BPA or common sense - who's right?

After hearing the HC, I am a little speechless with his BPA strategy. I thought there was something deeper but after hearing the post-draft press conference, I am completely lost at the BPA logic. Correct me on this if needed, but BPA would mean the best possible player available, regardless of position that is available to draft. There can be modifications but Jason Garrett stated on multiple occasions he wants to use a strict BPA approach, without much deviation for position, going on to say how a non-strict BPA strategy is unwise for x and y reasons.

This HC seems to be falling into the trap of building a brilliant system and process, but in doing so, does what a lot of inexperienced big thinkers do from time to time, overlook common sense. Now I won’t address the icing the kicker and poor play calling in the 4th qtr the last 2 seasons down the stretch, since an inexperienced coach is going to make a few blunders and learn from them. I would commend Garrett for the BPA ideology if we were superbowl contenders, but we were 8-8…twice. Actually, the team was probably a 5-11 team but the QB performed magic to get a few more wins both seasons. You could argue injuries killed us, and I would agree, but there's more to it. Let me offer an example.

Let’s pretend we are going to try to break out of prison (hopefully just pretend). Which route sounds the most logical to take during your escape.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->a. <!--[endif]-->The front door: has a 5 security guards, 3 doors, and lots of cameras

<!--[if !supportLists]-->b. <!--[endif]-->The back door: has been reinforced with steel beams and automatic sensors

<!--[if !supportLists]-->c. <!--[endif]-->The left side: has a new hi-tech electric deterrent system and 5 guards

<!--[if !supportLists]-->d. <!--[endif]-->The right side: has a huge empty hole the size of a farm vehicle in front of a forest

the correct answer would be D. It’s not a trick question and that’s the main point of this stupid example. Common sense would offer that you look at the draft depth at certain positions, look at your teams' weakest links. If they match up, you fix the problem. You could also look at once a decade elite talent - if it's possible - you get it. If not, you take advantage of the draft. Basically, I saw the combination of the 1st 2 rounds as odd.

If we pick like a 14-2 team while we stay an 8-8 team, I'll say it again - Turn over the board, shake it around a few times, and then adjust the little white nobs so you can draw a new board. Maybe I'm just frustrated watching other teams get much better with their picks, even those without top picks or picking late each round. Maybe I just haven't let it sink in enough and the good of the draft will set in soon. Either way, set me straight where I am wrong so I don't blame Jerry as I try to defend Romo this year after every loss.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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