My take on the draft

First I didn't hate the trade. I think they probably could have and should have gotten more but we really don't know what went on in the talks between the 49er's and Cowboys. From what I've heard there was no one that Dallas really valued at pick 18 that was still was still available.

1st round (31st overall). Travis Frederick, C, Wisconsin. Frederick is a day 1 starter who probably pushes Costa off the roster. I have no problem with the pick other than he would have been available at 47 if not 74. I really think someone like Carradine who went 40th overall would have been a better pick.

2nd round (47th overall). Gavin Escobar, TE, San Diego St. I get that Escobar is a good player who will be able to contribute right away and add something to the pass game but Dallas has a somewhat narrowing window to contend for a Super Bowl and they had some holes that they could have filled with this pick. For a team transitioning to a new defense with an aging D-line to not address that with your first 2 picks is going to hurt.

3rd round (74th overall). Terrence Williams, WR, Baylor. I love this pick. Austin has been very injury prone and really vanished from games last year. Dallas really doesn't have a starting caliber WR on the roster behind Bryant and Austin. They have some nice slot options but nothing on Williams' level. If he develops the way I think he can Austin probably won't be on the 2014 opening day roster.

3rd round (80th overall). J.J. Wilcox, S, Georgia Southern. I like Wilcox and think he could develop into a starting safety in a year or two. My one concern is that he's going to take some time to develop and Dallas has quite a few safeties already on the team that are going to be competing for a roster spot. If he gets hurt early in practice like Johnson did last year he might have a hard time making the roster.

4th round (114th overall). B.W. Webb, CB, William & Mary. I really didn't like this pick. The 4th round is a little early to be spending a pick on a project player who I think has less then a 50% chance of making the team. At best he's the 4th CB and I really don't want a rookie corner who's a project having play a lot if someone gets hurt. Unless he shows very good ability in practice I don't think he makes the team.

5th round (151st overall). Joseph Randle, RB, Oklahoma St. We all knew at point Dallas would have to take a RB and I think they got a really good one in Randle. He'll be able to come in play from day 1 and be a solid contributor. I think he gets to 500 yards as a rookie.

6th round (185th overall). DeVonte Holloman, OLB, South Carolina. I firmly believe that at some point during his rookie year Holloman will be our starting strong side linebacker. He comes from a well coached defense where he got great experience against top line players in the SEC. He gives a very young and very good trio of linebackers.

Overall I give this draft a C-. We came away with 2 guys who i think will start as rookies in Frederick and Holloman. We got 2 nice role players in Escobar and Randle and a good project player in Wilcox.

Two things i didn't like however were the lack of a defensive lineman being taken in what was described as a deep draft and the Webb pick. I think it will end up being a waste of a pick when there were plenty of rotational D-lineman available.

I would have liked to take another offensive lineman in the middle rounds but when you only have 7 picks you have to make do.

I don't see this draft making us a lot better next year, but it could end up being a good draft for the future, but as a contending team with a narrowing window do you really want to take a bunch of role players.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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