A look ahead: Writing on the wall?

Hey folks. I'm still fairly new to lurking on BtB, and this is my first post of any sort, so I apologize if this has already been covered. That being said, I haven't seen discussion on it, so bear with me.

I don't have the football acumen to speak intelligently on X&O's, though I'm learning, but occasionally I get lucky and see a strategy forming. This is not about the players; instead, it's about coaching strategy.

Much ado has been made about Monte Kiffin joining the cowboys. While I would probably vote Rob Ryan into the presidency solely based on his attitude (Jim Harbaugh is my pick for VP) I can understand why they left him on the curb. Granted, the sheer volume of injuries sustained last year would probably cripple any unit or scheme, but the complexity and learning curve, coupled with Ryan's undisguised ambition, probably sealed his fate.

So be it.

Now we have the full Monte, but that's not really the basis of this post, with its awful delayed lede.

"Say car Ramrod!"

Fellow posters, this is all about Rod Marinelli. In my opinion, the Cowboys managed to land a huge marlin here. I've seen acknowledgement of his time and success in Chi town, but nobody looking further. We got the old guru, and we got one of his understudies in Marinelli.

But why? Why would a successful DC take a demotion to line coach? 3-5 years, that's why. Even if Kiffin is the second coming of Doomsday, his tenure will be short lived, no matter how much energy he has. No one can stop the clock from marching forward.

Marinelli represents the next step in our defense. Kiffin is here to effect change and get the ball rolling. It will be Marinelli's show in the near future.

I view this less as infringing on Garrett, and more about assembling a supporting cast. Management has said everything short of the intention to hand the keys to Romo, but I think that's where it's going this year (yes, another post for another day). If Romo is able to handle field duty (salivating a little) and the defense becomes self-sufficient under Kiffin/Marinelli, Garrett will be better able to focus on the big picture during games, and the season as a whole.

I like that thought. We know Marinelli has the pedigree to run a great defense - just imagine if the Bears had a consistent offense last year. Imagine how the Cowboys could be, if we had some large fraction of the Bears D performance.

Garrett has time, Marinelli is insurance. I can't see any real long term reason for a DC to take a line job without knowing that down the road, he will be back in the saddle, as a DC at least. Kiffin is the catalyst; Marinelli is the resulting solution.

I think it's a very well thought-out strategic move. We are beginning to see drafts address ground-up building a la 49ers, and endless talk about the "Process." No more frenetic fire extinguisher brigade, and management is quietly enduring the heaps of national criticism.

I think this Lego set is being built before our eyes, and with a little patience, I really think it has potential. Until then, forward the hands of the clock.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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