Analysis of final 3 selections

This is a follow up to an article I posted yesterday analyzing the Cowboys first 4 selections of the recent 2013 draft.

B.W. Webb: 4th Rd

In recent years Dallas has shown the willingness to take a chance on small school prospects, and hailing from fairly unknown William and Mary, Webb fits that profile. Being only 5'10" and 185 lbs, he has a noticeably slight frame that realistically is going to limit him to having most of his snaps as a nickel or dime corner. He makes up for his limited statue with elite quickness and good enough speed (he ran a 4.51, but seems to play faster then that). Watching his tapes, its obvious that this dude is a ball hawk. If he has an oppurtunity to pick off a pass he takes advantage. In college, he played mostly zone, and he seems to be more comfortable doing that then playing man, which will have to change. I know that the myth about Kiffin's 4-3 scheme is its just a bunch of zone, but that isn't true. The Cowboys corner's are going to be asked to play quite a bit of man as well as zone, so Webb is going to have to improve in this area of his game. Reading draft profiles of him, most experts viewed him as a below average tackler, but a willing tackler. What i like about him most is he plays with quite a bit of attitude. Reminds me a lot of Cortland Finnegan; Webb isn't blessed with great physical skills but he is able to overcome that with a tenacious attitude and a willingness to stick his head in and make some tackles. He will be the 4th corner, sometimes the nickel corner, and with his kick return ability i think he will heavily contribute on special teams.

Joseph Randle: 5th Rd

Randle was a successful, consistent running back out of Oklahoma State, he showed he could consistently run, catch and block, but most important he was a durable back. With Murrays inability to stay healthy, this was an important draft pick for the Cowboys. Randle actually reminds me a lot of Murray, although not as big nor fast, they both have similar upright styles of running. Like Murray, Randle has good vision as he seems to have a knack of seeing the hole and making the cut to exploit the opening. He shows the ability to either go around the defender or lower his shoulder pads. What is most impressive about Randle is his willingness to pass block, and does it effectively. Most RB's coming out of college, especially late rounders, have a tendency to have poor technique as well as limited knowledge of how to properly pass block. But Randle seems to understand the proper defender to pickup in a blitz pickup. As someone that was rated as a 3rd pick, this is a great value pick for the Cowboys, especially with the inability of Murray to stay healthy, Randle can come in and be a suitable replacement for Murray. My thinking is, this pick could be similar to that of the Terrance Williams pick. Because Murray can't stay healthy, if he continues that trend, after his contract ends next year, Randle could be his replacement.

Devonte Holloman: 6th Rd

Holloman is an outside lineback drafter out of South Carolina. He is another hybrid type player (similar to JJ Wilcox) he made the switch of safety to linebacker and was able to do it successfully. At 6'1" he has good height a 4-3 OLB, but he is quite large at 244 lbs. He moves around well though, which isn't surprising considering he was a safety so the dude is a good athlete. He showed a consistent ability to wrap up when tackling, and showed a good amount of pop when hitting someone. With his athleticism he was able to effectively cover tight ends, but im not sure if that will hold up in the NFL because tight ends are fast becoming the best athletes on the field. This guy is just too raw to make a consistent impact on anything except for special teams. But with his physical skills and a couple years of learning, the could end up being a quality pick for the Cowboys.

I think the Cowboys were able to have a quality draft, acquiring players that can contribute now, but more importantly could be foundation pieces for the future.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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