Final First Round Mock (With Cowboys Trading Up)

1. Chiefs - Luke Joeckel, Offensive Tackle, Texas A&M Game Tape Breakdown

I'm still Team Joeckel on the first overall pick. A lot of people, including Mike Mayock and Jay Glazer, think that the CHiefs will go Fisher here. It wouldn't shock me, as Fisher has a better mean streak and is comparable in Pass Pro, but I think Joeckel's body control puts him over the edge. He is a technician in pass pro, and is extremely impressive in keeping his base beneath him and not getting fooled by exotic blitzes. He is a bit of a "catcher" still in pass protection, but that can improve with coaching and strength. To me, Joeckel is the cleanest prospect on the board.

2. *TRADE* - Eric Fisher, Offensive Tackle, Central Michigan Game Tape Breakdown

First trade of the draft! All indications are that the Jaguars are going to take with a tackle with the first pick, but those late media reports stink of a smoke screen. I think Detroit is desperate for one of those 3 tackles with the retirement of Jeff Backus in the off season. Lane Johnson is a freak athletically, and Mayock has been saying it was the best combine he has ever seen. He ran a 4.7 40, which is faster than Anquan Boldin. He had a 34" vertical, the same as AJ Green. He broad jumped 9'10", which is the same as Stevan Ridley. You have to protect Stafford for those deep routes for Megatron, and I think they can do that with Eric Fisher and last years top pick Riley Reiff.

3. *TRADE* Miami - Lane Johnson, Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma Game Tape Breakdown

Let's keep these trades coming! Miami is all in this year, as if you couldn't tell with their moves in free agency. I think they can get this pick for their 2nd (42) and 3rd (77) round picks. Maybe they would need a 5th in for a kicker. The beauty of that for the Dolphins is that they would still have another 2nd and 3rd from previous trades. I don't think the Brandon Albert deal is getting done, and with this trade they would be getting a better player for a cheaper price.

4. Eagles - Dion Jordan, Defensive End/Linebacker, Oregon Game Tape Breakdown

The key to the success of Chip Kelly in the NFL will be if he gets guys who buy into the program and willing to wear heart monitors, drink his post practice shakes, and sleep 10-12 hours a day. I think you start that off with one of your guys who knows the deal and is at a cornerstone position at pass rusher. Dion could use putting on some weight, but you just don't see guys moving as smooth as he does at his size. The Eagles are switching to a 34 defense, and this would be a perfect fit on multiple levels.

5. *TRADE* Jaguars - Ezekiel Ansah, Defensive End, BYU Game Tape Breakdown

The Jaguars pull off their smoke screen and still take the guy I believe is the best ft for their system. Ziggy oozes with potential, and new HC Gus Bradley has learned from Pete Carroll to build his defense off speed. With Ansah running a 21.9 200 meter dash at 6'5" 270 pounds, his speed is out of this world. Line him up across from Jason Babin and you can improve on a league worst 20 sacks last season.

6. Browns - Dee Milliner, Cornerback, Alabama Game Tape Breakdown

I really wanted to move this pick for Cleveland because I could see them trying to pick up another 2nd rounder and go after EJ Manuel, who would allow new HC Rob Chudzinski to use some of his old plays he used with Cam Newton. With no trade partner willing to pay the price, they go with a corner to go opposite of Joe Haden. There is a connection with Nick Saban and new GM Mike Lombardi from there days in Cleveland, and I think Saban will let Lombardi know everything he needs to know about Milliner. As long as his shoulder checks out, I think Cleveland pulls the trigger.

7. CardinalsBarkevious Mingo, DE, LSU Game Tape Breakdown

The Cardinals continue to say they are going to pick the best player on their board, but I think new DC Todd Bowles is going to be pounding the table for a new pass rusher opposite Sam Acho. Mingo is extremely explosive, but I worry about his weight and ability to set the edge. I think he plays the Aldon Smith role for the Cardinals D, and comes in to wreak havoc on passing downs.

8. *TRADE* Cowboys - Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida Game Tape Breakdown

Jerry does it again! People can call this a homer pick, but if Sharrif starts to drop tonight don't be surprised if a Cover 2 team (Cowboys, Vikings, Bears) to make the move to come and get this kid. The most important player in that Cover 2 scheme is the 3 technique (think Warren Sapp in Tampa's hayday) to be able to press up in the pocket and account for some of the run responsibilities of the MLB jetting back in coverage. Floyd fits this role perfectly, but its an acquired taste, which is why I think he could drop. With Monte Kiffin chirping in his ear and always hungry to make a splash, Jerry trades the Cowboys 1st, 2nd, and a 2nd next year to move up and grab the Gator.

9. Jets - Tavon Austin, Wide Receiver, West Virginia Game Tape Breakdown

The Jets need to score the football. Period. If I'm John Idzik, I go offense in this draft and tell Rex get exotic as you want with this defense, but if you want your job next year succeed with what you got. Sanchez needs help, and Tavon Austin is the best playmaker in this draft. He can score from the backfield, can score from the slot, and can score on Special Teams. He would immediately get 15-20 touches in New York.

10. Titans - Jonathan Cooper, Guard, North Carolina Game Tape Breakdown

I know I said I thought the guards would go late in my last mock, but I think it's a different situation in Tennessee. They are giving Chris Johnson $53.5 million this contract and need to get back on their investment. With the signing of Andy Levitre in Free Agency and if they draft one of the guards this year, now CJ1K has no excuse not to turn into CJ2K.

11. Chargers - DJ Fluker, Offensive Tackle, Alabama Game Tape Breakdown

Mammoth human being. The Chargers have the worst Offensive Line in the league, and need help there in the worst way. Whether they want to put Fluker at Tackle or Guard, he will be the best player on their line next year. Phillip Rivers is praying for this pick.

12. *TRADE* Raiders - Star Lotulelei, Defensive Tackle, Utah Game Tape Breakdown

Reggie McKenzie would be cackling and rolling a blunt if this is the way the draft board falls to him. He picks up the Miami picks, and still gets one of the best players in this draft. The Raiders are going to have 9 new starters on their defense next year, and I'll bet you couldn't name a single one unless your team lost them in free agency. This is the worst roster in the NFL, and I see the Raiders going top player on the board and being major players to pick up extra picks this year.

13. Jets - Tyler Eifert, Tight End, Notre Dame Game Tape Breakdown

Like I said earlier, THE JETS NEED TO SCORE. If they grab the best TE in this years draft, now Sanchez has Santonio Holmes, Stephen Hill, Tavon Austin, and Tyler Eifert to throw to. You tell him you have a year to get it done with those playmakers, or you are out of here. If the Jets go this route and take a 2nd or 3rd round RB, I think they can be competitive next year. And if not, you can let Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez go and the cupboard still isn't bare for 2014.

14. PanthersSheldon Richardson, Defensive Tackle, Missouri Game Tape Breakdown

I love this kid. He had 9 solo tackles and a sack against the vaunted Alabama offensive line that made the Notre Dame front 7 looked like they all hit up a late night infomercial dating service for their girlfriends this year. His motor incredible, and will keep bodies off Defensive Rookie of the Year Luke Kuechly. I really like this fit for Carolina.

15. SaintsJarvis Jones, Linebacker, Georgia Game Tape Breakdown

The Angry Bear Rob Ryan wants defensive players or he will be maaaaaad!!! I think he starts off with a pass rusher that is slipping down draft boards because of a poor workout. But if I were Jarvis, I'd tell teams in my best Rasheed Wallace impression "Tape Don't Lie". The guy was a beast last year in Georgia, and I think he will translate that dominance in the SEC to the NFL. Rob Ryan would be happy about this.

16. RamsKenny Vaccaro, Safety, Texas Game Tape Breakdown

Jeff Fisher just sits back and continues to collect talent in St. Louis. I'm probably the only one still thinking that when it's all said and done they will be a better team than Washington from 2014 and beyond with the RG3 trade. They need a hard hitting safety in the middle of the field, and Vaccaro fits the bill. He has a lot of fellow Longhorn alum Earl Thomas in him and think he will have that same kind of impact on a defense. He just looks like he's shot out of a cannon making plays on the field.

17. SteelersChance Warmack, Guard, Alabama Game Tape Breakdown

And Pittsburgh does what Pittsburgh always does, sits back patiently and grabs a guy that is slipping. It happened last year with David DeCastro, and if Warmack is there I think they pull the trigger. GM Kevin Colbert said last year that they wanted to transition to more smash mouth prototypical Steeler football, and adding Warmack would be the definition of smash mouth. The Offensive line was a weakness last year, mostly thanks to injuries, but now with another year of maturity for Mike Adams, an interior of DeCastro-Pouncey-Warmack, they turn a weakness into a strength.

18. *TRADE* BillsGeno Smith, Quarterback, West Virginia Game Tape Breakdown

The Bills move down in the first round and take the top QB on their board. Not Ryan Nassib, not Matt Barkley, but Geno Smith. Watching the tape, I would be shocked if they take Nassib over Smith, regardless of the connections with new HC Doug Marronne. Geno does nearly everything better than Nassib, besides Nassib's quicker delivery. He has a more accurate ball, a stronger arm, better footwork, and is better when the pocket breaks down. As I said before, I really like Geno and think he could excel in Buffalo. Don't be surprised, though, if the Bills move down and someone else leap frogs them because they know QB is on their radar.

19. Giants – Tank Carradine, DE, Florida State Game Tape Breakdown

All the New York Giants do? Take first round pass rushers. Word on the street is Tank really impressed on his pro day, running a 4.75 just 135 days after he tore his ACL. I really like his hands and length, and think he will be a very good player for a team that is willing to trust his knee. I think the Giants do that, and pull the trigger.

20. *TRADE* Falcons - Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State Game Tape Breakdown

Look for Atlanta to be a player to move up tonight, according to SBNation. They need a big CB to defend Vincent Jackson and Marques Colston in the division, and Xavier Rhodes fits the bill. If he slips because of his subpar coverage skills off the ball, I think Atlanta goes up and grabs him to jam those big WRs at the line of scrimmage.

21. BengalsAlec Ogletree, Inside Linebacker, Georgia Game Tape Breakdown

This kid has talent out of this world at the linebacker position, but his character issues will push him down the draft. Failed drug tests, theft charges, and DUIs. One team that overlooks those things? The Bengals. They struck gold overlooking the red flags with Vontaze Burfict last year, and could do the same with Ogletree this year.

22. Rams – Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee Game Tape Breakdown

Sam Bradford needs another playmaker in St. Louis with the departure of Danny Amendola to New England. Cordarrelle is one of the best playmakers in the draft when he has the ball in his hands, but his route running concerns me. Still, his playmaking ability warrants a first round selection.

23. Vikings – Manti Te'o, ILB, Notre Dame Game Tape Breakdown

Here it is, Manti is off the boards. I think Packer fans need to start thinking up the Lennay Kekau jokes now. Rick Spielman has a history of drafting Notre Dame players, had dinner with Manti the night before his pro day, and has a gaping whole at MLB with the departure of Jasper Brinkley. A lot signs are pointing to this pick.

24. *TRADE* TexansKeenan Allen, WR, California Highlights

The Texans move their first 3rd round pick (89) to Indianapolis to leapfrog the Vikings at 25 to get their WR. Keenan Allen has a lot of Andre Johnson in him: big body, explosive, strong, and great hands. He would be a perfect understudy for the Texans 31 year old WR.

25. *TRADE* Eagles – EJ Manuel, QB, Florida State Game Tape Breakdown

After losing out on Keenan Allen, the Vikings have a decision to make. Justin Hunter, Sylvester Williams, or trade down. This is the range that I believe teams are going to be looking to move up and grab the QBs, so he gets on the phone with Philly and makes the move. EJ was recruited by Chip Kelly back in the day, and word is management is extremely high on him and Geno Smith. With Geno off the board, the Eagles move their 35th overall pick and a conditional mid rounder next year to go grab their heir apparent to Mike Vick.

26. PackersJonathan Cyprien, FS, Florida International Highlight Tape

As I said before, the Packers need a SS that can come up in the box and disrupt the read option to erase the memories of Colin Kaepernick making Clay Matthews spin like a ballerina in the playoffs last year (I couldn't help myself but to find the gif). Good news in GB is that one of my favorite players Jonathan Cyprien in this draft slips to them at 26. Watching that highlight tape should jazz Packer fans up, especially the play at 1:40. He can play 1 high and also come up into the box to help with the run game. I think he's going to be a stud at the next level, and Packer fans should be ecstatic if he falls to them.

27. *TRADE* ColtsD.J. Hayden, CB, Houston Highlights

Colts trade back and still draft one of the late risers in this draft, DJ Hayden. Hayden almost died from a freak injury this year, when he ruptured a major blood vessel in his chest. Some teams may have him off their board because of the medical, but the tape is extremely solid from the kid. Mike Mayock even ranked him ahead of Dee Milliner in his Top 100. Chuck Pagano would love to pair Hayden with Vontae Davis as it would open up the playbook for a variety of blitzes.

28. Broncos - Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina Game Tape Breakdown

The Broncos get a steal in the late round. I think we could see Williams go as high as 14 to Carolina, or might just fall out of the first round. He is a clean prospect that will be a solid player for years to come. This would fit a big need in Denver and if he slipped passed the Vikings at 23 I could see John Elway and company getting on the phones to move up and grab him.

29. *TRADE* Cardinals - Matt Barkley, QB, USC Game Tape Breakdown

The Cardinals going for the USC QB trio. We all know how Matt Leinert worked out, but now the have Carson Palmer for the next couple of years. I think they go with an understudy to Palmer in this draft, and who better than another USC product Matt Barkley. I don't think Barkley will be ready this year, but sit him for a year have him work with QB guru Bruce Arians and he could be special in a couple of years.

30. *TRADE* Bears – Justin Pugh, OT, Syracuse Game Tape Breakdown

The Bears fall back, pick up some extra picks, and sure up their Offensive line with the versatile Justin Pugh. If this kid could snap, he could play all 5 positions on the line. Chicago picked up LT Jermon Bushrod in Free Agency but still could use another lineman to keep Cutler upright.

31. 49ersDatone Jones, DE, UCLA Game Tape Breakdown

"Datone Setter". A lot of people have Margus Hunt going here, but I think Datone Jones is the better 3-4 DE prospect. He had a great Senior Bowl, and would fill in nicely on passing downs to help Aldon Smith get to the passer.

32. Ravens – Menelik Watson, OT, Florida State Game Tape Breakdown

I think the Ravens either go Matt Elam to replace Bernard Pollard here or Menelik Watson to replace Bryant McKinnie. When Michael Oher got moved from the blind side (see what I did there?) to the right side, the Ravens offensive line got instantly better. I think John Harbaugh noticed, and will see that as an area to improve this year. Menelik came over from the UK to play basketball, which should tell you about his athletic ability. Plug him at the left side right away, move Oher back to the right, and sure up that offensive line.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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