A look ahead: Cole Beasley



OK. I started with a future thoughts post, and then I regressed to a Garrett post to discuss his job security. Enough of the latter, there are plenty of folks who have that covered, and well.

So I'm back to my prognosticatorial path, plainly purporting the ability to peer purposefully past the fog we know as the future.

All right, enough of that, too. Down to business.

Cole Beasley. The player who nearly wasn't. Had I had a pet cat last year (or even known what a pet cat was) it would have been this young man. As it stands, he is still my pet cat this year.

I found myself wondering more as the season progressed, "Why are we not getting Beasley more involved? His hands mostly look like shop-vac tubes."

Now I admittedly do not have access to the all-22 views, and even if I did, I'm not kidding anyone, I need more tutelage to speak intelligently about X's & O's. I had some trouble finding a ton of film of him specifically in the NFL, and I assume that is because he really saw limited time, and was not the feature receiver that say, Mr. 88 is.

Never fear! I did find a long highlight reel of his college work, and for me, the good news is that watching this refreshed my memories of him doing pretty much the exact same thing in the NFL. Catching almost everything, running around like a maniac.

I can't wait to hear the guffaws, but he really reminded me of this guy, in certain respects, but not just the fact that they're both small white guys who seem to play a lot faster than you might think.

I hear talk of receiver depth, and questions of where Beasley might fit in.

Fit in? I know this other team, right, and they run a two tight end set a lot. They've got this little guy blazing around the field catching 100+ passes a year. Or did, until they traded him.

San Diego cut him early in his career, with some later regrets, as found here:

"I walked over," Schottenheimer said, "and said to him, and this is the truth, I said, ‘Of all the players I’ve been involved in releasing, the decision to release you was the biggest mistake ever made that at least involved myself.’

He played for Miami too, and they let him go for a trade that they certainly lost on, in the long run.

So just why do I bring this up?

I do not want to see Beasley leave this team in a similar fashion. At all. I'm a little worried that the possibility exists, but if I was forced to pick one way or the other, I would guess he stays. They let him quit and come back last year, and he made the roster. That bodes well for him to remain here.

And that is good, because my hope is that this year is the year where we see Beasley much more often on game day. It is true that the other team and the other guy theoretically had less (by volume) great receiving options than the Cowboys may have this year, and that could partly account for the sheer number of targets.

Do I expect Beasley to see 100 receptions? Not even close.

If he is effective, would I love to see 50? Yes, I would.

As far as I'm concerned, the more sure-handed receivers we can surround our QB with, the better.

The more guys who can and will catch the ball in traffic, find soft spots in zones, and simply just make plays - the better.

I'll be the first guy to light the Beasley torch and carry it in the front of the crowd, because I think this guy has the ability to do great things in the NFL.

I just hope he does them for the Cowboys. Starting this year would be awesome.

Ok Cole. Ball is in your court, man. Make us proud.


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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