The Time is Now!



The Cowboys can't afford to wait any longer for Doug Free to make his decision. Now is the time for Dallas to make that decision for him, and cut him or pick up Tyson Clabo or Eric Winston and let him decide afterwards. But they don't have time to wait anymore, Tyson Clabo has a scheduled visit with the Dolphins today and, Eric Winston has already met with them and is meeting with the Titans soon. The deal the Cowboys made with Doug Free at the time was not bad but judging by what I saw last season and the season before that, it is now.

Doug Free was a welcomed suprise years ago when he first signed with the Cowboys and played hard, remember him running the entire length of the field to block for felix his first year. Those times are long gone, Doug Free has led all right tackles in the entire league in penalties the last few years and is the highest paid right tackle in league history. He allowed two sacks against a rather unexplosive defense in Cleveland, leading Michael Irvin to say right after the game on NFL network that Jimmy Johnson would've have cut him in the locker room.

Jerry Jones needs to get on his Owner cap and tell Doug Free to turn in his playbook, or maybe Jason Garrett will finally stand up and grow a pair. The Cowboys signed Romo to a long term extension this offseason and guaranteed him that they would upgrade the offensive line. Well Jerry I understand that you want to hold onto Doug Free, but doing so at this point will limit your options. Keeping Doug Free and starting him again is not an upgrade to the offensive line its an upgrade to your pocketbook and a signal to Romo that you don't stick to your word. I know we drafted Frederick, but changing only one piece of the puzzle will not change the shape of the overall picture. Doug Free was and has been undoubtedly the weakest point of the offensive line and it's time for him to go, he was ranked at the 25th best RT last year, while Tyson Clabo was 8th and Eric Winston was 3rd.


Can I make this any clearer to understand that Doug Free got lazy when he got paid. Look at the end of last year when he was splitting time with Jeremy Parnell, his play impoved, that to me was a red flag thet he just got complacent and lazy once his checks started coming in. Jason Garrett this is the time for you to take over this locker room for once put your foot down and tell it like it is, you have the authority, after all you are the head coach are you not. Let's put an end to the Doug Free reign in Dallas.

I have been boiling about this all day watching the window of availablity get tighter and tighter on Winston and Clabo. I have come to the point where I truly believe I will not be a fan of the Dallas Cowboys any longer unless something gets done and we have a new RT. I am a huge fan as are all of you but the definition of insanity is doing things over and over again expecting a different result and I'm trying to figure out if I'm insane for continuing to be a Cowboys fan or If the Cowboys are insane. My loyalty will always fly, I'm a Cowboys fan til' I die. Guess I am insane. Thanks for reading this frustration filled rant.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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