Another Cowboys Mock Draft, With Trades

The Cowboys have some big needs this offseason. With a proper draft, Dallas can address all of these needs and have starters or key rotational players. Including trades, here is my latest mock draft for the Dallas Cowboys:

By the time the 18th pick comes around, it's hard to envision Jonathan Cooper, Chance Warmack, or one of the elite tackles falling to the Cowboys. If that is the case, Dallas should look for safety help. But that does not mean Kenny Vaccaro; instead Dallas trades down with Atlanta, enabling them to snag Eric Reid and a second rounder. Trades:

1) 18 + 185 to Falcons for 30 + 60

After the above trade, Dallas would have the following picks:







This is ideal because Atlanta has expressed a desire to trade up in the first round.

18) Eric Reid, S: Reid is a starting caliber safety. He had a down year in 2012, but if Dallas can pull 2011 out of him, he has the talent to be the defensive rookie of the year. He will immediately fill the hole at safety, locking down a starting spot next to Church. Church is a hunter in the secondary, and Reid can be his right hand ace with long range and pass coverage skills. With Reid and Church next to each other, Dallas would have a superb safety duo for the next 7 seasons.

47) Kawaan Short, DT: Dallas could use some young infusion at DL. Jay Ratliff will be old and will struggle to play all the snaps of the season. Hatcher and Lissemore are good, but they are rotational players. Short is a playmaking DT who knows how to fold a pocket and pressure the QB. With Short as a full time starter and an always healthy rotation of Lissemore/Hatcher/Ratliff/Crawford next to him, Dallas could have a fierce front 4 on the defense. He fills a big need, and brings a game changer to the defense.

60) Barrett Jones, C/G: Jones is a good prospect who is dropping due to other offensive lineman strengths. However, he is a mean blocker and was part of the nations best offensive line. Jones could come in and immediately make this offensive line much better starting at guard. Dallas would have decent interior pass and run blocking. Jones wouldn't quite make this unit elite, but adequate in giving Romo more than .0016 seconds to pass the ball and allow Murray to actually cross the scrimmage line before meeting defenders.

80) Dallas Thomas, G/T: The Cowboys can make their offensive line a pretty good group by adding one more starter to the line. That will be in the form of Dallas Thomas. Thomas would start at either right tackle, or guard. Either way, Dallas would upgrade the line with the selection of Thomas. Romo will be very happy, having clean pockets, while Murray would have a nice wall blocking for him. Thomas would come into training camp, and depending on where he performs best, will displace either Nate Livings or Jermey Parnell as a starter.

114) Le'Veon Bell, RB: Bell is a downhill runner that will balance the running game. This years RB's don't feature top round talent, but tons of great mid round value. Bell would be the immediate backup to Murray. Bell is durable, and can take 30 carries a game if needed. He can be relied on to start and play well, as well as be a key to giving Murray breathers and providing a fresh pair of legs every now and then.

185) Marquise Goodwin: Dallas will have done a good job addressing their biggest needs, allowing Dallas some flexibility with their final pick. Goodwin is a crazy fast speedster and would give Dallas quite a kick in the return game. He would also be a nice 4th receiver on deep balls and could be a star taking screens. His workout with Dallas was very good, which gives him an outside chances of even challenging Harris for the 3rd receiver spot. Either way, he brings speed to Dallas, and tons of it, something the team sorely needs.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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