History repeats itself (again)??

Like 99% of the people here, I have never been in a draft room. I have never been a real GM of a NFL football team. That being said, I do have some "rules" for drafting. First rule is don't overreach to take a player at a position of need. What separates a good pick from a bad pick is when the pick is made. A 3rd round talent taken in the first round is a bad pick, and a 3rd round talent taken in the fifth round is good pack … even if that 3rd round talent happens to be the same player. As such, you cannot evaluate a pick without knowing when the pick was made.

Another rule is that you don't spend high picks (1st and 2nd rounders) on part-time players. Your first and second round picks NEED to be starters on your team. Ideally, they will begin the season as starters or move into the starting lineup by the end of the season. If they aren't starters by the beginning of their second year, I'll call them a bust. Third rounders are guys that you hope to be full-time start, but they don't need to start right away.

Regardless, in looking at this draft, it looks like Dallas has failed on both accounts. I won't get too much into the first round pick. There has already been enough written about this pick to fill a couple of books. Regardless, to recap. Dallas didn't get a great deal on their trade. They passed on a highly-rated DT who dropped. When it was happening, I was thinking of another DT that dropped because of character concerns (a DT that our d-coordinator knows quite well, Warren Sapp). Finally, they reached in the first round on a position of need.

As much as I was disappointed with our first round pick, I was even more so with our second and (first) third round picks. Evaluating talent is always difficult. That being said, although it may be difficult to evaluate talent, a good GM/HC should be able to evaluate the talent on their own team. As I have written before, it is my opinion that the biggest mistakes that the Cowboys have recently made are the drafting of F. Jones, A. Fasano, M. Bennett, and M. Claiborne. It isn't that these players were bad players at the position they were taken. The problem I have with these picks is that they were made at positions that we already had quality players on our roster. The Cowboys signed MBIII to a long-term deal shortly after drafting Felix. The Cowboys had Witten on the roster when drafting Fasano and Bennett. The Cowboys had 3 CBs that had starting experience when they gave up a 1st and 2nd pick to get Claiborne. As a result, in each instance, the Cowboys put themselves in a position where they had guys they had on the roster (who they made big investments in) that couldn't be full-time players because of the other players on the roster.

Getting back to our 2013 draft pick, this will be the THIRD 2nd round pick the Cowboys have spent on a TE since Jason Witten has been on the roster. Fasano and Bennett are quality NFL tight ends but absent injury to Witten, they had no hope of being a full-time player with the Cowboys. Although Witten is getting older, he is an ironman and still has at least 2 or 3 more good years in him. As such, Escobar has little chance of getting extensive playing time.

I understand that one team has made two pass catching TEs work, but that is only one SINGLE team and Dallas has already had an opportunity to do that with Bennett (and failed). Another problem with Escobar getting PT is that he isn't much of a blocking TE at all, as blocking is probably his biggest weakness. Getting back to my rule that first and second rounders need to be starters (fairly quickly). That just isn't going to happen to Escobar (absent bad luck on the Cowboy's part).

The problem with the WR receiver from Baylor is similar to the problem with selecting the TE. We already have Bryant and Austin on the roster. The Cowboys only have so many balls to go around in the offense, and the Cowboys added two more mouths to feed in the second and third rounds. Instead of addressing areas of weakness (defensive line, offensive line, safety), the Cowboys have addressed areas of relative strength (TE and WR). Moreover, for either of these players to be starters in the short-term, we'll have to lose some of our better players (i.e., Witten and/or Austin).

It still boggles my mind that the Cowboys have so little faith in Jason Witten that they have spent a high pick on his replacement, not just once or twice but THREE TIMES. You would think that the Cowboys would have learned their lesson, it appears that they haven't.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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