Voice chat for the draft available.

I have a 25 man/woman Ventrilo server that I am going to make available for draft chat for the next few days.

You don't have to talk, you are free to just lurk and listen. I don't know if you can join on your smartphone to keep up with the draft that way.

Download Ventrilo here. Just the client, I have the server.

Go ahead and get it all set up, please use the push to talk key option. So we don't have to hear all the background noise. Realize people can only hear 1 person at a time. If multi people try to talk no one will hear a thing.

If you have to set up your user info please use your logon name on the blog so people will know who is talking. The speaker by your name lights up green when you are broadcasting.

Also realize this is my server, I am the one with the ban hammer and I don't have Dave's patience. I have no problem booting trolls, and swiftly. I have several channels, the default one you join when you log into the server will be the "normal" one. If you want to drop Fbombs every other word, talk about sex, etc I will ask you to go to the next channel down. Or if 2 or more people want to hold another discussion you are all welcome to pick any channel. Just realize anyone can join you. I do not ask for totally clean language, just keep it within reason.

If all you want to do is join and rant about how Romo sucks, Jerry sucks, fire JG and not have intelligent discussions you may find yourself put in another channel with like minded people, or I may ask you to tone it down. If you don't, you can expect me to boot you. I like debates, and reasonable discussions. But I don't care to listen to someone on their soapbox spouting ESPN crap.

I am going to keep the server for this blogs use only till Sunday evening. At that time I will change the password. So anytime you want to hop on to chat, discuss potential picks, already made picks or anything else football related feel free to hop on and see if anyone else is there also. I will not be in the chat all the time personally. And the log on spots are 1st come, 1st serve. 25 get in, no one else will be able to connect. When you are leaving your comp for a extended period of time, please drop the chat so someone else can join if they wish.

If this goes reasonably well I will do it for games when the season starts also.

Here is the log on info. I will post the draft only password after I get off this afternoon. Hostname

59009 Port number

Cooper Password. And caps must be used for the "C" or it won't work!

I am hanging out in the vent channel if any of you want to make sure you have it all working before the draft starts. Sometimes it takes a bit of playing with it to get everything going smoothly.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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