Looking Ahead: Cowboys 2013 Week 7

During the 2012 season, I continuously made "previews" for the Cowboys games each week. It was a very detailed story pretty much, where I basically went through the entire game by quarter, "predicting" what would happen. Now, before the draft or free agency is even complete, I will do that for every game on the schedule right now. Granted, this fake preview is probably not accurate in the least. I have no idea how rookies and other free agent signing will impact the games. However unrealistic and detailed beyond belief this is, it is not a real preview, but it is just fun to pretend I have been to the future and seen these games.


Week 1: @ New Orleans

Week 2: vs St. Louis

Week 3: @ Detroit

Week 4: vs Green Bay

Week 5: @Philadelphia

Week 6: BYE

Week 7: @ Kansas

Week 8: vs Minnesota

Week 9: @ New York (Giants)

Week 10: vs Washington

Week 11: vs Denver

Week 12: @ San Diego

Week 13: vs Philadelphia

Week 14: vs New York (Giants)

Week 15: vs Oakland

Week 16: @ Washington

Week 17: @ Chicago

Week 7: @ Kansas City Chiefs

The Cowboys will come into this game feeling good about a 4-1 record, but the Chiefs will be no pushover, especially not with Alex Smith having had plenty of time to adjust to his new surroundings. Smith may have been a bust for a No.1 overall pick, but he is still a good quarterback in my opinion. Dallas cannot lapse in this one and must stay focused if they want to win.

Key Players:

Brandon Carr, DAL: This will be Brandon Carr’s first game against his former team, and it will have to be a good one if Dallas wants to keep the offense contained. Dwayne Bowe inked a deal keeping him in Kansas for a few more years, and while he can do better than 2012, he is a game breaking receiver. Bowe is big and can make the catch when needed. Smith is not a stupid quarterback and will look for his playmaker on nearly every play. If Carr gives Bowe some space to work, the Chiefs offense will be able to march on the Cowboys.

Jamaal Charles, KC: The Chiefs should be very good at running the ball in 2013, and Charles will lead that attack. He will need to be on his game, because the Cowboys can score in high numbers, and the Chiefs need to own the playing time and make sure Dallas doesn’t get the ball enough to put up 25+ points on them.

Quarter by Quarter

Q1: The Cowboys will start with the ball, but will go 3 and out on the first posession. The Chiefs wil get a decent punt return, and Jamaal Charles will instantly take 2 carries for 30 yards, putting KC on the Cowboys 25 yard line. Alex Smith will complete a few short passes easily and take the Chiefs to the Cowboys 10. On a play action, Smith puts up a jumpball into the endzone, and Bowe makes the catch over Brandon Carr for the first TD. Chiefs lead 7-0. The Cowboys will try to get off to a better start on the next posession, but after driving to the redzone, Miles Austin will fumble off a hit from Eric Berry. Austin will leave the game with an injury. The Chiefs will have the ball at their own 10. Smith will go for a couple passes, but Claiborne will knock them down. The Cowboys defense will force a punt. Dwayne Harris will get nothing on the punt, and the Cowboys will start all the way at their own 30. Romo will drive to the opposite 40, and the quarter will end.

Q2: The Cowboys will start with good field position, but it won’t last long. After two incompletions, Romo will go for a play action and get laid out onto the turf before he can even pull the ball up to his chest. The Cowboys have to punt again, and Romo will leave with an injury. The Chiefs will not do anything on their next drive, as the Cowboys defense forces another 3 and out. Kyle Orton will come out as Tony Romo heads to the locker room. The Cowboys rush the first two times, before Orton goes to pass it on 3rd and 5. He gets the completion to Witten. After 3 more passes, the Cowboys will be at the Chiefs 30, in position to score. Orton will drop back and throw it over the middle deep to James Hanna. Eric Berry will step in front on it and pick it off at the Chiefs 5. He will return it out to the Chiefs 15 yard line and the Chiefs will take the field. Romo comes out of the locker room, ready to play again. He has a bruised rib. The Chiefs will move the ball well on offense this time, but under pressure, Smith will make a bad pass on third down to bring up a field goal attempt from the 25. Anthony Spencer will block the kick attempt, and the Cowboys will regain possession, with the half almost done. Romo will make a few short passes, before he puts up a deep ball to Dwayne Harris. Harris makes the catch and takes it to the Chiefs 20, before Brandon Flowers takes him down. Romo tries to go into the endzone, but doesn’t get it on 3rd and 10 as Flowers drops a pick. The Cowboys take the field goal and head into halftime after a terrible offensive first half, down 7-3.

Q3: The Chiefs will start with the ball, looking to take advantage. Smith never sees a third down on the drive, making annoying completion to every receiver all the way down the field, to the Cowboys 10. On a play action, Smith drops back, looking for a reciever. He can’t find one and scrambles. Carter almost gets there and dives, but Smith sidesteps and tiptoes into the endzone and the Chiefs take a 14-3 lead. The Cowboys take the field, not wanting to let a game against Kansas City flop and get away. Romo is under heavy pressure though the whole time, and goes for a deep pass to Bryant, picked off by Flowers. Flowers doesn’t get a return, but the Chiefs will start from their own 40. On 3rd and 5, Spencer will be the first man to get to Smith, strip sacking him and Ware will come from behind to secure the ball and force the first Chiefs turnover, giving the ball to Dallas at the Chiefs 40. The Cowboys will start with a screen to Bryant, and he will get 15 yards, putting Dallas in field goal range. Murray take two runs but only get one total yard, bringing up a 3rd and long. Romo doesn’t see anything short, so he goes deep for Bryant but Brandon Flowers is too tight on coverage. The Cowboys take a field goal and trail 14-6. The Chiefs will not get anything on the next drive, and the two teams will trade punts. With 10 second left in the third, Romo can’t complete on third down from the Dallas 3, and Dallas has to punt from their own endzone. It is almost blocked, and only goes to the Dallas 30. Dallas whiffs on special teams and allows a momentous punt to go all the back into the endzone, and with that, The Chiefs take a 21-6 lead into the fourth quarter.

Q4: Romo will start with the ball, needing a sizeable comeback to take the game into OT. It will start off badly, as Romo’s second throw of the quarter is picked off at the Chiefs 40 and returned to the 50. The Chiefs go 3 and out though, giving the Cowboys a grace. Romo takes command on this drive, marching down to the Chiefs 10 before giving the ball on a short 5 yard pass to Hanna in the endzone for Dallas’ first TD, and Dallas trails 21-13. The Chiefs wil get the ball, with about 8 minutes to go. A bad return puts them at their own 15. Jamaal Charles is called upon a lot on this drive, and after a series of short passes and runs, the Chiefs are at the Dallas 35. Three incompletions later, the Chiefs will go for a decisive 52 yard field goal with about 3 minutes to go. It is missed however, giving the ball to Dallas at their own 42 and likely one last chance to take the game to OT. Romo takes an agonizing drive, which includes a whopping 4 fourth down conversions, to the Chiefs redzone, leaving about 20 seconds on the clock. Using the sidelines and one of their last timeouts, Dallas will be at the Chiefs 5 with 10 second left. On the next dropback, Romo will be under incredible pressure, but after weaving around a couple potential sacks, Romo puts a little pass into the endzone and into the hands of Cole Beasley for his first career TD. The Cowboys will need just a two point conversion. Romo snaps the ball and hands it off to Murray, but Phil Costa is unable to hold up the interior of the line, and the Chiefs defensive linemen blow up the play and stuff Murray for a loss. The Cowboys will be losing 21-19 and will need to attempt an onside kick. Dan Bailey gives it a nice wedge, but it just doesn’t bounce Dallas’ way and the Chiefs recover. From there, one kneel is all it takes, and the Chiefs are able to upset the Cowboys. Dallas heads home with a disappointing 4-2 record that should have been 5-1.

Final Score: Kansas City Chiefs 21, Dallas Cowboys 19

Stats: Romo: 18/40, 150 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT

Orton: 5/7, 30 yards, 1 INT

Murray: 13 rush, 30 yards

Bryant: 3 rec, 35 yards

Austin: 4 rec, 60 yards

Spencer: 12 tackles, 1 sack, 1 FF

Smith: 24/29, 210 yards, 1 TD

Bowe: 6 rec, 85 yards, 1 TD

Charles: 20 rush, 95 yards

Berry: 4 tackles, 1 pass defended, 1 FF, 1 INT

Flowers: 5 tackles, 1 pass defended, 1 INT

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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