The BTB Awards


The Oscars.....? The Emmys.....? The Grammys.....? Pffft!

That lot pales in comparison to the arrival of what is sure to be the most coveted, the most prestigious, the most awe-inspiring honor that could possibly be bestowed upon anyone. That's right.....The first annual BTB Awards has arrived. And the ButTerBalls are polished and ready for distribution.

We here at BTB are blessed. Not only do we boast an incredible array of intelligent, talented writers manning the front page, but we also sport a diverse, well-informed cast of posters. All bring something unique to this site. Ethnical, geographical, and personal differences have blended together to unite us all under the umbrella of Cowboy fandom. It's been said many times, but this really is a community. Opposing views and clashing personalities are what keeps me coming back every day. Not only is it the best place in the world for Dallas Cowboys information, it's also hilariously entertaining. And since there isn't a single entertainment genre without at least one awards ceremony, it's about time our little corner of the internet was so honored.

With that in mind, sit back, pour yourself a tall glass of whatever quenches you the most, and enjoy.

Best Front Page Writer

It wouldn't be fair to start the show without the heart and soul of BTB. Let's face it people, without these guys there wouldn't be a site. For them it's a labor of love. They have jobs and careers and families just like the rest of us. But they endure the long hours of time away from their loved ones to bring us the news we so ardently demand. Why? Why do they subject themselves to this? Because they're fans. And more than a little bat-crap crazy.

The Nominees:

Dave Halprin.....Headmaster, Keeper of the Keys. And conspicuously absent lately. Hurts his chances.

OCC.....The Google, The One. Recently got on me for having too many screen names. I'm still a little hurt.

KD Drummond.....Da Professor, Dr. Dreads, McSurly. Relentless energy. But, quite frankly, he scares the snot out of me.

Tom Ryle.....Piney, Li'l Pookie. Cuddly like a panda. Vast experience to draw from. In other words, he's old.

Rabblerousr.....The Rabster, Pot-stirrer. #1 on Jerry's hit list after that draft board article. Keep a safe distance.

Archie Barberio.....Chia, The Chef. Never afraid to go out on a limb. What the heck is a Chia Crack?

Coty Saxman.....The Techno Samurai. Our resident programmer has wowed us with his roster builders. My brain doesn't work that way.

Joey Ickes (Eye-ks).....The New Guy, Diagram Demon. Breaks down formations like nobody's business. There is a world outside the film room, Joey.

To be fair, they all deserve the award. But if they were given out willie-nillie, they wouldn't be special. As Clancy Brown said in Highlander, "There can be only one".

For Best Front Page Writer, The Butterball goes to.....KD Drummond! For his marathon session on draft weekend, his piloting of the BTB twitter world and his incredible video and audio posts, KD knocks it out of the park everytime. Yes, I'm sucking up. As I said before, he terrifies me.

Best Avatar

The Runners up:

Tennessee_Jed....."If you want to view paradise..."

Ispeakredneck.....Slapping an old bald guy on the head makes me laugh.

Realist Larry.....Tom Landry. 'Nuff said.

OCC.....Hard to argue with Captain America. But I'm still miffed about the too many screen names thing.

KD Drummond.....Awe.

And The Butterball for Best Avatar goes to.....TARHEEL PAUL! Hands down. Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong. I dare you.

Best Screen Name

The Runners up:


One.Cool.Customer.....Still miffed. Sorry.

Howleyesque.....Old school, baby!

Kegbearer.....C'mon. He's got keg in his name.

Darth Landrious.....Makes me smile.

nineinchnate.....Whew! Name had me worried for awhile.

And the Butterball for Best Screen Name goes to.....PuckFilly! Pretty much sums up the way we all feel, don'tcha think?

Best Female Poster

We have such a strong contingent of intelligent, football-savvy ladies on BTB, I felt it only right to give a nod to our better halves. And this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I'm currently single. Wink, wink.

The Runners up:

Rena.....The fanshot queen. Always diplomatic and helpful with a link. Redheads rule!

Fernie67.....Fernie, fern, fern. Wields her mod power with fairness and a sense of humor. Even if she is a self-righteous jackass.

sexililkitti.....Really dig the fanposts and the way she doesn't take herself too seriously. Did I mention I was single?

TrustNo1.....Except a Cowboys fan. 22...Too young to be that skeptical.

me gusta.....Currently presiding in the where are they now column.

And the Butterball for Best Female Poster goes to.....gabrielau23! Who doesn't love a little French girl. Oui, oui.

Most Knowledgeable Poster

The Runners up:

Birddog26.....Scoutmaster. Hope he doesn't get caught in his Cowboys underoos at that other team's facilities.

Kegbearer.....Again, he has keg in his name. Plus he knows his stuff.

Coach Gary.....Exactly how much of a factor is speed at safety?

Long Ball.....Deadly with the wood. Uh, that came out wrong.

And the Butterball for Most Knowledgeable Poster goes to.....Well, anybody but me is a start. Irrelevant. Everyone here is pretty damn good.

Best Catch-Phrase

The Runners up:

Book it!.....Don't try it without Trueblue's permission. His lawyers are relentless. Gasp!

Goatmouth.....Horrible way to go.

Macking.....Gotta be careful. Without proper technique, serious injury is a possibility.

Uncluth.....So, is Romo cluth or uncluth? I'm still confused.

And the Butterball for Best Catch-Phrase goes to.....Fanshot! Ham, c'mere and give me a hug.

Best Use Of Visual Aids

The Runners up:

Tennessee_Jed.....Who doesn't love...Uh, kitty cats?

Skinny Post.....Lumpy lives!

CowboyOcelot.....Quick-draw McGraw.

RKO.....Rosie seems to pull'em outta nowhere.

And the Butterball for Best Use Of Visual Aids goes to.....mdlusk! Just one word---Shay.

Most Congenial

The Runners up:

Tom Ryle.....Just a big teddy bear.

Tennessee_Jed.....Just a little teddy bear.

sexililkitti.....Too damn nice to be a lawyer.

Tanstaafl.....Yes, I said it. Layers upon layers.

TXHorn.....Pour yourself another one, on me.

And the Butterball for Most Congenial goes to.....burmafrd1944! Simply put, a ray of sunshine. Isn't he wonderful?

Best Nickname

The Runners up:

Trueblue122 (Poo).....Embrace it, brah.

KD Drummond (Da Professor).....I love it!

nepacowboy (Rufus Q. Baggybreeches).....Sorry, man.

gabrielau23 (Frenchie).....Don't you have homework?

Yellowbeard (Peebeard).....Yeah, it pains me. But funny is funny.

And the Butterball for Best Nickname goes to.....OCC (The Google)! I'm still miffed, but can't argue with perfection.

Most Impressive Fanposter

The Runners up:

Kegbearer.....Did I mention he has keg in his name?

ScarletO.....Incredible stuff. Despite the Ohio St. thing.

sexililkitti.....Love the history lessons. I'm still single, by the way.

Dr.P.....When the doctor's in, I pull up a chair.

safwant.....Doesn't get a lot of clicks, but shear number of posts shows determination. You have to like that.

And the Butterball for Most Impressive Fanposter goes to.....MosesArt! Always informative, well-written and imaginative. Adding the NFL Films music to his last post was a great touch. The clincher, however, is the fact that he never fails to laugh at my stuff. Sucking up counts, brother.

What do you think? Just my personal take on what we have going on around here. Really wanted to let everyone know how much their contributions are appreciated. Not just to me, but to everybody who stops by BTB.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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