Ironman's Absurdly Early 53 man Roster Prediction(A.E.R.P)(with Game day projection)

Well since Coty's Roster Bulider is out, (BTW, Get out of my mind Coty, it is dangerous in there!), now is a great time for an absurdly early Roster projection.... So without further adeiu:

Defense (25)
Defensive Backs (9) Linebackers (7) Defensive Linemen (9)
S (4) CB (5) OLB (4) ILB (3) DE (3) DT (6)
Barry Church Brandon Carr Alex Albright DeVonte Holloman Anthony Spencer Tyrone Crawford
Matt Johnson Morris Claiborne Bruce Carter Sean Lee DeMarcus Ware Jason Hatcher
J.J. Wilcox Sterling Moore Brandon Magee Ernie Sims Kyle Wilber Sean Lissemore
Will Allen Orlando Scandrick Cameron Lawrence Jay Ratliff
B.W. Webb Ben Bass
Ikponmwosa Igbinosun
Offense (25)
Offensive Backfield (5) Receivers (9) Offensive Linemen (11)
QB (2) RB (3) WR (5) TE (4) OT (3) G/C (8)
Tony Romo DeMarco Murray Miles Austin Jason Witten Doug Free David Arkin
Kyle Orton Joseph Randle Dez Bryant Gavin Escobar Tyron Smith Mackenzy Bernadeau
Kendial Lawrence Dwayne Harris James Hanna Jermey Parnell Phil Costa
Terrance Williams Andre Smith Travis Frederick
Tim Benford Kevin Kowalski
Ronald Leary
Nate Livings
Ryan Cook
Special Teams (3) Injured (3) Practice Squad
Kickers (1) Punters (1) Long Snappers (1) IR/PUP
Dan Bailey Chris Jones L.P. LaDouceur Josh Brent Charley Hughlett
Brian Price Xavier Brewer
Danny Coale Jakar Hamilton
Micah Pellerin
Tank Reed
Cameron Sheffield
Deon Lacey
Darrion Weems
Total Roster Size: 53 --- Click Here to CUT!
Current Salary: $112046841 Salary Cap: $119495156

Starters are in Italics, Gameday roster in Bold:

QB(2)- Tony Romo, Kyle Orton:

Nothing to say here that hasn't already been said...moving along.

RB(3)- Demarco Murray, Joesph Randle, Kendal Lawrence:

Randle moves into Felix's old spot as #2, While Lawrence is the COP back....yes I think Dallas only carries 3 RB's this year for a reason I will get into later...

WR(5)- Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, DeWayne Harris, Terrance Williams, Tim Benford :

I think Harris wins the #3 spot this year, though it will be closer than alot of people think and due to the same reason(that again I will get to later) that Dallas only has 3 RB's they go with 5 WR's this year...Sorry Beasley Fans...and Coale likely starts out on the PUP list....

TE(4)- Jason Witten, Gavin Escobar, James Hanna, Andre Smith

This pretty much goes as expected However Like the WR battle between Harris and Williams, I think Hanna will give Escobar a run for the #2 TE position....but I think Escobar wins out because he improves his blocking faster.....

Offensive Line(11):

Tyron Smith, Travis Fredrick, Phil Costa, Mackenzy Bernadeau, Doug Free

Ryan Cook, Nate Livings, Jeremy Parnell, David Arkin, Ronald Leary, Kevin Kowalski

Yes for all you Arkin and Leary Fans out there, neither one of them see the Game day roster again, however not because they suck, but because A, Cook is the master at Versatility(able to play all 5 positions), Livings isn't going to get cut (his cap hit is only 2.4 million) and he played well last year so he is good depth, and neither Arkin or Leary can play Tackle......however After this year, Both Livings and Cook are likely gone, (Cook is a FA, and Livings salary goes to 3.4 million making him too expensive to keep) so both will get another crack at the starting lineup....and this is part of the reason Dallas will go 3 rb's and 5 WR's


Defensive End(3):

Demarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer, Kyle Wilbur

Yes I know that having only 3 DE's seems to be extremely low, but think about it....Ware hasn't missed a single game in 9 years, and Spencer has missed 2 games since becoming the starter in if there is any place Dallas can go light, it is here.....there is also the "swiss Army knife" Alex Albright, who can play DE if needed(and probably will)

Defensive Tackle(7):

Jay Ratliff, Sean Lissemore, Jason Hatcher , Tyrone Crawford, Ben Bass, Ikponmwosa Igbinosun

As you can see I have 3 "starters" @ Defensive Tackle....and yes I know that Dallas has moved to a 4-3....What I evension is that Hatcher becomes the "6th man"(to use a basketball reference) For those that don't know what that is, the "6th man is a player that doesn't start, but still get "starter's minutes" What I think is that on first and second down JAy and Hatcher will "rotate" then on Third Down, they will line up together. Sean Lissemore is you "defacto" Starter @ the 1 tech, and will com out on 3rd down. Ratliff will move to the 1 tech, with Hatcher coming in to play the 3 Tech.....this should keep Ratliff's and Hatchers snaps to a minimum keeping them fresher for the fourth quarter...

And for those that are wondering, Crawford, Lissemore, Bass are likely your starters next year with Price and "Ike" being the "Depth" which is why (IMO) Dallas didn't bring in any new players for the DL....and I think that Dallas keeps Brent on the IR list untill his legal issues are resolved and Dallas knows for certain how it will play out....I think that is Brent doesn't get any Jail time, and doesn't get a massive suspension from Goodell, HE will likely be back next year.....


Sean Lee, DeVonte Holloman:

Now before you go crazy asking "2 ILB's? are you crazy?" remember Two words...Bruce Carter....I think that Lee takes the MLB and Carter takes the Will, however, I think Carter is the Primary backup to Lee @ the "Mike" position as I think there will be a camp battle for the position...and an Awesome battle it will be... Bruce Lee vs....Bruce Lee? O.M.G.


Bruce Carter, Alex Albright, Brandon Magee, Cameron Lawrence

Carter as I said is the Will, but Albright as the Sam?....Isn't he slower than Molasses?....yes his 40 time is subpar (4.86 @ proday)....however his 20 and 10 yard splits are very similar to someone that ran much faster....@1.60 and 2.71 sec respectfully his Time are almost exactly the same as Demarcus Ware(who ran a 4.56 40, with 1.62 and 2.71 10&20 splits) so he has more than enough "speed" to play the Sam LB spot...

And didn't I say that Albright will be the backup DE?...yes I would like to see Albright play a "Von MIller" role as a OLB that moves to DE in certain Packages....


Barry Church, Matt Johnson, JJ Wilcox, Will Allen

Yes Will Allen Gets "Churched" by Johnson in TC, however unlike Poole Allen merely take McCray's spot On ST(Allen is alot cheaper than McCray's 1.3 million tag)


Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne, Orlando Scandrick, B.W.Webb, Sterling Moore

I think this is fairly straight forward... so not going into detail here, though Moore gets caught in the Numbers crunch on Gameday.....


K: Dan Bailey

P: Chris Jones

LS: L.P. LaDouceur

Yeah...that's good....

Let me know what you guys think.....

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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