Cowboys Roster: Cuts And Signings After Rookie Minicamp; Roster Builder Update

Rick Yeatts

The Cowboys have made some of their last roster moves before heading into training camp and once again have 90 players on their roster. See who's here, who's gone, and then try to piece it all together in the updated Roster Builder.

The Cowboys have recently concluded their rookie minicamp. Of course, with only rookies present, there isn't much that could be accomplished, so the rookie minicamp also serves as a tryout for players who don't quite fit on the 90-man roster that teams are allowed to carry into training camp.

For this reason, the minicamp is often the final opportunity for talent acquisition. After free agency, the NFL draft, and undrafted free agent signings, minicamp additions make up the true bottom of the roster. That doesn't mean they're not worth keeping track of, though. Ben Bass was a minicamp addition last year, and showed promise in limited time when, playing as an injury-fill-in, he quickly landed himself on injured reserve.

Why else should you care about the minicamp signings? Well, two of them were offensive linemen - and we all know that offensive linemen are worth their weight in...well, something not quite as valuable as gold. The other was a receiver from Middle Tennessee State.

Nick Eatman published news of the roster changes on the mothership, here.

The correct names of the cuts are Greg Herd and Aderious Simmons (both are misspelled in Eatman's article). Charlie Bryant made room for the third signing by leaving the team after Friday's practices (he had managed to work his name into practice recaps - but only as a victim of good DLine play).

The signees are receiver Anthony Amos, offensive tackle Edawn Coughman, and guard DJ Hall.

All of these changes have been reflected in the roster builder (if you haven't yet tried it, give it a shot!), and I've even included an Anthony Amos highlight in his information spread.

Now what are you waiting for? Launch the roster builder below!
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Dallas Cowboys Interactive Roster Builder

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