My WAY Too Early 53-Man Roster Projection

Ok, so obviously my last fan post was underwhelming to say the least. I was hoping some people might take an interest in the slanted nose. That didn't work, so I'll go with one of the popular new fanposts: 53-man roster projection. This is done without any indication from training camp, and to my limited knowledge, but here it is. (BTW, I am putting starters in italics, which is something I got from @I am Ironman!!!)

QB: Tony Romo, Kyle Orton

This is pretty much a no-brainer. I have seen some people have 3 QB's, but why waste a roster spot on a practice-squad player.

RB: DeMarco Murray, Joseph Randle, Kendial Lawrence, Lawrence Vickers

Of course DeMarco Murray is my starter, and Randle will back up effectively, but I'm picking Lawrence as my C.O.P. back over Dunbar because of the speed advantage. I have no indications of his actual playing ability, but based on athleticism, I gotta give it to Lawrence. And Vickers sticks around until an indication of a replacement shows up. He's still a solid player, and him getting together with his old RB's coach might help him out some.

WR: Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, Terrance Williams, Dwayne Harris, Danny Coale

Only 2 starting wideouts technically, because of the indicated base formation, our 12-Personnel. Austin has the starting nod until Williams beats him out, which might not be until next year. Depth-chart-wise, Williams is higher because of the outside reciever ability, but Harris is still the 2nd-best option for the slot, to Miles Austin. I also am really high on Coale, because of the hype early on last year. We'll see if the ACL damage really has an effect on his game, or if Cole Beasley can beat him out (that would shock me to some degree).

TE: Jason Witten, Gavin Escobar, James Hanna

Based on the 12-formation, we have 2 starting TE's, which I'm cool with. I like to use 2 TE's to create leverage in the running game anyways. Hanna, of course, is another recieving option. I see him as kind of our Jared Cook (Ram's TE, originally from the Titans). Both are extremely athletic and have tons of potential that needs to be tapped, mostly in the passing game. A 4th blocking TE isn't included because of Vickers, but watch for that to change in training camp. I just couldn't name a blocking TE that would be good enough to replace Vickers as it is.

OT: Tyron Smith, Doug Free/ Jermey Parnell, Darrion Weems

First off, Free is going to take the significant pay cut. Second, it's still a battle between him and Parnell. Smith is still at LT. And Weems is an athletic swing tackle we can use in case of injury.

Interior OL: Travis Frederick, Phil Costa, Mackenzy Bernadeau, Ryan Cook, Nate Livings, Ronald Leary, Kevin Kowalski

I went with interior o-line becuase I really have no clue who's playing where at this point. I can say that the three I picked are most likely to start RIGHT NOW. I would like Leary to beat out Bernadeau, but I can't say he will with any certainty. And we will roll Kowalski in the backup rotation for injury purposes, and as insurance to make sure we don't lose him. He still could end up better than Costa.

DT: Jay Ratliff, Jason Hatcher, Tyrone Crawford, Sean Lissemore, Ben Bass

If there were a correct starting lineup, this would be it, with Ratliff at the 1-tech, and Hatcher at the 3-tech. Then you have your first rotation guys with Crawford at the 3 and Lissemore at the 1. Then, Bass acts as the extra for the 3-techs, and probably a practice body. And if it weren't for the IR news about Brian Price, he would be on here as another 1-tech.

DE: Demarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer, Kyle Wilber, Alex Albright

I might have just broken an unsaid rule, but Albright fits better as a DE. His size and speed (or lack thereof) makes him the perfect candidate to backup Spencer. Don't get me wrong though, he's still on the depth chart at LB. But for roster purposes (including the Madden roster), we should probably have 4 DE's. The others are pretty much self-explanitory.

LB: Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, Justin Durant, Ernie Sims, DeVonte Holloman, Brandon Magee

Lee and Carter are the obvious best 2, and I'm rolling with the experienced Durant to start out at the strong-side LB position. Holloman or Magee could take his spot though. I like Sims as an experienced and inexpensive backup, and all of my backup LB's will have roles on special teams.

CB: Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne, Orlando Scandrick, B.W. Webb, Sterling Moore

This list is pretty much the consensus right now. I know we have a rookie free agent corner, who is more known for his return abilities, that I would like to include, but I think we have plenty of return options as is and can let him play on the practice squad.

FS: Matt Johnson, Barry Church/ J.J. Wilcox, Will Allen

I'm betting on Johnson to win the FS job. But right now, I think the safety competition is for SS between Church and Wilcox. From what I have heard from Bryan Broaddus, he sees Wilcox as more of a SS. For now, Church is in the lead for the job, but WIlcox could grab it himself. Whoever loses will be the nickel safety. I want to keep Allen around because of his experience and his ability to play special teams.

Specialists: Dan Bailey, Chris Jones, L.P. Ladouceur, Danny McCray

Dan 'The Man' Bailey will keep being one of the most efficient kickers in the league and Jones will keep developing as a punter. L.P. Ladouceur has been consistently great at long snapping, but watch out for Charlie Hughlett to possibly up-end him as a younger and cheaper option. Danny McCray is included here because he is the special teams ace. He is also on the depth chart at SS and even weak-side/ nickel LB (when in dire circumstances).

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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