TD

Hatcher: 1.0 sacks

Ratliff: 1.0 sacks

Claiborne: 1 INT, 1 TD

Divisional: @ Seahawks

The game against the Seahawks, in Seattle will prove to be extremely tough. Not only is Seattle very loud, but the team is just freakin good. A playoff game against the Seahawks also opens up old wounds...But the Cowboys will be ready to play their hearts out. The team wants success, but it will be hard to find against Seattle. The game will start off badly as Seattle takes the first kickoff back for a TD. On the Cowboys return, Lance Dunbar does a superb job of fumbling the football, and Seattle recovers. The 15 yard drive leads to another TD for Seattle, who has a 14 point lead with less than 3 minutes played in the game. On the next touchback, Romo comes out. The defense comes right at him. The Cowboys maneuver to half field, but they still have to punt. The teams trade punts until Russel Wilson burns the defense with a long run. Marshawn Lynch breaks away on the next play, resulting in a 35 yard TD. Seattle take a 21-0 lead, in a game which seems lost already. But Dallas gets a field goal on the next drive. However, it is short lived as Seattle gets a field goal right before halftime, with a 24-3 lead after 2 quarters. The third quarter starts off much better for Dallas. Romo is able to torch the Seahawks D for a quick TD to make it 24-10. The Seahawks punt, Dallas gets a field goal, and the game goes into the fourth with Dallas trailing 24-13. The Cowboys play well to start the first quarter, tacking on another TD. But the 2 point conversion attempt is incomplete as Romo is sacked. Still, Dallas is only down by 5. The Seahawks go and get a field goal, making it 27-19 as Dallas gets the ball with 1:30 to go. Romo shows up very clutch, leading a good drive down to the 10. On first and 10, Romo has a clear view. He finds Austin in the back of the endzone, and Witten for the 2 point conversion to send the game to OT, tied at 27. The Seahawks score a field goal on the first possession. Dallas has a chance to match, or win. Dallas leads a shaky drive down. But are ultimately at the Seahawks 37. Dan Bailey comes out for a clutch field goal. The kick is good, but Red Bryant gets his hands up there and barely tips the ball. The attempt is blocked, and Dallas loses to Seattle in the playoffs, once again on a failed field goal, and the season comes to an end for Dallas. Final Score: Seahawks 30, Cowboys 27 (OT)

Top Performers:

Tony Romo: 330 yards, 3 TD

Lynch: 130 yards, 1 TD

Bryant: 9 rec, 100 yards, 1 TD

Season in Review

The Cowboys season obviously didn’t end the way fans dream, which is a Super Bowl victory. But Dallas proved a lot in this year: they can compete with the best of them. Romo finally shook off his clutch story, playing well in many late game situations, beating the Packers twice, once in playoffs, and coming back from a 21 point deficit to take the Seahawks to OT, again in playoffs. The Cowboys were a much more talented team, played better, and were overall less frustrating. Despite a playoff loss, the season was very fun, and much more satisfying than the last 3 years have been. Dallas has a new elite receiver, a quarterback who is accepted as one of the leagues best, and a sound defense. It’s the end of another season, and hopefully, Dallas can continue to push towards that coveted Super Bowl ring in 2014.

Final Season Stats:

Romo: 4950 yards, 35 TD, 11 INT

Murray: 1100 yards, 6 TD

Bell: 250 yards

Bryant: 95 rec, 1600 yards, 10 TD

Austin: 65 rec, 900 yards, 8 TD

Witten: 95 rec, 1000 yards, 2 TD

Harris: 40 rec, 500 yards, 3 TD

Beasley: 15 rec, 100 yards

Goodwin: 15 rec, 250 yards, 2 TD

Hanna: 25 rec, 300 yards, 2 TD

Ware: 65 tackles, 13.5 sacks

Spencer: 100 tackles, 10.5 sacks

Ratliff: 50 tackles, 3.5 sacks

Logan: 45 tackles, 2.5 sacks

Lissemore: 15 tackles, 2.5 sacks

Hatcher: 15 tackles, 2.0 sacks

Crawford: 15 tackles, 1.5 sacks

Lee: 165 tackles, 2 FF, 3 INT, 1.5 sacks

Carter: 85 tackles, 3 FF, 2.0 sacks

Durant: 65 tackles, 1 FF

Carr: 65 tackles, 4 INT, 1 TD

Claiborne: 55 tackles, 6 INT, 2 TD

Church: 85 tackles, 3 FF, 2 INT

Reid: 65 tackles, 3 INT

Scandrick: 20 tackles

Johnson: 20 tackles, 1 INT

Pro Bowlers:

Dez Bryant (Starter)

Sean Lee (Starter)

Morris Claiborne (Backup)

Jason Witten (Backup)

DeMarcus Ware (Starter)

Dan Bailey (Starter)

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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