Offensive Multiplicity

Since Multiplicity is a very big part of Jason Garret's coaching philosophy, let's take a deeper look at it. After seeing many different players picked up that have alter ego roles, I decided to look a lot closer. I will start on offense. Who on Dallas' current 90 man can play where? And are they any good at it?

David Arkin G/C : The Mothership lists him as strictly a Guard. But we are all well aware he had some time at Center last year. David needs time at one position if he is going to make a push. Until he masters the Guard position at the NFL level, he really has no business dabbling at Center.

Miles Austin WR/SWR : Miles may be the only receiver on the team who can truly play the slot and outside and do them both very well. Even though he was injured last year, he still had 9 TD's and over 900 yds receiving. I'd take that all day from my number two receiver.

Mackenzy Bernadeau G/C : Big Mac also spent some time at Center last year. If he can get into OTA's healthy he would have a better year. I'm afraid he is going the same route as last year. Off season surgery is going to set him back again. Much like Arkin, I believe he should focus on Guard duty only and staying healthy.

Ryan Cook G/C/T : Mr. Multiplicity himself. He can play all five line positions. For a 7th round draft pick, this may have been one of Dallas' best trades ever. He offers the ability to start at G/C and not embarrass himself. And he can fill in for an injury at either Left or Right Tackle. A guy like this saves a 45 man game day roster spot for another position.

Phil Costa G/C : Phil looked to be the part of a decent NFL starting Center last year. At least for three games until he got injured. He was originally a Guard that moved to Center. If The Beard starts at Center, then Phil needs to work on his Guard play this off seasonif he does not want to be a backup.

Edawn Coughman T/TE : There has been a lot of talk about "E-Don", the correct pronunciation, playing 4th TE for Dallas in it's Heavy packages. He may have the athleticism to do so, but only camp will tell. At this point he is a long shot just to make the team.

Ray Dominguez G/T : Although only listed as a G on The Mothership, he can also play some Tackle. His best chance of making the roster is if he could show enough to be a game day backup at both positions. He will not be a starter in Dallas any time in his career.

Travis Frederick G/C : The Beard should be our starting Center this year. Unless Costa comes into camp with a serious vengeance. If some how Costa does start at Center, then Travis should slide into one of the starting Guard positions. He could very well challenge to be the smartest guy in the NFL and in a year or two may well be the strongest also.

Dwayne Harris WR/SWR : Harris is the only other proven receiver on the roster that can play outside and in the slot. Although only 5'10" he plays bigger with how physical he can be. This year especially, if Miles goes down, Dwayne will be his replacement. Don't expect him to lose the #3 spot to any of the plethora of receivers that Dallas has brought in.

Kevin Kowalski G/C : Killer K just may become the new Invisible Man. He has not been able to get on the field due to injuries for two straight years. When he has been healthy he has caught the coaches eyes. This year will most likely be his last to make a difference in his own career with Dallas. With Costa healthy and Frederick on board, he is going to have to try to press for a Guard spot to be a game day starter.

Tony Romo QB/Savior : A top 10 QB strictly on stats. The savior of Dallas for the last nine years. Between Aikman and Romo, just look at who all we had at QB! He is a savior!

That gives Dallas 10 players that can play, at an NFL level, more than one position on offense. The Multiplicity that JG preaches is not as prevalent on offense as it is on defense. I'll take a look at that on the next post.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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