Draft Recap and Predictions

The Dallas Cowboys have officially drafted their sixth and final pick, barring a trade. So lets take a look at your 2013 Dallas Cowboys Draft Class. I will provide a small sample size of how each individuals season might play out and include Mike Mayock's Grade on the new class.

Round 1, Pick #31(31) - Travis Frederick C/G, Wisconsin

Mayock says, 78.7

Prediction, Frederick brings a certain nastiness to this team preferably the OL that I think will lead to big holes up the middle for Demarco and Joseph Randle. This pick is letting the Eagles, Giants and Redskins know we can and we WILL pound this ball down your gut.

Round 2, Pick #15(47) - Gavin Escobar TE, San Diego State

Mayock says, 79.0

Prediction, I think that when you can draft a talented TE with the ball skills that Gavin possesses along with his height is very rare. It is even rarer to be able to learn from a Hall of Fame Tight End in Jason Witten. If he can keep focus, live in the film room and build on his blocking, than he can be a very dangerous weapon both in the run and the passing game.

Round 3, Pick #12(74) - Terrance Williams WR - Baylor

Mayock says, 83.6

Prediction, Terrance Williams provides that huge upside that not very many draft picks can bring. He has the size, the hands and the speed. He will be a major deep threat for Tony which will stretch the field and allow Dez, Jason and Miles to be able to get in open field. Terrance will be a Pro Bowler in the next three years.

Round 3, Pick #18(80) - J.J. Wilcox S - Georgia Southern

Mayock says, 77.0

Prediction, I like this pick. Not many people thought about Wilcox in the weeks leading up to the draft but that's okay. I have started to notice a theme with these Defensive Backs that the Cowboys have selected the last two years. Both Morris Claiborne and now J.J. Wilcox have history at playing WR. Wilcox has great ball skills and he is built like a tank too which obviously does not hurt. I think he can be the Safety Dallas has been missing for about a decade.

Round 4, Pick#17(114) - B.W. Webb - William & Mary

Mayock says, 74.0

Prediction, This is a pretty good pick, I know a lot of people have him as a Nickel corner but I believe he will be a better Dime corner. Now in no way shape or form is that a knock on Webb, especially with how often four WR sets are used. He will be a great Dime corner and who knows he could work into the Nickel but for this season, he's staying in the Dime.

Round 5, Pick#18(151) - Joseph Randle - Oklahoma State

Mayock says, 80.6

Prediction, This is a good selection and could be a definite steal for the Cowboys. Joseph is fast, quick, and has good vision. He does not absorb hits as much as Demarco does though. And that is great, we have to keep our physicality in the trenches and run game. But also play smart. Randle is smart. Solid back up and possible return man. Watching him and Dwayne Harris field kicks at Oxnard will be fun.

Round 6, Pick#17(185) - DeVonte Holloman - South Carolina

Mayock says, 70.5

Prediction, From what I understand DeVonte was a safety before putting on his weight and becoming a linebacker. I know Monte wanted an outside linebacker and he got it. This will be quite the toy to play with at camp. His versatility allows Kiffin to try Holloman in a few ways which helps always. What DeVonte needs to do is catch on fast and become an over achiever in one area or position Monte wants to be filled. If he can do that he will find his way on defense and is already considered a Special Teams player.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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