Draft Overview

Most Dallas Cowboys fans are disappointed by this draft. I view this draft unexpected. Most of us were flipping out when we traded down with the 49er's. I thought it was good value but Dallas could of gotten better value. Jerry Jones and SJ thought they got better value but lets face it. We could of at least gotten their 2nd rounder, at least the late 2nd rounder. I still like this draft besides this. Lets get some of my views of the 2013 Dallas Cowboys draft choices.

Travis Frederick C- I know some people believe that they could of gotten Frederick in the third. Going based on most boards, it is a bad pick. But the scouting department spends a year or so of scouting these players. Nobody can tell the boards are accurate. They had Floyd as atop 5 pick. Where did he go? They had Geno in the first. My point is that these boards that the media does aren't accurate. Frederick was the BPA on the Cowboys board and they got their man. He could play center or guard. Who knows right now. But I do know is that the Cowboys gotten themselves a leader in their offensive line. Like it or not, I love this pick. Plus offensive line players were going early.

Gavin Escobar TE- The Cowboys saw his ball skills and his height. I had him going in the 2nd round myself. He was considered the 2nd best TE in front of Eirtz. But Hanna and Witten already on the roster, most people are scratching their heads. I love it. It gives us a redzone weapon for Romo. He could be special in this passing league. He is slow but Witten isn't fast either. He inconsistent in blocking but so was Witten when coming out of the draft. I think they are thinking for the future and looking for mismatches nightmares for opposing defenses.

Terrance Williams WR- Some had him in the bottom of the first and top of the 2nd round. He was very productive reciever even without RG3. He is the steal of this draft. He has the size and body type to be successful in the nfl. He adds depth and could be the future replacement of Austin. Romo found himself another weapon to throw to. Another pick that has great value.

J.J WIlcox S- Finally someone we expected to hear! (Kidding aside) He only played 1 year at safety but is very athletic. He had no problem transitioning from WR/RB to safety. He can come in and compete with Johnson. This could be a great pick and could start next year in 2014. I love this pick and adds more depth to the Safety.

B.W Webb- Small school prospect but he is a player. Monte Kiffen loves this kid. He is explosive but small. He led most CB's in most combine results. Scanderick should be worried. He adds depth for the cornerback position. He is the best punt returner in the draft and can compete for the nickel spot. Great value here.

Joseph Randle RB- Great pick here. Nice complement of DeMarco Murray that can come in and play. He can pass block for Romo and can run and catch. This offense is going to be special if they can keep Romo upright.

Devonte Holloman LB- Depth behind Lee and Carter. I really don't know this guy but it looks like a depth pick.

This draft is a good one. We got some protection for Romo but still need a few more peices in the offensive line. We got a redzone threat in Escobar and possibly a future starter. Got a future starter and steal in Williams that can help get more first downs. Got depth and competition at safety and a future starter their in Wilcox. Another steal in the 4th round in Webb where he can come in and compete with Scanderick in the near future. Also got a backup RB that can come in and take the load off Murray if he is injured. Last but not least, we got another depth LB. could be a good Special Team player.

The Overall grade I give the Cowboys: A-

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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