Lessons from Day 2 - The Long View

So, what can be gleaned from day two of the Cowboys draft?

BtB's own rabblerousr should be pleased.

All three day two picks showed the team taking the long view of talent acquisition.

Let's start with the TE - Escobar. I'm not going to comment on his abilities. Instead I'll leave that to Archie and the experts here. But what this pick tells me is that the team is preparing for the day when the Senator rides off into the sunset. BtB "friend" JimmyK has chronicled Witten's low YPC in 2012 and speculates about whether the drop in YPC is a one year abberation or a sign of the beginning of the end. Only time will tell this, yet at least if Witten's wheels fall off in 2013, the team is prepared to have someone else step up.

Moving on to WR - Williams. People can say, "Why spend a high pick on a WR when we have Miles and Dez?" The reply to that question is "How long will we really have Miles and Dez?" Dez has two years left on his rookie deal. Miles has glass hamstrings that haven't let him play all 16 games for two years. Terrance Williams, if he develops, allows the team to either part ways with Miles Austin and his huge salary if he can't stay healthy, or it allows them to negotiate a new contract with Dez while not being held hostage because there is no other quality receiver on the roster.

Finally on to S - Wilcox. I think this is probably the least controversial of all the pics that the 'Boys made in the past two days. He's got mega upside, having only played the position for one year. He's not expected to start right away this year, but certainly can be expected to do so in 2014.

If there's a subtle message from these draft picks, it is that barring an absolute collapse, Jason Garrett isn't going anywhere as HC. Each one of these picks was a highly rated player. Each one was done not just with the current roster in mind, but also future rosters. Each one of these picks will provide something this year, but more in future years. Each one of these picks was done with thought of building a team.

In my opinion, these picks are a home run.

Of course, we know nothing until the pads come on in late July.

See you all back here tomorrow for day 3!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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