Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Tony Romo Is 6th Highest-Paid NFL Player

Rich Schultz

Latest Cowboys headlines: Tony Romo makes the latest Forbes list of highest-paid athletes, Ed Werder has yet another opinion on the Cowboys, and the Eagles come to the conclusion that their best chance at a Super Bowl is to host one.

Tony Romo 6th Highest-Paid NFL Player - Forbes
Forbes just published its latest list of "The World's Highest-Paid Athletes" in which Tiger Woods takes the top spot. Because of the way the NFL salary structure works, the highest ranked NFL players on the list are those who have recently signed long-term contracts. Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Joe Flacco and Peyton Manning rank ahead of Tony Romo in the NFL top five.

Ex-Cowboy Nate Newton: Jason Garrett is still in control of this team - DMN
In an interview with KESN-FM, Nate Newton shot down any notion that Jason Garrett may have lost control of the team.

"You have to look at Jason Witten still loving him and Tony Romo still loving him. If your leaders are still with you and rolling with you, Dez (Bryant) is still rolling with him. You got that type of backing, it doesn’t change. It’s when you get the guys that tote the most weight on the team, when they start turning their heads and looking up in the sky and start texting under the table, then you lose your team. I haven’t felt that. A few people I’ve talked to haven’t said that so he still has control of this team. The coaches respect him and still look at him in the eye.”

Ed Werder: Jason Garrett has lost authority in locker room - DMN
Ed Werder cobbles together a bunch of hypothetical generalities out of which he somehow manages to create both a headline and a definitive opinion. If you're in the market for opinions, you'll probably find better ones in your neighborhood sports bar.

Durant comfortable with the defense - Calvin Watkins, ESPN Dallas
The headline sums up the entire article, minus the spelling mistakes of course.

2013 NFL Supplemental Draft scheduled for July 11, if necessary - CBSSports.com
What if there's a supplemental draft and there are no players to draft? Looks like this one is going to go very quietly this year.

If they can't win one, they at least want to host one - ProFootballTalk
The Eagles have unveiled plans to expand and improve Lincoln Financial Field, with an eye on not only improving the experience for season-ticket holders, but also convincing the rest of the league that Philadelphia could host an outdoor Super Bowl.

The Tape Never Lies: Victor Butler was an underrated signing by the Saints - TheScore.com
Free agency is a time of rash decisions and bad players getting bad contracts, but every now and then, there are deals made that actually make sense for both the player and the team. Case in point: outside linebacker Victor Butler signing a two-year deal with the New Orleans Saints in late March.

Ogletree battling for Bucs' third receiver spot - Tampa Bay Times
The article, which misidentifies the Cowboys tight end as "Dallas Clarke", looks at how John Garrett and Kevin Ogleteree are doing in Tampa Bay


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