An NFC East Scenario: Eagles vs Cowboys?

In 2013, the Cowboys will have the talent needed to be a real playoff contender, and have a good chance to win the Division Title. New Defensive coordinator provides a scheme that will allow Sean Lee and Bruce Carter to form the second best linebacking duo in the NFL, just edged by the pair in San Francisco. The rest of the division will provide competition though. The Giants will be dangerous with Eli Manning, Victor Cruz, and Halkeem Nicks leading the offense. If the defensive ends return to their 2011 form, the Giants could be the best team in the NFC East. The Redskins revived their franchise last year when they hit the Jackpot with rookie quarterback Robert Griffin and late round stud Alfred Morris. Even though Griffin got injured in a horrific manner, he seems to be rehabbing well and is on track to resume his ways starting in week 1. However, the toughest team in 2013, the team that actually finished last in the division last year, may be the Philadelphia Eagles. They have upgraded their corners and have brought in veteran safety Patrick Chung. They will be very deep at quarterback, and LeSean McCoy is likely the best running back in the division. Chip Kelly is a great offensive mind, and with an offensive line returning from injury, the Eagles could be vastly improved and be the biggest threat to steal the Division from the Cowboys. Here's how it could shake out:

Week 1

Giants @ Cowboys: The Giants have resolved the Victor Cruz dispute and now with both of their receivers in tow, should have a top 15 NFL offense when they visit Dallas in week 1, where they are 4-0 since Cowboys Stadium's deput. However, the Cowboys take advantage of weak corners and the running game tears up the NFC East's worts linebacking crew. The defense has a few blips in a new scheme, but the Cowboys talent at linebacker makes up for the deficencies and the Cowboys start off with a 31-24 victory at home.

Eagles @ Redskins: The Redskins will look to ruin Chip Kelly's first stint as a head coach, but the new offense will perplex many, including the Redskins returning defenders Brian Orakpo and Adam Carriker. The Eagles fumble and it is a turnover battle, but after the dust settles, Griffin looks a little off and the Eagles win an ugly game, 24-13.


Dallas, 1-0

Philly, 1-0

Washington, 0-1

New York, 0-1

Week 2

Cowboys @ Chiefs: This is the hottest selling ticket in Kansas City right now, and it should be a good game. It should be typical for Dallas to lose in week 2 after a successful week 1, but Dallas has a new mindset. The Chiefs put up a good fight but the Cowboys defense looks better with some experience and the Cowboys superior talent is evident, especially in Ware and Spencer who are able to harass Alex Smith all day and make it easy for the rest of the defense. Cowboys 27-13

Redskins @ Packers: The Redskins will be ready for the cold and ready to get back on track. The Packers will already be hot on offense. In a conference game against a Super Bowl contender, the Redskins keep up but Griffin falters in the second half again and a costly turnover makes the difference in an offensive firefight, leaving the Redskins confused about their slow start. Packers 35-24

Eagles vs Chargers: The Eagles host the Chargers and let their offense really go to work. The Chargers are able to keep up for the most part, but Chip Kelly is a determined coach and has much more talent to work with and it is evident as LeSean McCoy has a big day against rookie Manti Teo and the Eagles grasp the NFL's attention with an explosive 34-28 victory over the Chargers.

Giants vs Broncos: The Broncos are one of the Super Bowl favorites in 2013 and the Giants have lost much of their luster from before. Meanwhile the Broncos have a trio of great receivers and against a weak linebacker and safety group, Peyton has a field day throwing the ball and the Broncos dominate offensively and the Broncos dominate in a 35-23 victory.


Dallas, 2-0

Philly, 2-0

Washington, 0-2

New York, 0-2

Week 3

Cowboys vs Rams: The Rams will be a tough team in 2013, responding well to the rise of their NFC West mates but still need a year to find some more weapons on offense. The defense plays salty and gives the Cowboys a hard time but the Cowboys superiority at offensive positions (receiver, tight end, quarterback) prove to make the difference and the Cowboys escape 23-17.

Redskins vs Lions: The Lions focus will be led by Calvin Johnson again, but a weak secondary gives the Redskins a chance. Griffin still performs subpar but is able to do enough against the Lions struggling corners to bring some hope to the fanbase early in the season and the Redskins win, 27-24.

Eagles vs Chiefs: The Eagles will take on the Chiefs at home, looking to continue their perfect record. The Chiefs have a solid defense and keep the Eagles from going out of control, but the Eagles are momentous and Kansas cannot stop them either. Eagles, 26-23

Giants @ Panthers: The Panthers will be ready to take on the Giants in week 3, looking to avenge a terrible 2012 showing. New York's defensive deficencies are on note again as Newton doesn't have too much success passing but is able to dice around a mean pass rush and through the linebackers for over a 100 yards, and the Panthers offense is too unpredictable for the Giants to do anything. The Giants don't have enough posession of the ball to put up the same amount of points and the Panthers pull off the upset, 31-21.


Dallas, 3-0

Philly, 3-0

Washington. 1-2

New York, 0-3

Week 4

Cowboys @ Chargers: The Cowboys will embark on the ultimate Romo vs Rivers debate in week 4 when they travle to San Diego. Bryant can't be quieted and the Cowboys offense has fun slicing the Chargers to shreds. The Chargers try to keep up but Cowboys fan's see the effect of the Tampa 2 emphasis on turnovers as Rivers throws 2 picks and Dallas plays great football, winning 38-24.

Redskins @ Raiders: The Redskins will be looking to get back on track and earn their way back to .500 against the Raiders. 30-14.

Eagles @ Broncos: The Broncos are able to put the winning formula on the Eagles and stop their rise as Manning wins in an epic offensive shootout while the Broncos defense limits the Eagles just enough. Broncos 34-30.

Giants @ Chiefs: The Chiefs look to defend their home agianst the winless Giants. It looks like any Cowboys fan's dream when the Giants are down by a lot at halftime, but a classic Eli Manning surge puts them back in it to force OT before winning in an extra period, Giants 33-27.


Dallas, 4-0

Philly, 3-1

Washington, 2-2

New York, 1-3

Week 5

Cowboys vs Broncos: The Broncos are too good for the NFC to beat and the Broncos show it in a SNF game against the Cowboys. The Cowboys seem to keep up, but Romo throws 2 costly interceptions and the defense can's stop one of the league's best offense against the run and the Broncos improve to 3-0 against the NFC East in a 31-21 win.

Eagles @ Giants: The Eagles will face New York for the first time with Chip Kelly. It is just a bad game for the Eagles as the Giants get lucky by snagging a couple fumbles. The crowd makes a difference and Eli slowly starts getting his team back on track with a second straight win.


Dallas, 4-1

Philly, 3-2

Washington, 2-2

New York, 2-3

Week 6

Cowboys vs Redskins: The Redskins will be rested and ready against the Cowboys when Griffin visits Cowboys stadium for the second time in his career, remembering his 4 TD second quarter on Thanksgiving the year before. Dallas is much better prepared and with Lee and Carter in the fold, Griffin and Morris are both stopped on the ground. Griffin does a good job passing, but in a game of attacking through the air, Witten/Dez/Romo are clearly the superior and the Cowboys continue a hot season start with a 28-21 win against their puzzled rivals.

Eagles @ Buccaneers: Having lost 2 in a row, the Eagles will be hungry to resume their early season form. However, immediately off a 2 week road trip against in 2 tough games, they will be tired and not prepared for a sneaky Buccaneers team. The Buccaneers stingy new defense doesn't play around, forcing multiple turnovers and surprise the Eagles for their 3rd loss in a row as the Buccaneers win at home, 24-14.

Giants @ Bears: The Giants will have a hard game ahead of them against the Bears. Charles Tillman and Tim Jennings do a great job of keeping Cruz and Nicks from doing much damage. David Wilson has a breakout game against the Bears linebackers, but it is the receivers who come up short and the Giants are reeling after a 24-21 loss.


Dallas, 5-1

Philly, 3-3

Washington, 2-3

New York, 2-4

Week 7

Cowboys @ Eagles: The Cowboys will get their first crack at the Eagles in week 7. It is a good game and an exciting match up against 2 huge rivals that everyone loves to see. The Cowboys can't settle the Eagles offense down, causing them to trail a lot early. Romo brings them back into the game, but in a game down to the wire, an extra possession goes the Eagles way and they win with a field goal, 31-28.

Redskins vs Bears: Griffin will finally be back in shape to run with flare in week 7. The Bears usually stout defense will be shocked as the Redskins, led by and angry Griffin will compile 35 points, and Jay Cutler can't put up the same numbers. Redskins, 35-24.

Giants vs Vikings: The Giants will be ready to prove they aren't done yet when the Vikings come to town. Adrian Peterson is great but also human, and although he should explode against a terrible group of linebackers like the Giants, it is the Giants defensive line overpowering and doing enough to force the turnovers they need to keep the Vikings as bay, and win just their 3rd game of the season.


Dallas, 5-2

Philly, 4-3

Washington, 3-3

New York, 3-4

Week 8

Cowboys @ Lions: The Cowboys are more than ready to avenge an embarrassing 2011 game against the Lions. The Lions aren't very good and while they put up points behind a big day by Megatron, Bryant outperforms his fellow superstar receiver, and with the help of Witten and the Cowboys defense doing enough to stop everyone not named Johnson, the Cowboys have a good game and leave satisfied with a 31-24 victory.

Redskins @ Broncos: The Broncos bully the Redskins offense all day as the Redskins just can't figure it out and the Broncos offense is too much for the Skins to handle. Broncos have a 4-0 season against the NFC East after a 42-21 victory against Griffin and company.

Eagles @ Giants: The Giants will be waiting to improve their ship to .500 at midseason, while the Eagles will be ready to show their NFC East foes that the first meeting was a fluke. The Eagles offense plays very well and the Giants can't rely on a couple lucky turnovers again and lose their fifth, 28-20.


Dallas, 6-2

Philly, 5-3

Washington, 3-4

New York, 3-5

Week 9

Cowboys vs Vikings: The Cowboys superb linebacking group, still intact, shuts up Peterson for the first half and intercepts Ponder twice, leading to a big first half lead. Lee is lost in the second half with an injury, but Romo does enough on offense to keep the Vikings from fully coming back and the Cowboys breathe a sigh of relief as they barely escape, 30-28.

Redskins vs Chargers: The Chargers, on a bad ship already, will desperately need a win in week 9. The Redskins will be determined to fight their way back to .500 and make a push for the NFC East crown, and it starts with a compelling, dominating performance in week 9 as the Redskins win with ease, 38-17.

Eagles @ Raiders: Eagles win 35-17.


Dallas, 7-2

Philly, 6-3


New York, 3-5

Week 10

Cowboys @ Saints: The Cowboys are caught vulnerable, facing a top offense without their best linebacker. Bruce Carter steps up in a big way but in an exciting game loaded with huge plays and lots of scoring, the Cowboys can't stop the bleeding and fall, 31-30.

Redskins @ Vikings: The Vikings will await RG3 and Alfred Morris in week 10, but it won't be pretty. Both Morris and AP go for over 200 yards, but it is the difference between Griffin and Ponder that lifs the Redskins past .500 for the first time in the season following a 29-25 victory.

Giants @ Raiders: A frustrated Eli Manning will finally catch a break, still struggling to achieve a .500 record. The Raiders will be a warmup for a big game the following week, and the Giants win 35-14.

Eagles @ Packers: The Eagles will be prepared for a fantastic shootout against the Packers. Aaron Rodgers goes off against the Eagles defense and some significant injuries keep the Eagles from pulling off an upset, and the Packers win 28-24.


Dallas, 7-3

Philly, 6-4

Washington, 5-4

New York, 4-5

Week 11

Redskins @ Eagles: This should prove to be one of the best games of 2013, if health isn't killing one of these teams by now. It is a litany of exciting plays, but in the end, the Eagles hold out and win, 24-20.

Giants vs Packers: The Packers will come to town in New York, ready to make up for a bad game in 2012. The Giants will be desperate to add a win to their record and just keep up in the NFC East race, but the Packers mercilessly shred the Giants defense in big fashion, racking up huge points and never giving the G-Men a chance. Packers, 41-24


Dallas, 7-3

Philly, 7-4

Washington, 5-5

New York, 4-6

Week 12

Cowboys @ Giants: The Giants will be praying for a chance to get back in the contest for the NFC East crown against the Cowboys when the 7-3 representatives of Texas take a crack at the slipping Giants at MetLife Stadium. The Giants however, will be 4-3 after their terrible 3-0 start. The Giants play well, and in a close game, Eli puts his team up by 10 in the fourth quarter. The Cowboys can't score enough to come back, and fall just short and the opportunity is snatched. Giants, 33-27.

Redskins vs Niners: The Redskins have no chance as Kaepernick resets his own rushing record and the Niners defense doesn't allow a single TD. Niners, 28-6


Philli, 7-4

Dallas, 7-4

Washington, 5-6

New York, 5-6

Week 13

Cowboys vs Raiders: The Cowboys will have one more easy match before a grueling December run. The entire team plays very well and the Cowboys win 34-17.

Redskins vs Giants: The battle for positioning in the NFC East will take place in week 13. Both the Skins and Giants will need a ton of help to make the postseason and win the NFC East and it should make for a good game. At the end, the Giants will be very beaten and tired, and against the crowd, Manning does a reverse of himself, throwing a pick on the final drive and the Redskins break free with a win in a tightening race for the NFC East crown, 28-24.

Eagles vs Cardinals: The Eagles will have a good matchup against the Cardinals in week 13. The Cards could be good with Palmer at the helm and it shows as Larry Fitzgerald goes off. The Eagles have another bad game with a couple turnovers and can't beat the blitz, and the Cardinals pull off the upset, 21-17.


Dallas, 8-4

Philly, 7-5

Washington, 6-6

New York, 5-7

Week 14

Cowboys @ Bears: The Cowboys will go into the blistering cold of a December night in Chicago to face the Bears. This time, Dez will be in his right mind and the Bears won't be able to contain him. Brandon Marshall plays well, but it is really Jason Witten who makes the clutch catches late on a game winning drive that allows Dallas to get past Chicago in a very exciting game, 23-21.

Redskins vs Chiefs: The Redskins will be looking to sneak into the NFC East crown conversation and will have a good chance against the Chiefs in week 14. Griffin plays clutch in a close game to keep the light on in Washington and continue giving his fan base a glimmer of hope with a 27-26 win.

Eagles vs Lions: The Eagles won't be fall very far behind the Cowboys. The Eagles offense takes over for huge gains, and while the Lions stay in it behind Johnson, they don't do enough to keep up with the Eagles offense and the Eagles win, 37-28.

Giants @ Chargers: The Giants will go to San Diego, hoping to keep their season alive in a must-win game. Eli is good in these backs-against-the-wall scenarios and wins 20-14.


Dallas, 9-4

Philly, 8-5

Washington, 7-6

New York, 6-7

Week 15

Cowboys vs Packers: The Packers will prove to be a tough team to beat and the Cowboys will have to play very well. This time, the Cowboys defense disappoints, allowing numerous big plays and too much scoring than usual, and the Packers offense makes them pay as Rodgers leaves Dallas with a 38-28 win.

Redskins @ Falcons: The Redskins, still holding out hope, will need a win in Atlanta to have a realistic chance at the NFC East title. The Falcons offense will be too good and the Redskins live by barely a thread after a crushing 27-20 loss.

Eagles @ Vikings: The Eagles will be ready for a good showdown against the Vikings in week 15. The Eagles play well on all fronts in an important game. The NFC recognizes that the Eagles are for real after the Eagles win 24-17.

Giants vs Seahawks: The Giants are stamped out and officially disqualified from the NFC East race after the Seahawks defense chokes the Giants offense and leaves Coughlin and Eli whimpering following a 27-10 loss.


Dallas, 9-5

Philly, 9-5

Washington, 7-7

New York, 6-8

Week 16

Cowboys @ Redskins: The Cowboys are once again prepared for Griffin and Morris. Bruce Lee is as healthy as possible and contain the Redskins to less than 70 rushing yards as a team. Griffin starts airing it out and almost comes back, but a late fumble off a vicious blindside hit by Ware seals the game, and the Cowboys look forward to an NFC East showdown against the Eagles in the final week of the regular season after a 24-21 win and ending the Redskins hopes.

Eagles vs Bears: The Bears will be looking to show that their defense has what it takes to stop the Eagles offense. However, it is LeSean McCoy carrying his team with a 200 yard performance that Matt Forte can't match, and the Eagles prepare for a division game in week 17 after beating the Bears 21-17.

Giants @ Lions: The Giants lose a pointless game 28-21.


Phily, 10-5

Dallas, 10-5

Washington, 7-8

New York, 6-9

Week 17:

Redskins @ Giants: The Giants do the fans one last favor by winning the last game of the season which doesn't matter at all, 20-19.

Cowboys vs Eagles: The Cowboys, for once, will be hosting in week 17. With plenty of time to study the Eagles and a healthy defense, they will be ready for an epic showdown. It is a hot game, as the Cowboys lead 13-10 at halftime. The third quarter provides lots of great football making for a 20-17 Eagles lead heading into the fourth quarter. In the final period, Dez Bryant makes a huge 60 yard reception, changing the momentum. After Dallas scores a field goal and the Eagles score one as well, the Cowboys have the ball with a 23-20 deficit on the score board and 2 minutes left. Romo drives down to the redzone, and with 20 seconds left, delivers a pass to Bryant who makes a cut and somehow finds his way into the endzone, and the crowd erupts as the Cowboys score a TD on the final possession to steal a 27-23 lead. The Eagles have no time to do anything, and the Cowboys hold off to finish 11-5 and win the division.

Final Standings:

Dallas, 11-5

Philly, 10-6

New York, 7-9

Washington, 7-9

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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