Predicting the Entire 2013 Season

Predicting the Entire 2013 Season: Week 1 to the the Lombardi Trophy

Here, I will predict the entire 2013 NFL Season. I will do one every few days leading up to the NFL 2013 kickoff in September.

Week 1:

Ravens @ Broncos: Broncos 30, Ravens 21

Titans @ Steelers: Steelers 34, Titans 24

Patriots @ Bills: Patriots 27, Bills 13

Falcons @ Saints: Saints 30, Falcons 27

Buccaneers @ Jets: Buccaneers 20, Jets 13

Chiefs @ Jaguars: Chiefs 14, Jaguars 3

Seahawks @ Panthers: Seahawks 21, Panthers 17

Bengals @ Bears: Bengals 21, Bears 14

Dolphins @ Browns: Dolphins 24, Browns 21

Vikings @ Lions: Vikings 24, Lions 17

Raiders @ Colts: Colts 24, Raiders 23

Packers @ Niners: Packers 34, Niners 31

Cardinals @ Rams: Rams 17, Cardinals 7

Giants @ Cowboys: Cowboys 24, Giants 20

Eagles @ Redskins: Redskins 28, Eagles 17

Texans @ Chargers: Texans 38, Chargers 13

Giants @ Cowboys: The Cowboys will play well on defense, anchored by the return of Lee and Carter and the strong play of both corners. The safeties struggle, but Sean Lee’s presence in the deep backfield helps out. Dallas has a 10-10 halftime tie. The fourth quarter starts off tied at 17 before the Giants take an early field goal lead. A Miles Austin TD soon after is the final score as Dallas sacks Manning twice in the remaining minutes, capping off a strong defensive finish to hold the lead.

Week 2:

Jets (0-1) @ Patriots (1-0): Patriots 38, Jets 12

Rams(1-0) @ Falcons(0-1): Falcons 24, Rams 23

Chargers(0-1) @ Eagles(0-1): Eagles 26, Chargers 20

Cowboys(1-0) @ Chiefs(1-0)8: Cowboys 23, Chiefs 20

Dolphins(1-0) @ Colts(1-0): Dolphins 23, Colts 21

Titans(0-1) @ Texans(1-0): Texans 34, Titans 23

Redskins(1-0) @ Packers(1-0): Packers 40, Redskins 27

Browns(0-1) @ Ravens(0-1): Browns 20, Ravens 17 (OT)

Panthers(0-1) @ Bills(0-1): Panthers 24, Bills 20

Vikings(1-0) @ Bears(0-1): Vikings 21, Bears 18

Saints(1-0) @ Buccaneers(1-0): Saints 20, Buccaneers 14

Lions(0-1) @ Cardinals(0-1): Lions 35, Cardinals 14

Jaguars(0-1) @ Raiders(0-1): Jaguars 14, Raiders 7

Broncos(1-0) @ Giants(0-1): Broncos 37, Giants 21

Niners(0-1) @ Seahawks(1-0): Seahawks 13, Niners 10

Steelers(1-0) @ Bengals(1-0): Bengals 23, Steelers 17

Cowboys @ Chiefs: The Cowboys get into trouble quickly againt a good Chiefs team, down 14-3 at halftime. But a 3rd and 4th quarter interception by Smith, in which the Cowboys get two TD’s, aid for a comeback and a defensive lockdown to outscore the Chiefs 20-6 in the second half and avoid another 1-1 start.

Week 3:

Chiefs(1-1) @ Eagles(1-1): Eagles 19, Chiefs 17

Texans(2-0) @ Ravens(0-2): Texans 30, Ravens 17

Giants(0-2) @ Panthers(1-1): Giants 27, Panthers 23

Lions(1-1) @ Redskins(1-1): Redskins 45, Lions 21

Chargers(0-2) @ Titans(0-2): Chargers 23, Titans 20 (OT)

Cardinals(0-2) @ Saints(2-0): Saints 34, Cardinals 20

Buccaneers(1-1) @ Patriots(2-0): Patriots 21, Buccaneers 20

Packers(1-1) @ Bengals(2-0): Bengals 26, Packers 23 (OT)

Rams(1-1) @ Cowboys(2-0): Cowboys 27, Rams 20

Browns(1-1) @ Vikings(2-0): Vikings 26, Browns 13

Dolphins(2-0) @ Falcons(1-1): Falcons 35, Dolphins 24

Bills(0-2) @ Jets(0-2): Bills 28, Jets 3

Colts(1-1) @ Niners(0-2): Niners 24, Colts 17

Jaguars(0-2) @ Seahawks(2-0): Seahawks 38, Jaguars 0

Bears(0-2) @ Steelers(1-1): Steelers 24, Bears 21 (OT)

Raiders(0-2) @ Broncos(2-0): Broncos 27, Raiders 18

Rams @ Cowboys: The Cowboys will start off badly as Romo throws a pick on the first possession which results in a TD. But 3 Sam Bradford picks and 3 sacks later, Dallas takes a 27-20 lead off a field goal with just 10 second to play, and Dallas holds for the victory.

Week 4:

Niners(1-2) @ Rams(1-2): Niners 19, Rams 10

Ravens(0-3) @ Bills(1-2): Ravens 25, Bills 21

Cardinals(0-3) @ Buccaneers(1-2): Buccaneers 12, Cardinals 6

Steelers(2-1) @ Vikings(3-0): Vikings 24, Steelers 16

Giants(1-2) @ Chiefs(1-2): Giants 27, Chiefs 14

Colts(1-2) @ Jaguars(0-3): Colts 20, Jaguars 14 (OT)

Seahawks(3-0) @ Texans(3-0): Seahawks 41, Texans 28

Bengals(3-0) @ Browns(1-2): Bengals 17, Browns 14

Bears(0-3) @ Lions(1-2): Bears 21, Lions 17

Jets(0-3) @ Titans(0-3): Jets 13, Titans 10

Redskins(2-1) @ Raiders(0-3): Redskins 24, Raiders 14

Eagles(2-1) @ Broncos(3-0): Broncos 34, Eagles 28

Cowboys(3-0) @ Chargers(1-2): Cowboys 27, Chargers 24

Patriots(3-0) @ Falcons(2-1): Patriots 35, Falcons 23

Dolphins(2-1) @ Saints(3-0): Dolphins 34, Saints 31

Cowboys @ Chargers: The Cowboys should win this one easily. At halftime, Dallas will be cruising with a 17-3 lead. But a ferocious third quarter comeback by the Chargers, who take a 20-17 trail into the fourth quarter makes it close again. Gavin Escobar enjoys a breakout game (4 rec, 65 yards, TD) and has the Cowboys final fourth quarter score to just stay ahead and edge the Chargers in San Diego.

Week 5:

Bills(1-3) @ Browns(1-3): Browns 24, Bills 12

Patriots(4-0) @ Bengals(4-0): Patriots 34, Bengals 30

Lions(1-3) @ Packers(1-2): Packers 48, Lions 10

Seahawks(4-0) @ Colts(2-2): Seahawks 23, Colts 16

Ravens(1-3) @ Dolphins(3-1): Ravens 24, Dolphins 13

Saints(3-1) @ Bears(1-3): Bears 27, Saints 24 (OT)

Eagles(2-2) @Giants(2-2): Giants 34, Eagles 23

Chiefs (1-3)@ Titans(0-4): Chiefs 15, Titans 10

Jaguars(0-4) @ Rams(1-3): Rams 27, Jaguars 6

Panthers(1-2) @ Cardinals(0-4): Panthers 30, Cardinals 26

Broncos(4-0) @ Cowboys(4-0): Broncos 27, Cowboys 17

Chargers(1-3) @ Raiders(0-4): Chargers 24, Raiders 23

Texans(3-1) @ Niners(2-2): Texans 27, Niners 24 (OT)

Jets(1-3) @ Falcons(2-2): Falcons 49, Jets 3

Broncos @ Cowboys: The Broncos are just too good. At halftime, the Broncos are owning the game, up 17-7. After 3rd, the Cowboys manage to make it 20-14, and narrow it to a 20-17 trail before another Broncos TD ends it.

Week 6:

Giants(3-2) @ Bears(2-3): Giants 16, Bears 13

Packers(2-2) @ Ravens(2-3): Packers 42, Ravens 30

Bengals(4-1) @ Bills(1-4): Bengals 30, Bills 20

Lions(1-4) @ Browns(2-3): Lions 31, Browns 20

Rams(2-3) @ Texans(4-1): Texans 28, Rams 21

Panthers(2-2) @ Vikings(4-0): Panthers 20, Vikings 17

Raiders(0-5) @ Chiefs(2-3): Chiefs 30, Raiders 14

Steelers(2-2) @ Jets(1-4): Steelers 35, Jets 10

Eagles(2-3) @ Buccaneers(2-2): Buccaneers 17, Eagles 10

Jaguars(0-5)@ Broncos(5-0): Broncos 42, Jaguars 7

Titans(0-5) @ Seahawks(5-0): Seahawks 24, Titans 21

Saints(3-2) @ Patriots(5-0): Patriots 38, Saints 24

Cardinals(0-5) @ Niners(2-3): Niners 39, Cardinals 20

Redskins(3-1) @ Cowboys(4-1): Redskins 27, Cowboys 24 (OT)

Colts(2-3) @ Chargers(2-3): Colts 24, Chargers 17

Redskins @ Cowboys: The Redskins will once again have an incredible first half in Dallas, leading 21-10 at halftime. The Cowboys allow a field goal and score a TD in the 3rd to head into halftime trailing 24-17. A TD in the final 2 minutes ties the game and sends it into OT, before the Redskins get a field goal on their second drive of the extra period and the Cowboys lose their second straight.

Week 7:

Seahawks(6-0) @ Cardinals(0-6): Cardinals 21, Seahawks 20

Buccaneers(3-2) @ Falcons(3-2): Buccaneers 24, Falcons 17

Rams(2-4) @ Panthers(3-2): Rams 23, Panthers 10

Bengals(5-1) @ Lions(2-4): Bengals 34, Lions 0

Chargers(2-4) @ Jaguars(0-6): Chargers 17, Jaguars 13

Texans(5-1) @ Chiefs(3-3): Texans 24, Chiefs 14

Bills(1-5) @ Dolphins(3-2): Dolphins 28, Bills 24

Patriots(6-0) @ Jets(1-5): Patriots 38, Jets 20

Cowboys(4-2) @ Eagles(2-4): Eagles 30, Cowboys 27

Bears(2-4) @ Redskins(4-1): Redskins 26, Bears 20

Niners(3-3) @ Titans(0-6): Niners 18, Titans 6

Browns(2-4) @ Packers(3-2): Packer 28, Browns 23

Ravens(2-4) @ Steelers(3-2): Ravens 24, Steelers 18

Broncos(6-0) @ Colts(3-3): Broncos 27, Colts 20

Vikings(4-1) @ Giants(4-2): Vikings 24, Giants 23

Eagles @ Cowboys: The Eagles could be an exciting, surprise team in 2013. While their defense is no longer very good, the Chip Kelly offense has success and while the Cowboys figure out how to stop it in the second half (only allowing 10 points) it is too late and the damage is done. The Eagles hold off a Cowboys comeback to prevail for the win.

Week 8:

Panthers(3-3) @ Buccaneers(4-2): Buccaneers 20, Panthers 14

Cowboys(4-3) @ Lions(2-5): Cowboys 35, Lions 24

Niners(4-3) @ Jaguars(0-7): Niners 45, Jaguars 0

Browns(2-5) @ Chiefs(3-4): Chiefs 23, Browns 20 (OT)

Dolphins(4-2) @ Patriots(7-0): Patriots 28, Dolphins 27

Bills(1-6) @ Saints(3-3): Saints 34, Bills 14

Giants(4-3) @ Eagles(3-4): Giants 27, Eagles 24

Steelers(3-3) @ Raiders(0-6): Steelers 26, Raiders 13

Jets(1-6) @ Bengals(6-1): Bengals 20, Jets 10

Falcons(3-3) @ Cardinals(1-6): Falcons 30, Cardinals 28

Redskins(5-1) @ Broncos(7-0): Broncos 38, Redskins 21

Packers(4-2) @ Vikings(5-1): Packers 42, Vikings 35

Seahawks(6-1) @ Rams(3-4): Seahawks 10, Rams 7

Cowboys @ Lions: The Lions will still be trying to figure out a horrible secondary coming into this game. Romo will pass for 450 yards a 4 TD’s as Terrance Williams breaks out subbing for Miles Austin when he gets injured (6 rec, 115 yards, 2 TD). The Cowboys offense has a field day ruining the Lions defense. Calvin Johnson has a big day, over 180 yards and multiple scores to keep the Lions offense running, but Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, Terrance Williams and DeMarco Murray prove to be the bigger offensive juggernaut of the day and end their 3 game slide.

Week 9:

Bengals(7-1) @ Dolphins(4-3): Dolphins 26, Bengals 23

Chiefs(4-4) @ Bills(1-7): Bills 17, Chiefs 16

Falcons(4-3) @ Panthers(3-4): Falcons 30, Panthers 21

Vikings(5-2) @ Cowboys(5-3): Cowboys 24, Vikings 20

Saints(4-3) @ Jets(1-7): Saints 56, Jets 14

Titans(0-7) @ Rams(3-5): Titans 24, Rams 22

Chargers(3-4) @ Redskins(5-2): Redskins 30, Chargers 28

Eagles(3-5) @ Raiders(0-7): Eagles 14, Raiders 10

Buccaneers(5-2) @ Seahawks(7-1): Buccaneers 20, Seahawks 17

Ravens(3-4) @ Browns(2-6): Ravens 21, Browns 10

Steelers(4-3) @ Patriots(8-0): Patriots 31, Steelers 24

Colts(3-4) @ Texans(6-1): Colts 17, Texans 14

Bears(2-5) @ Packers(5-2): Packers 21, Bears 19

Vikings @ Cowboys: Adrian Peterson is without a doubt a game changer and the Vikings top weapon. Fortunately for Dallas, Sean Lee and Bruce Carter will both be healthy and are excellent against the run. Peterson has a successful day (115 yards, 1 TD) but it is not enough. With two minutes to go in the game, Dallas hits a field goal and the press coverage is able to hold down Cordarelle Patterson and the gang to preserve the victory for Dallas.

Week 10:

Redskins(6-2) @ Vikings(5-3): Vikings 31, Redskins 28

Seahawks(7-2) @ Falcons(5-3): Falcons 27, Seahawks 24

Bengals(7-2) @ Ravens(4-4): Bengals 13, Ravens 10

Lions(2-6) @ Bears(2-6): Bears 23, Lions 13

Eagles(4-5) @ Packers(6-2): Packers 41, Eagles 27

Rams(3-6) @ Colts(4-4): Colts 24, Rams 17

Raiders(0-8) @ Giants(5-3): Giants 24, Raiders 7

Bills(2-7) @ Steelers(4-4): Steelers 28, Bills 14

Jaguars(0-8) @ Titans(1-7): Titans 22, Jaguars 17

Panthers(3-5) @ Niners(5-3): Niners 42, Panthers 13

Texans(6-2) @ Cardinals(1-7): Texans 31, Cardinals 17

Broncos(8-0) @ Chargers(3-5): Chargers 28, Broncos 20

Cowboys(6-3) @ Saints(5-3): Saints 28, Cowboys 24

Dolphins(5-3) @ Buccaneers(6-2): Dolphins 21, Buccaneers 17

Cowboys @ Saints: The Cowboys will be in the think of NFC playoff contention, with an important game against the Saints holding playoff implication. Despite November, the Cowboys will not be able to keep up. They will be awaiting their bye week, and in their tenth game in a row, they just won’t have the energy down the stretch. The Saints will be in a very friendly environment which will create havoc all night on the Dallas side. A tight game is very exciting heading into the fourth quarter, but the Saints clean up in the final minutes.

Week 11:

Colts(5-4) @ Titans(2-7): Colts 27, Titans 13

Jets(1-8) @ Bills(2-8): Bills 17, Jets 13

Falcons(6-3) @ Buccaneers(6-3): Falcons 24, Buccaneers 21

Lions(2-7) @ Steelers(5-4): Steelers 27, Lions 17

Redskins(7-2) @ Eagles(4-6): Eagles 33, Redskins 26

Chargers(3-6) @ Dolphins(6-3): Dolphins 28, Chargers 17

Ravens(4-5) @ Bears(3-6): Bears 23, Ravens 19

Browns(2-7) @ Bengals(8-2): Browns 24, Bengals 17

Raiders(0-9) @ Texans(7-2): Texans 34, Raiders 17

Cardinals(1-8) @ Jaguars(0-9): Jaguars 14, Cardinals 13

Chiefs(4-5) @ Broncos(8-1): Broncos 41, Chiefs 17

Vikings(6-3) @ Seahawks(7-3): Seahawks 27, Vikings 10

Niners(6-3) @ Saints(6-3): Saints 34, Niners 27

Packers(7-2) @ Giants(6-3): Packers 41, Giants 34

Patriots(9-0) @ Panthers(3-6): Patriots 35, Panthers 23

Week 12:

Saints(7-3) @ Falcons(7-3): Falcons 30, Saints 21

Buccaneers(6-4) @ Lions(2-8): Buccaneers 28, Lions 3

Vikings(6-4) @ Packers(8-2): Packers 38, Vikings 27

Jaguars(1-9) @ Texans(8-2): Texans 35, Jaguars 0

Chargers(3-7) @ Chiefs(4-6): Chiefs 13, Chargers 10

Panthers(3-7) @ Dolphins(7-3): Dolphins 23, Panthers 16

Steelers(6-4) @ Browns(3-7): Steelers 18, Browns 15

Bears(4-6) @ Rams(3-7): Rams 24, Bears 22

Jets(1-9) @ Ravens(4-6): Ravens 34, Jets 13

Titans(2-8) @ Raiders(0-10): Titans 23, Raiders 21

Colts(6-4) @ Cardinals(1-9): Colts 34, Cardinals 14

Cowboys(6-4) @ Giants(6-4): Cowboys 27, Giants 24 (OT)

Broncos(9-1) @ Patriots(10-0): Broncos 34, Patriots 31 (OT)

Niners(6-4) @ Redskins(7-3): Niners 34, Redskins 21

Cowboys @ Giants: Coming off a bye week, the Cowboys will be rested and healthy. With their entire arsenal of See, Carter, Romo, Murray, Bryant, Austin, Witten, Ware, Romo, Spencer, and Austin healthy, the Cowboys play very well. Riding off the Giants November drudge and the extra rest, the Cowboys come back from a 21-10 fourth quarter deficit and hold the Giants off in OT following a great defensive possession. In a tough divisional game, the Cowboys win and tie the Redskins record, leaving the Giants just one game behind, with only the Raiders separating the Cowboys from their deathly December run.

Week 13:

Packers(9-2) @ Lions(2-9): Packers 24, Lions 21

Raiders(0-11) @ Cowboys(7-4): Cowboys 44, Raiders 17

Steelers(7-4) @ Ravens(5-6): Ravens 17, Steelers 13

Broncos(10-1) @ Chiefs(5-6): Broncos 30, Chiefs 20

Titans(3-8) @ Colts(7-4): Titans 20, Colts 17 (OT)

Jaguars(1-10) @ Browns(3-8): Browns 13, Jaguars 0

Buccaneers(7-4) @ Panthers(3-8): Buccaneers 24, Panthers 21 (OT)

Bears(4-7) @ Vikings(6-5): Bears 24, Vikings 3

Cardinals(1-10) @ Eagles(5-6): Eagles 24, Cardinals 17

Dolphins(8-3) @ Jets(1-10): Dolphins 34, Jets 13

Falcons(8-3) @ Bills(3-8): Falcons 27, Bills 24

Rams(4-7) @ Niners(7-4): Niners 30, Rams 24

Patriots(10-1) @ Texans(9-2): Texans 35, Patriots 34

Bengals(8-3) @ Chargers(3-8): Bengals 21, Chargers 14

Giants(6-5) @ Redskins(7-4): Redskins 33, Giants 27 (OT)

Saints(7-4) @ Seahawks(8-3): Seahawks 21, Saints 19

Raiders @ Cowboys: The Cowboys will be in good shape heading into this Thanksgiving Day game against the Raiders, their last game before a dreadful December schedule. Completely healthy for the final run, Dallas will dominate Oakland from the start. Tyler Wilson and Matt Flynn will both play (Dallas picks both off twice, and returns two for scores) and at halftime, Dallas has a cruising 28-10 lead. After the third, Dallas leads 38-10, and Kyle Orton plays the entire fourth quarter and Dallas is already looking ahead to week 14.

Week 14:

Texans(10-2) @ Jaguars(1-11): Jaguars 27, Texans 24 (OT)

Vikings(6-6) @ Ravens(6-6): Vikings 20, Ravens 17

Colts(7-5) @ Bengals(9-3): Colts 35, Bengals 28

Browns(4-8) @ Patriots(10-2): Patriots 35, Browns 23

Raiders(0-12) @ Jets(1-11): Raiders 32, Jets 26

Panthers(3-9) @ Saints(7-5): Saints 34, Panthers 27

Lions(2-10) @ Eagles(6-6): Eagles 23, Lions 16

Dolphins(9-3) @ Steelers(7-5): Steelers 30, Dolphins 24

Bills(3-9) @ Buccaneers(8-4): Buccaneers 24, Bills 7

Chiefs(5-7) @ Redskins(8-4): Redskins 38, Chiefs 35

Titans(4-8) @ Broncos(11-1): Broncos 31, Titans 10

Rams(4-8) @ Cardinals(1-11): Cardinals 23, Rams 13

Giants(6-6) @ Chargers(3-9): Giants 23, Chargers 20 (OT)

Seahawks(9-3) @ Niners(8-4): Seahawks 26, Niners 20

Falcons(9-3) @ Packers(10-2): Falcons 34, Packers 31 (OT)

Cowboys(8-4) @ Bears(5-7): Bears 24, Cowboys 14

Cowboys @ Bears: With the cold December weather and playing in Chicago, Dallas will be in for a tough night of football. Soldier Field is not at easy place to play, especially not in the cold after dark. Dallas starts the game off badly, just like last year’s MNF game and trails 10-0 after 1. Late in the third, Romo throws his second pick of the game. The Bears get a TD off it and lead 24-7 going into the fourth. Romo gets a quick TD to make it a ten point game again, but the Bears defense holds for the rest of the game. Following a terrible night on offense, 3 turnovers, and just a disappointing show, the Cowboys get a deserving loss to hurt their playoff chances.

Week 15:

Chargers(3-10) @ Broncos(12-1): Broncos 27, Chargers 21

Redskins(9-4) @ Falcons(10-3): Falcons 41, Redskins 17

Bears(6-7) @ Browns(4-9): Bears 23, Browns 14

Texans(10-3) @ Colts(8-5): Colts 28, Texans 24

Bills(3-10) @ Jaguars(2-11): Bills 13, Jaguars 10

Patriots(11-2) @ Dolphins(9-4): Patriots 34, Dolphins 28

Eagles(7-6) @ Vikings(7-6): Vikings 23, Eagles 17

Seahawks(10-3) @ Giants(7-6): Seahawks 24, Giants 10

Saints(8-5) @ Rams(4-9): Saints 35, Rams 24

Niners(8-5) @ Buccaneers(9-4): Niners 30, Buccaneers 27 (OT)

Cardinals(2-11) @ Titans(4-9): Cardinals 20, Titans 10

Jets(1-12) @ Panthers(3-10): Panthers 31, Jets 24

Chiefs(5-8) @ Raiders(1-12): Chiefs 34, Raiders 0

Packers(10-3) @ Cowboys(8-5): Cowboys 38, Packers 35 (OT)

Bengals(9-4) @ Steelers(8-5): Steelers 26, Bengals 23 (OT)

Ravens(6-7) @ Lions(2-11): Ravens 38, Lions 17

Packers @ Cowboys: In a December game with just 3 regular season games remaining and an 8-5 record, the Cowboys will be in an adrenaline inducing situation. This will be a very clutch game, and most critics will be watching this game to see how Romo responds to his big time contract in a late, big meaning game against a very tough opponent. Romo will have to play up to the level of Aaron Rodgers if the Cowboys hope to pull off the upset. Last year, Romo showed the ability to hang in there late, and that is exactly what he does in this offensive explosion. Heading into the fourth, the Cowboys defense (missing Spencer and Carter) will be getting beat up, as the Boys trail 28-21. The Packers score quickly again to take a 35-21 lead, and likely snatch the win. Romo leads a TD on the next drive, and the teams trade the ball until Dallas has possession at their own 20 with 3 minutes to go. Dez Bryant makes the big plays, catching two passes for 40 yards on the drive alone, and Gavin Escobar makes a game tying TD with 30 seconds left. In OT, the Cowboys get the ball and punt. The Packers drive to half field, before Barry Church tips a pass intended for Finley. Lee comes up from behind (incredible anticipation) and dives to intercept the ball before it touches the ground. The Cowboys drive 30 yards before Dan Bailey nails a game winner, and the Cowboys Stadium erupts, cheering their team as Romo and the Cowboys pull off the great upset following a great comeback in a crucial game to take a step forward in the division race.

Week 16:

Dolphins(9-5) @ Bills(4-10): Dolphins 27, Bills 24

Saints(9-5) @ Panthers(4-10): Panthers 35, Saints 28

Vikings(8-6) @ Bengals(9-5): Bengals 23, Vikings 10

Broncos(13-1) @ Texans(10-4): Texans 33, Broncos 30 (OT)

Titans(4-10) @ Jaguars(2-12): Titans 23, Jaguars 3

Colts(9-5) @ Chiefs(6-8): Colts 23, Chiefs 17

Browns(4-10) @ Jets(1-13): Browns 40, Jets 23

Bears(7-7) @ Eagles(7-7): Bears 26, Eagles 12

Buccaneers(9-5) @ Rams(4-10): Buccaneers 24, Rams 18

Cowboys(9-5) @ Redskins(9-5): Redskins 30, Cowboys 27 (OT)

Giants(7-7) @ Lions(2-12): Giants 34, Lions 17

Cardinals(3-11) @ Seahawks(11-3): Seahawks 33, Cardinals 17

Steelers(9-5) @ Packers(10-4): Packers 31, Steelers 21

Raiders(1-13) @ Chargers(3-11): Chargers 34, Raiders 20

Patriots(12-2)) @ Ravens(7-7): Patriots 35, Ravens 27

Falcons(11-3) @ Niners(9-5): Falcons 34, Niners 31 (OT)

Cowboys @ Redskins: The Redskins and Cowboys will be ready for a fight to the death in order to take the division. But one of these teams has to lose. The Cowboys will be leading 27-24 towards the end, but a Redskins field goal ties it up and sends it to OT, where the Redskins score on the fifth possession and deliver a crushing blow the Cowboys playoff hopes. Thankfully, Colin Kaepernick is struggling a little bit in his first full year as a starter and might give Dallas an opening into the playoffs with some luck.

Week 17:

Panthers(5-10) @ Falcons(12-3): Panthers 31, Falcons 28

Packers(11-4) @ Bears(8-7): Packers 34, Bears 23

Ravens(7-8) @ Bengals(10-5): Bengals 35, Ravens 21

Eagles(7-8) @ Cowboys(9-6): Cowboys 34, Eagles 20

Jaguars(3-12) @ Colts(10-5): Colts 33, Jaguars 15

Jets(1-14) @ Dolphins(10-5): Dolphins 24, Jets 14

Lions(2-13) @ Vikings(8-7): Vikings 26, Lions 20

Bills(4-11) @ Patriots(13-2): Bills 21, Patriots 20

Buccaneers(10-5) @ Saints(9-6): Buccaneers 24, Saints 20

Redskins(10-5) @ Giants(8-7): Giants 35, Redskins 34

Browns(5-10) @ Steelers(9-6): Steelers 34, Browns 26

Texans(11-4) @ Titans(5-10): Texans 28, Titans 23

Niners(9-6) @ Cardinals(3-12): Cardinals 20, Niners 14

Broncos(13-2) @ Raiders(1-14): Broncos 48, Raiders 21

Chiefs(6-9) @ Chargers(4-11): Chiefs 13, Chargers 7

Rams(4-11) @ Seahawks(12-3): Seahawks 21, Rams 14

NFC South:

1) Falcons (12-4)

2) Buccaneers (11-5)

3) Saints (9-7)

4) Panthers (6-10)

NFC West:

1) Seahawks (13-3)

2) Niners (9-6)

3) Rams (4-12)

4) Cardinals (4-12)

NFC East:

1) Redskins (10-6)

2) Cowboys (10-6)

3) Giants (9-7)

4) Eagles (7-9)

NFC North:

1) Packers (12-4)

2) Vikings (9-7)

3) Bears (8-8)

4) Lions (2-14)

AFC South:

1) Texans (12-4)

2) Colts (11-5)

3) Titans (5-11)

4) Jaguars (3-13)

AFC West:

1) Broncos (14-2)

2) Chiefs (7-9)

3) Chargers (4-12)

4) Raiders (1-15)

AFC East:

1) Patriots (13-3)

2) Dolphins (11-5)

3) Bills (5-11)

4) Jets (1-15)

AFC North:

1) Bengals (11-5)

2) Steelers (9-7)

3) Ravens (7-9)

4) Browns (5-11)

Playoff Seeding:


1) Seahawks

2) Falcons

3) Packers

4) Redskins

5) Buccaneers

6) Cowboys

Analysis: The Cowboys did not get into the playoffs because they played very well; rather, they were very lucky Kaepernick was injured against the Cardinals in Week 17, and that the Saints slipped. The Cowboys had a good season, but in a super-competitive modern day NFL, the Cowboys barely get into the sixth seed by the skin of their teeth, hoisting the worst record in the NFL playoffs.


1) Broncos

2) Patriots

3) Texans

4) Bengals

5) Dolphins

6) Colts

Analysis: The AFC sees a new face in the playoffs, in the form of the star studded Dolphins led by Ryan Tannehill, while leaving the Steelers and Ravens behind.

All Pro Team:

Quarterback: Tom Brady

Running Back: Doug Martin, LeSean McCoy

Wide Receiver: Dez Bryant, Julio Jones

Tight End: Vernon Davis

Tackle: Matt Khalil, Ryan Clady

Guard: Carl Nicks, Any Levitre

Center: Nick Mangold

Defensive End: J.J. Watt, DeMarcus Ware

Defensive Tackle: Geno Atkins, Muhammad Wilkerson

Outside Linebacker: Aldon Smith, Von Miller

Inside Linebacker: Luke Kuechly, Sean Lee

Cornerback: Richard Sherman, Tim Jennings

Safety: Eric Berry, Earl Thomas


MVP: Tom Brady (5400 Yards, 48 TD, 10 INT)

OPOY: Tom Brady (5400 Yards, 48 TD, 10 INT)

DPOY: Von Miller (90 Tackles, 18.0 sacks, 3 FF, 1 INT)

OROY: DeAndre Hopkins (45 rec, 900 yards, 5 TD)

DROY: Bjoern Werner (60 tackles, 7.5 sacks, 1 FF)


NFC Wildcard

1) Cowboys @ Packers: The Cowboys were able to upset the Packers earlier this season at home and will look to do it again against long odds to finally earn the second playoff win of the Tony Romo era. The Cowboys will be fully healthy, which will go a long way. All in all, Dallas has a better offensive core with Witten and Bryant, but it will be hard to trump Rodgers in the cold. Luckily for Dallas, the Packers make some mistakes early as Brandon Carr has a pick six in the first half and Franklin coughs up a fumble, giving the Cowboys a hot 20-10 lead at halftime. The Packers make it 20-17 entering the fourth, but a good offensive possession for the Cowboys gives them a 23-17 lead, before Ware strip sacks Rodgers. The Cowboys take it for a score on the possession, and a comfortable 30-17 lead. The Packers score 10 quick point to make it 30-27, but the Cowboys run it well and are able to drain the clock and shock the Packers at home, advancing to the Divisional round playoffs.

2) Buccaneers @ Redskins: The Redskins will once again be hosting the wild card playoffs against a lower seeded team with a better record. The Buccaneers run defense will show, not allowing Griffin or Morris space to run. As the Redskins begin to air it out, Revis and Goldson step up for the secondary, each intercepting a pass and returning one for a TD in the first half alone, after which the Buccaneers lead 17-3. The Redskins offense continues to struggle before Griffin explodes for a 40 yard run. However, it is nulled when Mark Barron delivers a crushing blow, forcing a fumble. The Buccaneers take advantage of the third quarter and take a 20-3 lead to the fourth quarter. Griffin finally gets something going for the Redskins, throwing a TD pass to Garcon. The Buccaneers punt, and after another field goal, it is a seven point game. Doug Martin takes to shred the Redskins defense for a 50 yard score, and the Redskins are never able to recover, and the Buccaneers advance after a 27-13 victory in Washington.

AFC Wildcard

1) Colts @ Texans: The Texans will be ready for a good game after a successful season, but the Colts are no pushover and know what a victory over the Texans feels like. The Texans will have the home field advantage, but it will be a fair fight tied at 13 at halftime. The Colts look like they are taking a big step forward after ripping off ten straight to start the third, but a TD and pick six later for the Texans, Houston leads 27-23 with 10 minutes left in the fourth. Luck shows up clutch, scoring a TD with 5 minutes to go, but Houston answers with a big punt return. With 15 second left, Houston will be at the goal line, on third down. After a play action fake, Schaub delivers a perfect throw to Owen Daniels in the flat, over the defender of the shoulder and right into the breadbasket for a game winning TD, and the Texans move on, 34-30.

2) Dolphins @ Bengals: The Bengals will be playing at home now, and after a great season, will be looking to finally move on in the playoffs. But the Dolphins will be tenacious, and a familiar Mike Wallace will terrorize Adam Jones to the tune of 90 yards and a score just at halftime as the Dolphins lead 20-7. In the third quarter, the Bengals lock up on defense, as Jones plays a deep ball to Wallace very well and intercepts it. The Bengals go for a 21-0 run in the third quarter to take a 28-20 lead going into the fourth quarter. The Dolphins finally get a rhythm going on offense again with another deep bomb to Wallace for a score and get two point conversion to tie the game. The Bengals drive before Andy Dalton throws an errant pass that is picked off by Clemens. The Dolphins turn it into a field goal, giving the Bengals 2 minutes to tie the game. It doesn’t even take that long though, as A.J. Green catches a pass at half field and breaks away for a TD to take a 35-31 lead. The Bengals stop the Dolphins on fourth down on the next drive and kneel for the victory, sending the Dolphins home.

NFC Divisional:

1) Cowboys @ Seahawks: The Cowboys will be in for a heck of a game against the Seahawks in Seattle. The ‘Hawks are one of the best teams in the league, and playing at home, are absolutely formidable. The Seahawks stadium bother Romo to no end, as Romo goes 2/8 in the first quarter, Dallas has 3 penalties (all on offense) and are down 14-0 after the first period. The second quarter does not get any better as Romo throws a pick and the Bengals score a TD to take a 21-0 lead with two minutes left. The Cowboys finally have a good looking drive, but only have time for a field goal to cut it 21-3 at halftime, with the odds looking very long for Dallas to make a huge second half comeback against one of the best defenses on the road. But Dallas isn’t out of it yet, as Romo drives for another field goal to make it a two score game. Sean Lee makes the play and intercepts Wilson on the next drive, and Romo gets a TD out of it to cut the score 21-13, only down by a single TD. But right before the fourth, the Seahawks get down and hit a field goal to keep a 24-13 lead. The Cowboys start the fourth quarter off on the wrong note as Miles Austin fumbles away the ball and the Seahawks are on it. The defense plays well, stopping Seattle to another field goal, now down by 14, 27-13. Romo goes for it on fourth down on the next drive, but is sacked immediately. Dallas does not have the ball again until just 6 minutes are left. But Romo takes command, and via a big play to Escobar, Dallas gets a TD with three minutes left. The defense struggles against Lynch, but eventually get the ball back. Romo and the offense take the field down by 7, with 35 seconds left, no timeouts, at their own 30. Terrance Williams catches a 20 yard pass and gets out of bounds. Romo is sacked on a blitz and the Cowboys hurry up, leaving time for 2 plays, about 12 seconds on the clock from their own 45. Romo drops back and airs it out deep for Bryant in single coverage against Sherman. Bryant makes the clutch, superstar play, making the catch around Sherman’s helmet for the ridiculous, game tying catch and the Cowboys make a remarkable comeback to send it to OT tied at 27. The Seahawks start with the ball, but Dallas stops them. B.W. Webb makes a great punt return, all the way back to half field, but fumbles away the ball. The Seahawks pounce on it and are in prime position to take the win. The Seahawks drive slowly, but eventually are in place for the tying field goal. It’s good, and the Cowboys fall once again in Seattle, 30-27, after taking the Seahawks to OT, but the season is over for Dallas.

2) Buccaneers @ Falcons: The Buccaneers will be looking for the upset win in Atlanta, bringing their shiny new secondary to stop the offense and re play in the NFC Championship. It is a slow moving game, with Atlanta leading 10-7 at halftime. The teams trade field goal, and Atlanta leads 16-13 going into the fourth. Finally, Julio Jones catches Revis for a 45 yard gain. Revis lunges, but Jones shakes him off and goes all the way for a monumental score to take a 24-13 lead. The Buccaneers offense, not geared for double digit points per quarter, are only able to score a field goal after that, and the Falcons dash their rivals hopes with a 24-16 finish.

AFC Divisional:

1) Bengals @ Broncos: The Bengals will be facing the extremely hard task of navigating past the Broncos in the playoffs. To do so, the Bengals will have to follow in the footsteps of their division rivals and pull out a miracle. The Broncos are much more talented and equipped, and it shows as they easily handle the Bengals 34-17.

2) Texans @ Patriots: The Texans have plenty of bad memories against the Patriots and will be looking to avenge themselves when they travel to the home of Tom Brady. J.J. Watt will make his presence known, bothering Brady on every dropback and sacking him once on the opening drive. With Watt playing excellent on the edge, Brady throws a first half pick and the Patriots are down 17-10 at halftime. They both play an even game after that, tied at 23 heading into the fourth quarter. But J.J. Watt makes the plays again, collecting two sacks in the fourth for a shutout, while Schaub and company put up 14 and the Texans prevail, 37-23.

Conference Championships

Falcons @ Seahawks: For the second year in a row, Atlanta will be in the NFC Conference Championship, playing an NFC West team for a Super Bowl trip. It is very hard to win in Seattle, and Atlanta will feel it all game. This will be an intense, physical game. Atlanta will get the ball first, but won’t be able to do anything. As Seattle plays great defense throughout the first half, the Seahawks offense does a decent job, and at halftime, the Hawks are up 10-6. The Seahawks look like they are breaking away when they take the first possession of the second half to the endzone and a 17-6 lead. But Atlanta is not prepared to lose at the Conference Championship again, and take a perfect looking drive down the field before Tony Gonzalez catches the TD to make it a 4 point game again, 17-13. The teams keep trading punts until the last 7 minutes, when Julio Jones comes alive. On a deep bomb from half field, Jones makes the catch over Sherman and Thomas at the goal line, where he is downed. The Falcons are able to run it in for a TD, and take a 20-17 lead. Wilson leads his team to half field, and on third down and 8, only gets 6 yards. The Falcons are able to bring the blitz and put Wilson on the turf in the backfield to force a turnover on downs. Ryan and Company drive for a field goal, taking a 23-17 lead with 1 minute left, after putting up 17 points in a row. Wilson is able to drive to the Falcons 30, and the Hawks barely spike the ball, leaving 3 seconds on the clock. Wilson drops backs and throws up the desperate pass to the endzone, but in a crowded space, no one is able to come up with the ball, and the Falcons upset the Number 1 seeded Seahawks at home, advancing to the Super Bowl.

Texans @ Broncos: The Broncos will be hosting the AFC Championship, competing for a Super Bowl against the Houston Texans. Led by J.J. Watt, the Texans will go into Denver expecting a hard fought fight, but still confident in their ability to win from their earlier meeting. The Broncos will get the first score, a TD to Thomas at the end of the first. There will be no scoring again until the two minute warning, when Andre Johnson gets rid of all the defenders for a 45 yard TD. Starting the third quarter, the Broncos will get a field goal, which the Texans will match. Tied at ten, Manning will make the first mistake, fumbling the ball off a hit by Whitney Mercilus, which Houston recovers. Houston gets a field goal, and at the end of the third, the Texans lead 13-10. The Broncos are not far behind, getting their own tying field goal. It is a game of field goal after that, each team putting up a field goal on their drives, when the score is finally 19-19. The Texans will have the ball with 3 minutes go. Arian Foster makes the game changing play, breaking away for a 25 yard TD with 1:30 to go, seemingly the crushing blow to Denver’s playoff hopes, taking a 26-19 lead. But Manning shows up very clutch, leading his team down the field to the 5 yard line, leaving 10 seconds on the clock, and 1 timeout. Watt wraps him for the sack, and the Broncos use their last timeout, leaving time for one more play. Manning snaps, and this time, has a few seconds in the pocket. He throws a bullet to the corner of the endzone, where Eric Decker is waiting behind the defense for the game tying TD catch, and it goes to OT tied at 26. The Texans get the ball first. After driving to the Broncos 40, Matt Schaub is swarmed and sacked on 3rd down, and the Texans punt. The Broncos drive to half field and are faced with a 4th and 1. They decide to go for it, and after a play action, Montee Ball gets open in the flat. The throw to him goes for 30 yards, setting up a field goal. After a couple runs, the Broncos hit the field goal, beating the Texans 29-26 in OT and going on the meet the Falcons in the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl: Falcons @ Broncos (MetLife Stadium)

On February 2nd, at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, the AFC Champions Denver Broncos will face the NFC Champions Atlanta Falcons for the Lombardi Trophy. Peyton Manning will be playing in the cold, something he will be used to from Denver, but this time, unlike Super Bowl 46, Peyton Manning will be playing in his little brother’s palace. The Falcons will be ready to put their hot receiving group to work against the Broncos, whom they have experience being winners over. Mr. Clutch Matt Ryan will be put to the ultimate test, while the Broncos will try to prove to the world that they are really the best team in the NFL. The Broncos will kick off, and the Falcons will return. The Falcons will get the first down, but then will have to punt. The Broncos are also stopped by the Falcons D and punt the ball. The Falcons are the first to get the ball moving, driving to the Broncos 30. But the good drive is ruined when a pass to Gonzalez in the middle is tipped, and the Broncos are able to dive and secure the gift at their own 5 for the games first turnover. The Broncos capitalize, going down for a field goal at the end of the first and a 3-0 lead. the Falcons, unhappy with their fortune from the previous drive look good on offense again. Julio Jones makes a catch on a screen, and after some good blocking, breaks away for a 30 yard gain. The Falcons slowly drive down to the goal line. Matt Ryan fakes a handoff before rolling out and finding Gonzalez for the game’s first TD, and the Falcons take a 7-3 lead. The Broncos go down for their own TD to take a 10-7 lead, and there is no more scoring in the half. To start the third quarter, the Broncos will have the ball. They will drive past the Falcons defense for their second field goal, furthering to a 13-7 lead. The Falcons will drive to half field before Ryan commits another turnover; a fumble off a Von Miller sack. The Broncos will recover and get another field goal out of it, putting Atlanta in a 16-7, 9 point deficit hole. Matt Ryan, despite two turnovers in less that 3 quarters, will not panic and lead a nice looking drive to the endzone, bringing the Falcons to within 2 points, 16-14, taking the game to the fourth quarter. The Broncos will start with the ball in the fourth quarter, leading by just two. Peyton Manning will drive to the 40, but will be sacked on a blitz on third down, bringing on the punt. The Falcons drive to the Broncos 30 before being stopped on third down and 1. Mike Smith gets gutsy, electing to go for the first down. Matt Ryan drops back and is immediately pressured. He rolls out, and as he is being harassed from behind, throws a little screen pass to Jacquizz Rodgers. Rodgers weaves his way to the first down before finding a lane and bursting all the way for a lead-changing TD, and the Falcons take a 21-16 lead. Peyton Manning, stunned, will take the field with 8 minutes left, down by a TD in the Super Bowl. Manning drives well, aided by a good running game, before hitting Wes Welker for a TD from the 5 yard line with 5 minutes left. Leading 22-21, the Broncos elect to go for a two point conversion. Manning goes for Decker on a slant, but Desmond Trufant sticks a hand in from underneath Decker’s ribs and irritates the ball placement, preventing the conversion. The Broncos now lead 22-21, leaving 5 minutes on the clock. The Falcons have a bad return, only to their own 15, and a long field ahead of them in the waning minutes of a very close Super Bowl contest. But Matt Ryan is very clutch, coming up big. He converts two fourth down conversions, and gives Tony Gonzalez four receptions of his own and the Falcons are on the Broncos 10 yard line, facing a 3rd and 1, with 2 minutes left. On the play, Ryant fakes a handoff and completely fools the defense. Gonzalez runs a post to the corner of the endzone, and all alone completely open makes an easy catch in the endzone for his second TD of the night, and the crowd erupts as the Falcons take a late lead, leaving just about a minute and a half on the clock. The Falcons decide to go for two as well, but Ryan is put under pressure and his throw is off, so the Falcons take a 27-21 lead, giving the Broncos the ball with a minute and a half to make a TD and win. Manning and company drive to half field, but in the process, Manning is sacked 2 times by a defense putting him under tremendous pressure. From the Falcons 40, the Broncos have 12 seconds left. On the snap, Manning rolls out being chased by the defensive line, and barely manages to get rid of the ball, leaving just 5 seconds left, time for a desperation play. The Falcons bring out the umbrella defense, and the game winning play is on. Manning snaps and drops back. The Falcons surprisingly blitz a safety who comes right up the middle. Under pressure, Manning dumps to McGahee, who barely gets his hands around the football before he is swarmed by defenders and dropped, and the Falcons hold off the Broncos to win the Super Bowl, 27-21. The Falcons escape with their first franchise Super Bowl win, giving Gonzalez the ring he’s been hoping for his whole career as he exits the NFL. It is likely the last time Manning will get a chance to win, being 38 when he comes back. The MVP is Tony Gonzalez.

Super Bowl Stats:

Matt Ryan: 28/44, 330 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT

Steven Jackson: 16 rush, 65 yards

Jacquizz Rodgers: 3 rush, 12 yards, 1 rec, 30 yards, TD

Julio Jones: 5 rec, 80 yards

Roddy White: 8 rec, 105 yards

Tony Gonzalez: 10 rec, 120 yards, 2 TD

Peyton Manning: 32/50, 380 yards, 2 TD

Montee Ball: 14 rush, 71 yards, 3 rec, 45 yards

DeMaryius Thomas: 8 rec, 120 yards, TD

Eric Decker: 4 rec, 45 yards

Wes Welker: 9 rec, 85 yards, TD

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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