Why not Floyd?

As soon as Carolina picked Star Lotulelei at 14, I knew that Florida DT Sharrif Floyd would be available at 18 (calling each successive pick correctly btw). I was so excited that the Cowboys were going to get a huge steal by taking a player who many consider a top 5 prospect at 18 who happens to play a position of need, especially after the top 6 offensive linemen were gone in the top 11 picks.

Let's examine some facts:

-Sharrif Floyd was widely regarded as a top 10 pick and the best or 2nd best DT prospect.

-Jay Ratliff is 31 and Jason Hatcher is 30

-Ratliff has shown wear and tear over the past 2 seasons and probably won't last much longer.

-Monte Kiffin needs a strong defensive line rotation to make his scheme work.

So one would logically conclude that the Cowboys ran to the podium with Floyd's name on it, right? Wrong. Almost as soon as their pick came up, Dallas traded back with San Francisco for the 31st and 74th picks. Anyone else see anything wrong with that?

The Dallas Cowboys, who usually excel at getting value from draft day trades, traded back 13 spots in the 1st round for a mid 3rd round pick. Why?

At this point I was screaming at the TV "DAMMIT JERRY I SAID DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID!!!!", enraged by the trade. The Cowboys should have gotten at least a 2nd rounder for moving back so far, so why did they accept less than they deserved when a great player who fit a need was still on the board?

Is it possible that Floyd wasn't even on the Cowboys board? It seems unlikely, considering that his tape is fairly impressive and that they need to pick up a DT somewhere in this draft.

Did they not think he offered the best value? Also unlikely, considering that he was widely regarded as a top 10 talent and we all know how much Jerry loves top 10 talent value picks.

My best guess involves another highly rated DT that has been linked to the Cowboys, Sylvester Williams.

I think that the Cowboys would have been fine with Williams at 18 and would have picked him there had Floyd been gone, but when they saw the DTs start to slide, they thought Williams would be there at 31. They tried to get cute and it almost worked out for them until the 28th pick, when it looked like Williams would make it if he just got passed the Broncos, he was picked.

Moral of the story: when it comes to draft day, don't get cute.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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