4 Point Stance: Just Win(s) Baby!

Last time, I wrote something pretty provocative that may have flown under the radar. In case you missed it, "Do you know how many fourth quarter leads this team gave up during the Rob Ryan era? 7. I said 7! Wow. So instead of being 16-16 over the last 2 years we could have been 23-9? 2011: Jets (17), Lions (17), Pats (Game winning TD Drive), Cards (Game tying drive), Giants (14). 2012: Giants (6), Atl (13)."

Don’t belittle that point. What is in parenthesis are the points scored by that team in the 4th quarter. To me, as a fan, there is nothing more devastating than a blown fourth quarter lead. Sitting there, watching the team implode score after score, drive and drive. Mind numbing. But look at the inverse. Leading by that much means the Cowboys offense was clicking, putting up enough points to win! That means that Romo may not be that bad of a QB as the media pundits have led us to believe. But I digress…

I’d like you guys to hear my case on Why Transitioning to a 4-3 defense and new DC will lead fewer blown 4th quarter leads and more wins using (4) points that lead me to a single conclusion, a metaphorical "4 point stance":

"Blue 80": Pretty obvious, but more bodies at the line of scrimmage. It may seem that in the 3-4 there were 7 bodies at the LOS but remember that often (1) of the OLB’s had coverage responsibilities. And Rob Ryan, bless his heart, and despite public perception was very conservative in the 4th quarter often rushing (3) with an exotic coverage scheme on the backend. When instead he should have been aggressive and put pressure on the QB. Speaking of which…

"Yellow 80": …There will be fewer ill timed 4th quarter blitzes. It always perplexed me how on one drive he just rushes (3) and then the next he blitzes with reckless abandon! Where is the strategy? I was often left feeling like he had no goal with the blitz. In fact, during the Jets game, he blitzed on 2nd and long from the Jets 13 yard line only to watch Sanchez complete a 30 yard pass to Santonio Holmes! Why blitz!! Up by 14!!! Sigh… so there’s got to be better…

"White 80": …Organization with Kiffin and Marnelli, right? A goal. A strategy. Its 3rd and short. Stop the run and play press coverage on the outside. This 4-3 defense of theirs is famous for situation football and timely turnovers. You know how many turnover we had under Ryan? 24. The Bears had 44. Last year. Alone. But the biggest difference should be…

"Go": … Longer drives. Which means less clock remaining. Which hopefully helps the team run out the clock to hold onto the lead. Hear me on this: If you leading by less than a TD and have the ball that one thing, but if you’re up by more than 7, your defense you strive for a 3 and out but at the least force the opponent to matriculate down the field before they score. Not like the fast :52 drive Ryan gave up to Brady! Man…

… this guy killed me at time! My point is this, this is a more experience staff on D that should be more organized and strategic that will have fewer blown leads. Not turning wins into losses in the 4th quarter. And this is season it’s all about wins baby!


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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