Position Battles series 1: The Battle in the Furnace; a Tale of two Coals



If there was one position for the Dallas Cowboys where every starting position seems set, It would be the wide receivers. With upcoming young star Dez Bryant and multi-probowler Miles Austin starting and talented 2011 draftee Dwayne Harris along with this year's third round receiver Terrance Newman backing them up, this position seems set.

However, today I would like to dive a little deeper. More to the point, I would like to look at who will be manning the 5th wide receiver position. Note, I'm am not saying that this(these) player(s) will not start over Terrance Newman. What I am saying is that Newman will have a relatively safe spot on the roster this year while these players may need to battle it out for a roster spot.

First up, Mr. Cole Beasley. Since no tale is complete without a diddy, here is my very own about Beasley.

I had a pet cat, and his name was Beasley. He was a bit short, but he got open quite easily

I do admit that I am biased but for the sake of this post, I'll try to not let it seep through. positives : He is very good at finding a way to get open. If a receiver is fast but can't find ways to get open, his speed is useless. Therefore, It is a very good thing to at least have this basic fundamental skill which all elite wide receivers have. Beasley also makes very fast cuts which contributes the the previous positive. If I could name one area in which he looks elite, it would be here. He also has good hands. Not Escobar-type of hands but they still look pretty darn good. Negatives: Many people have gone to great pains to tell us this negative. Have you guessed it? Yep, he only stands at 5-8. He is not going to be the type of player that is going to jump over a cornerback to get the ball much less touch the top of the cornerback's head(humor intended). Another downer related to his height is his speed . He is going to get open for you but don't expect him to travel far with the ball when he catches it and never expect him to be a guy who is going to bring in that Hail Mary touchdown you need so desperately. Finally, a negative that is also due to physical appearance is his durability. Cornerbacks, especially the bigger ones, will easily squash Beasley under there thumb and will sideline him for a few snaps when he takes a big hit. Enough about Beasley, let's move onto the other contender.

Please welcome Dannyyyyyyyyyy Coale! As the final contestant(unless an additional contestant steps up) on this show, Danny would feel wounded if he did not get his own diddy as the other contestant did. There was a younge squire, named Danny Coale. He stood a bit taller, than little bold Cole

Coale is one of the biggest unknowns on the roster at this point. He's was out for the season with an ACL tear hasn't been able to be fully involved in the OTAs. Positives: His hands are as good as Beasley's if not better. He is the polar opposite of Beasley in the fact that he has speed but does not have as good change of direction skills. His routes look solid and he is good deep threat. Negatives: As mentioned above, He doesn't have as good change of direction skills and will often rely on straight out speed. It was hard to see any other negatives in his game as I was only able to find his highlight video so if you able to enlighten me, please do.

Obviously, since Beasley is my pet cat, I think he will beat out Coale for the 5th receiver spot but feel free to disagree in the comments and the poll below. Here are links to "Danny Coale's"> and "">Cole Beasley's highlight videos if you would like to see them in action.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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