Who Is The Best Cowboy On The Roster?

As I was catching up on the latest news from links on Blogging The Boys, one article in particular caught my eye. This article, or rather Nate Newton in his interview, stated that Dez Bryant is easily the best Cowboy on the roster as of now. While it may be easy narrow it down to a few possible players, I would disagree that Dez is easily the best player. At least for me and probably some others as well, there is a(are) player(s) who I think is(are) better . However, before going ahead and naming a player as the best player on the roster, lets at least consider the possibilities

Dez Bryant: Gasp! Do you mean to say that one of the best players on the roster is that troubled receiver who couldn't keep his head on straight and that had family problems? Yep. Dez has matured since those days and broke out during the last half of last year. The members of media who were at the very least skeptical of Dez are now swooning over him and consider him a top 5 receiver in the league, and most even consider him the 2nd best receiver in the league. So doesn't number 2 in the league for wide receivers at least guarantee him the spot automatically? On most teams, yes. But this is the Dallas Cowboys were talking about. A team so stacked with talent young and old that the 2nd best WR in the league might not be the best the team has to offer. But with 27 receptions for 502 yards while in December alone even though he was playing with a broken finger you can already tell that this kid is a beast.

DeMarcus Ware: One of my favorite Cowboys of all time and the definition of all time. With 111 sacks and the second fastest to 100 sacks, DeMarcus Ware is taking the fast track to the Hall of Fame. If you need another reason to choose Ware over Bryant, look at how steady Ware has been. Ware has never missed a game while Bryant has already missed a few games. Ware may be getting old but he still has it and is one of the best DEs/OLBs out there. Bryant has more potential than Ware has, but Ware has the experience and is a proven commodity.

Sean Lee: Probably my favorite young Cowboy player, Lee has quickly established himself as a cornerstone and has been outstanding when not injured notching 57 tackles in 6 games last year and 105 tackles in 15 games last year. It is always heartbreaking to see the defense wane after a key cornerstone like Sean Lee was injured and then fall over dead when backup cornerstone Bruce Carter was injured. Lee has the the smarts and athleticism be one of the best linebackers in the League IF he can stay healthy. Overall, Sean Lee is a great player who I think needs to show he can stay upright before we give him the title of best Cowboy player.

Bruce Carter: It feels good to have two young linebackers that are both candidates for best Cowboy player. I admit, I didn't think Carter was a great player until last season when he exploded onto the scene shoving Dan Connor to the side and feeding him to the Giants. Besides Dez Bryant, Carter may have the most potential out of all the players on this list. Of course, potential is a messy thing. Every draft pick has "potential" whether big or small. I could not justify placing him as the top Cowboy player even though he had a great season last year with 70 tackles in 11 games.

Tony Romo: I'll probably take some crap for including Romo this list but I'll put him up here anyway. Although I do not believe Romo is even close to the best on the roster, I do believe Romo is one of the most valuable which some might consider when choosing the best Cowboy. Romo receives a lot of unfair criticism from outside BTB and let's be realistic, Romo isn't one of the top 3 quarterbacks in the league. However, Romo is by no means a bad quarterback and probably deserves a spot in the top 10 of the quarterbacks. Regardless, Romo, in my mind, is not as good as the aforementioned players but is another key cog on the best team in the NFL.


DeMarco Murray: Murray and Felix Jones were both hurt last year by poor offensive line play. My hope for Murray this year is to rebound this season from his mediocre season last year. We all saw his top 5 RB games two seasons ago and and hope he can show up again and get rid of his injury-prone label. Sean Lee and Murray are very similar in that they both have injury-prone labels that are chips on their shoulder and that it would be hard to consider them the best players on the roster without the removal of that chip. Even then, Murray would probably not be the best.

Tyron Smith: This name may surprise you a little, but it would be a miscalculation on my part if I did not at least mention his name. Smith has, in my mind, been one of the best draft picks in recent years. He has also shown the ability to be a top starting tackle in the league and has been one of the more constant young players on the Cowboy roster. Besides all that, he is only 22 and if you were playing the potential game, this guy has it.

Honerable mentions

1. Anthony Spencer: In all fairness, this guy deserves a spot. However, I am not fair and life is not fair and if it was, everyone would be the best player. So sorry tony, better luck next time.

2. Dan Bailey: Another guy I feel bad about leaving out. Dan Bailey has been nothing but solid since he was picked up by the Cowboys.

3. Jay Ratliff: this guy is getting old, but he has been everything we could have asked for from a 7th rounder. Ratliff has been to the Pro Bowl 4 times and is one of the most underrated cowboy of all time.

4. Miles Austin: Also a underrated player but he isn't good enough to make the cut

4. Mo Claiborne: I love this guy but he hasn't really shown much yet

6. Roy E. Williams: Just checking to see if you were still awake.

And finally, the moment we've all been waiting for, the best Cowboy player currently on the roster is........................L.P. LaDouceur! While definitely not the player most people would think of when we say the best player, this guy is definitely a great player. If you have a qualm with my ranking of him as the best player on the roster, name one other player that has been perfect for 6 years straight.

So what do you think? Voice your opinions in the comments and poll below.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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