Record Offense in Store for 2013?

Roughly 24 hours ago I posted a poll on the site asking what a small portion of the BTB nation would think how the season might play out in 2013. The exact question I was asking is "What is More Likely to Happen in 2013?'

Here are the final results to exactly 70 BTB member's predictions.

What Is More Likely to Happen In 2013?


Tony Romo Throws 40 TDs (10 votes)


Dez Bryant Leads the NFL In Rec TDs (21 votes)


Demarco Murray Will Rush Over 1,200 Yards (19 votes)


Terrance Willams Starts Over Miles Austin (6 votes)


The Defense Will Be in the Top 5 In both Pass and Rush Defense? (14 votes)

So from what I can tell everyone seems to think that the Dallas Cowboys will have a very balanced attack offense. Which is also very successful. I can't help but agree because I really think Tony has many weapons and I really think the big guns will steal the show this year.

Leading the votes was Dez Bryant leading the NFL in Receiving Touchdowns. Given his height, jumping ability and good hands it will make it easy for Tony to make him his No.1 target in the red zone. Lets say Dez scores a red zone touchdown every two games in the red zone. That will give him eight touchdowns alone. Dez had twelve touchdowns last year all together. I would call that pretty much a lock for breaking last year's amount. Not to mention his deep ball catching ability in between the twenty yard lines. He had six receptions go for 40+ yards last season. He had nineteen receptions go for 20+ yards. Let's say half of those passes become touchdowns that gives him three touchdowns from 40+ yards and 10(9.5) touchdowns from 20+ yards. That is a total of 21 touchdown receptions in a 16 game span. Last year James Jones from Green Bay led the league with 14. Dez has 12 last year, third in the league. Good job BTB nation. You guys nailed that one.

A close second was Demarco Murray rushing for over 1,2oo yards coming in second by only two votes. I will give Demarco the benefit of the doubt. But he has to stay healthy. There is no question he is a major factor in the Cowboys success. He can really strike fear into a defense and make them think about both the run and worry about the pass. However, Murray has to stay healthy. If he doesn't than the running game goes down the toilet. We are relying on a two back system. We need him. This is going to sting Cowboy fans. Even with Demarco Murray hurt last year he still finished in the top 20 amongst all rushers in the NFL. He clocked in at nineteen. He averaged 4.1 yards per carry which isn't awful but it is below the 5.5 from 2011. Before I continue you should know that Demarco has rushed for 1,560 yards over the past two years. This 1,200 mark will be tough. If Murray goes back to tip top form and averages 5.5 yards per carry for the whole season and carries the ball 10.2 carries per game(average in 2011) he will end up with 902 yards. I used his averages from his rookie season, his best so far for America's Team. However I believe the Cowboys will be a little more run heavy this season due to the addition of Travis Frederick and that will lead to more carries for Demarco and can ultimately get to the 1,000 or 1,100 mark. 1,200 might be a stretch just because of the threat we have in our passing game. But 1,100 is not bad at all. Good job there BTB nation.

Let's get a bit defensive. Twenty percent of the 70 voters think the Cowboys defense will finish in the top five in both Passing and Rushing Defense. I think that is most likely to happen as well. Stephen Jones has come out and said that injuries will not be a lingering issue for the Cowboys this season. If that is the case I see Monte Kiffin being an absolute guru on defense. Putting players in the right position to make the right plays. I love the way this team has the ability to intercept the ball. And it starts with Sean Lee being a ridiculous good turnover machine. And it ends with J.J. Wilcox the recently drafted rookie. And Mo Claiborne and Brandon Carr fit that bill as well. Monte is not worried about the defensive line which makes me sleep so much better at night. This Super Bowl winning coach knows what he is talking about. I think we will pressure the quarterback and that will lead to bad passes which will result in interceptions. As far as the run game, I like the discipline in the linebackers and lineman. They will plug up holes and not rely on arm tackling.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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