How to be a curmudgeon -- DirkG's guide to peace and harmony

I posted some stuff in answer to a comment on KD's Six Degrees of Separation article and I thought it was worth repeating them here. There's a perception that homers like me (also often called "optimists" or "apologists" ) will not tolerate any negative words about our team. That is not at all the case. It's very easy to get along with the most homeristic of us all (and to prove my homer credentials, I defended the 2009 draft).

So here's some don'ts and dos for getting along with those of us drowned in the kool aid--


  • Ignore wads of data to focus on a minor detail like being a few yards off on a stat
  • Demand proof and links of support for things that are common knowledge/easily examined/googled
  • Tell mods and FPWs how to do their jobs
  • Say things like "do you know anything about football?", "koolaid drinker", or "apologist"
  • Exaggerate: "2009 was the worst draft ever!" (see Dallas’ 2000 draft), "Costa does not belong in the NFL", "Romo always chokes away important games", etc.
  • Assume that anyone who doesn’t reach the same conclusion as you is not acknowledging your points
  • Refer to 1994-2012 as one monolithic row of the same mistake over and over again


  • acknowledge facts that disagree with your conclusions (even as you rebut them)
  • acknowledge that you are not currently employed by any team, player, or subsidiary of the NFL, and therefore are just as layman as the rest of us (unless, of course, that isn’t true).
  • say things like “I am concerned that we haven’t done enough to address the deficiencies in the o-line” or “our defensive line is stout, but aging rapidly” or “I really don’t think a TE in the second round was the most efficient use of that pick.”
  • BE realistic. Just don’t claim it as the exclusive, privileged territory of a few intellectually superior beings.
  • BE negative. It's ok, really. Just bring facts to the table and be measured.

"Jerry really blew it with the Roy Williams trade", is fine posting because it's totally true. "Jerry has never made a good trade in his entire time running the Cowboys" is bombastic nonsense that isn't remotely true. "Romo's mistake at the end of the Redskins game cost us the playoffs" -- fine, true, perfectly stated. "Romo's mistake at the end of the skins game was just the latest in a series of unforced errors that has cost us every win or go home game since he took over as QB" is completely untrue on every point and we are not being unrealistic when we call you on it. You are being unrealistic by saying it.
So here's hoping that clears up a bit for you. Not sure if it'll help. Not sure I haven't offended by merely typing this up... and if so, I'll kill it. My intent is to be helpful and there is no sarcasm or backhandedness to what I am trying to do here. I'm simply trying to show what is, for me, and I presume many like me, the line between criticizing our team, and merely "hating." I hope it's of use.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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