Very successful draft

Reasons why I think we had a very successful draft.

We got a big ugly in the first round that is smart and strong as an ox, something we’ve all be clamoring for, barring something unforeseen circumstance, day 1 starter.
The next pick, Escobar in the second, shows a good amount of forward thinking. As much as well like to think the Senator is invincible, he will not play forever. Escobar is not a replacement for James Hanna, more like brought in to be the future at the TE spot with Hanna. If they both develop nicely we will have our own 1-2 punch at TE for the future.
The Terrance Williams pick goes to a point that rabble mentioned predraft, follow the money. Miles is injury prone and not the most team friendly deal. With the future development of Williams we will have a receiving tandem of Dez and Williams and a rotation of Cole, Harris, Coale, etc. in the slot where they are probably most suited.
The pick of JJ Wilcox adds to another thing that JG preaches, competition. We will now have some good competition at safety with Johnson, Church, Wilcox, Allen, and some UDFAs. This will bring out the most of our young talent and at least one has to stick.
The BW Webb pick is similar to the Williams pick, in that he is going to be given time to develop and move another big priced player, Scandrick, off the roster. He has great measurables and is not afraid to get physical. Also has good instincts and a nose for the ball. Also will provide solid ST play, as he can line up as the gunner on punts and may even replace McCray as our ST specialist for this year, allowing McCray to be more expendible.
Joseph Randle allows us to keep the same identity and style of offense if Murray goes down with an injury. We will not need to change up our game plant just for one injury, the way it should be and can also spell Murray to give him some breathers.
The 6th round pick of Holloman gives us another rangy LB that should be at least above average in coverage with his previous work at safety. Kiffin likes quickness on defense, and Holloman gives us that. He also will provide competition to Durant, Magee and the other UDFA and down roster players. I also think that he can be a core special teams contributor.
I know that some people might not like the lack of competition that Wilcox and Webb have played against, but Southern Georgia plays an SEC team pretty much every year, so he has played against the big boys and Webb had proabably his best game, at least of his Freshman year, with three interceptions against UVA. So they at least they both have some experience in that regard, and both turned some heads at the Senior Bowl.

We have filled some holes in this draft, as well as allow us to move on from some big contracts. I think this draft was part of the process, and next years draft will see us using the 32nd pick on a RT and filling in our DLine in the subsequent rounds.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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