Where are the real fans

Well im gonna start of by offending most of you but what the heck.

This in my eyes has always been the best place to come and talk cowboys.Full of insightful and intelligent thoughts,posts and debates.But what i witnessed last night was a disgrace.

Last night the Dallas Cowboys added the no1 ranked centre/no3 ranked guard (on most boards ive seen) to there ranks.They added a tough,physical blocker with a nastiness to his game that has long been clamoured for and improved our oline much like most people on here have been calling for over the past 4months.

And how was it greeted?Well one post that stuck in my mind and followed the general conscensus was 'where is the nearest bridge'.

I mean if im the 22 year old guy coming out of wisconsin trying to prove myself in the nfl and im greeted like that without even attending training camp let alone playing 1 snap then im thinking what the hell?Do i really wanna play for these jerks?

We as fans should be giving this guy our full backing and support,helping to drive him tobe a mainstay on our offensive line along with costa and smoth for the best part of the next decade.Not writing him off before he even boards a plane to big D.

Remember last year???Everyone was like who the hell when we picked crawford and johnson,no everyone is expecting johnson to start at safety this year despite spending the whole of 2012 on ir???

There is so much talk on here about going bpa and trusting the process.Donnt just talk about it-do it.Last night the cowboys followed there process and at 31 went with bpa on there board.For that they have to e saluted.People on here didnt like it,the vast majority i dare say are the ones that preach trusting the process and go bpa.But because it wasnt a sexy pick or the guy you wanted you screamed blue murder.

Practice what you preach

Show the same damn support for our newest cowboy!

Now for my thoughts on the 1st day.

Im a little dissappointed with only acquiring a 3rd,but its how we use that pick that is going to be important.Hit on it and the trade down will be an enormous success.Miss on it and its a wasted pick.But i trust there judgement,i agree with steven jones statement that they felt 18 was a bit rich and trading down and gaining 74 was a better option.

I trust there judgement on Frederick.I like the pick and know they did there home work on him,Callahans ties to wisconsin will have enabled them to know everything about frederick,and callahan went up there and did extensive work outs with him.

But look at what preceded us,Kyle long,Eric reid and Justin pugh all went by pick 20.All 3 were considered by the 'experts' to be there at 47 as was frederick.And if you ask me out of the 3 linemen there ithink we got the best 1.

As for the rest of the draft,well it wouldnt suprise me if they go with a wr say terrance williams in round 2 then bennie logan and le'von bell in round 3.

But who ever it is,keep your chins up,be positive and for heavens sake give the guys a chance.Welcome them to The Dallas Cowboys-Americas team.

We just got stronger at a position of need!

So welcome to americas team travis frederick,I for 1 am real pleased to have you here.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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