Cowboys run the ball

That is what I want the headlines to read. "Cowboy's run the ball to victory". What headline you ask? Any Headline. just give me one to hang my hat on.

It is true that the Cowboys, in all they're glorious history, have had great running backs. But yet, it seems like eons have passed since the Cowboys have been viewed as a run threat. This must change for Cowboy football (meaning victory) to return.

How many of you would like to see a tight, hard fought game between the Cowboys and 49ers, where at the end of the game, Dallas drives the length of the field, and scores down near the goal line, in a well earned, 2 yard touchdown run to ice the game? And then sit there, and watch, as a great defense (and team) realize, with the look on they're face, that there was nothing they could do about it?

There was a time in the past where just such a situation occured. There was no doubt that Joe Montana and the 49ers were viewed as the best offense in the NFL. The Cowboys weren't. But do you remember why the Cowboys beat them? it's because they ran the ball. They kept the 49ers offense off the field. They ate up the clock. Emmitt did his thing. It was ugly, but it worked. Of course, Dallas having a dominating defense didn't hurt, but for victory, all pieces of the puzzle have to fit.

That is what the run offense has as big importance to a team though. During a time in the NFL where terms like "it's a passing league" are blazed as words in stone as one of the ten commandments, nothing could be more true.

Cowboys run the ball.

That's not saying that we should take anything away from the pass offense. For those of you that want to come hear and proclaim that it's an antiquated way of playing football, or that I am advocating being a "run first team", I say rubbish. But what does "Cowboys run the ball" really mean as a philosiphy?

It means you focus on Oline, and make sure you protect your QB. You always have good players in training to take over positions in the Oline in case of injury. It means you succeed at the goal line, and will you way into the end zone if you have to. further complicating things is the rumor that the FB position has become expendable in the Offense that Garrett wants to run.

But naturally, this discussion would lead to the most important position on the offenseregarding this topic (other than QB and Oline)- running back. Just who is it at RB that seems to be the player that will excell, and make the biggest leap forward? Right now, it's anyone's guess. But one thing is for certain- if the Cowboy's are going to have success running the ball, it's not just the Oline that opens the holes, it's who is carrying the rock.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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